New advancement states that now Home remedies for kidney stones can cure renal stones. For those who find it risky to get the renal stones treated through surgical procedure and their test results tell that the stones can be dissolved on their own or either by using simple natural remedies for kidney stones, here you will get your answers. (Home Remedies for Kidney Stone) 

What Are Home Remedies Of Kidney Stone

This is already a known fact that anything natural is always better than anything that includes medicinal drugs or deep surgical cuts or antibiotics. Home remedies are the safest and most secure way, it has less to no side effects, and it is what mother earth harmlessly delivers. Kidney stones, especially at the initial stage or where the stones are small sized, people nowadays go into self-treatment through home remedies, naturally dissolving the stones without experiencing pain. 

Kidney Stone Home Treatment

Kidney stones pain can be breathtaking and Home Remedies of Kidney Pain is the right action till the time you reach out to your doctor for the medications. So, let’s explore the best natural remedies for kidney stones. 

Best Natural Remedies and preventing Kidney Stone

Following, intaking or limiting the intake of these following are the best home remedies to secure 

  • Higher fluids In dealing with kidney stones, the best remedy ever is to increase the intake. of fluids, double it. Water, lime juice and other juices. All are equally effective and highly recommended. The reason is that it increases the diluting flow of the fluids and minimises the effect of crystal forming in the kidney. 
  • Reduce sugar or salt intake Similarly, sugar or salt in high amounts are the targeting cause of kidney stones and other body-related medical issues.
  • Balance Calcium in the body The stones that are formed in our kidneys are made up of calcium substances, because of which if you intake excessive amounts of calcium in your body, the body will naturally react to it by forming crystals in the kidney which are known as kidney stones. 
  • Eliminate foods with excess oxalates Understanding that oxalates increase high risks of kidney stone crystal formation. Thus, its elimination, also because some amount of it is already present in our body, is necessary. 
  • Citric acid intakes are Great and effective in prevention from enlargement of stones to even the formation of stones. 
  • Magnesium intake The presence of magnesium in ample amounts in the body can help in balancing health and diet. 

Supplement to Dissolve Kidney Stones

Some of the significant supplements used in the process to easily dissolve the renal stones and make the passing process smoother are apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, magnesium, phosphate salts, potassium, sodium bicarbonate, and sweet orange, green tea, cranberry, banana and bitter melon. Super effective when added to one’s diet plan. 

Most Effective Herbs to Treat Kidney Stone

These are the best home remedies for stones, which can be effective in providing instant pain relief from kidney stones.

  • Basil The top most effective and highly preferred herbal ingredient, this can be easily found in the kitchen and used for various medicinal preparations to cure diseases. 
  • Gokshura is an essential and highly effective herb found in Ayurveda. Especially restore the proper urine flow and smooth passage of the stones while urinating. 
  • Varuna It is highly advised and often used by those in pain which is caused due to renal stones. As much as it is used for the treatment of stones, to flush them out. It is equally used while taking preventive measures to stop the formation of stones. 
  • Punarnava This, if searched anywhere, will be suggested as the best herbal remedy for relief from kidney stones. This diuretic essence is great as a choice for the pain-free flushing out of the stones through urine flow. 
  • Cucumber For a long time now, cucumber has become a significant natural cure to treat a countless number of conditions. 
  • Cardamom is Great and effective, problems associated with the smooth urinating flow, it relieved it of any pain or strain. It is often used for its properties of reducing inflammation and pain. 
  • Pomegranate This rich fruit, often taken in juice form, as many might not know, is an excellent health security provider. It simply helps in keeping kidneys safe and not letting the stones form in the future. 
  • Pashanbhed This has the potential to break stones into small pieces, crushing them and helping in their dissolution with the urine and release out of the body. Also, its great ability extends to stopping the burning sensation while urinating. 

Risks factors of home remedies for kidney stones

Kidney stones, at a very underdeveloped stage, people often try ways to dissolve them naturally but, it is a noteworthy point that the difference between treating kidney stones with home remedies and kidney stones with remedies approved by some experts in-home care is huge. 

Not knowing how much of anything needs to be taken or avoided, is a sign of neglecting the condition, this leads to the factors resulting in risk. In certain conditions, even if the condition is taken under control, one must keep discussing with the doctor for proper guidance.

How To Treat Kidney Stones with Kitchen Ingredients

Interestingly, everyone’s kitchen is filled with beneficial medicinal properties. Various ingredients that are available in the kitchen’s grand collection have the qualities to work as medicine. Here, specifically kidney stone natural treatment. Also, these kitchen ingredients are common in use. Following are the home remedies for kidney stone pain. 

  • Apple cider vinegar is One of the top choices to help the easy dissolving of calcium-formed deposits. This ingredient is considered as most effective as it contains acetic acid. Having this before your everyday meal will give the fastest relief from kidney stones problem. 
  • Water As, in general, 8 glasses of water is ideal, to cure renal stone problems, one must increase the amount of water intake to at least 10glasses a day. 
  • Lemon juice The hard stones formed by his ingredient is essential, adding speediness to the relief from kidney stones pain. With the effective use of citrate, the breakdown of stones becomes easy. 
  • Basil This ingredient can help treat multiple ailments. This herbal ingredient is the star ingredient for the best treatment of kidney stones.
  • Wheatgrass juice is a beneficial ingredient that helps in levelling up the flow of urine. This, if the urine flow is improved, will result in proper, painless and easy passage of hard stones.  In comparison to different medications, wheatgrass is an excellent choice which helps in eliminating deposits formed out of calcium. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clear my kidney stones with a homemade treatment?

The best way to keep the kidney stones far away from forming or growing inside the kidneys is by drinking ample amounts of water and other healthy liquids such as lemon juice, celery juice, basil juice, apple cider or pomegranate juice. Also, juices like horsetail or wheatgrass are known to be efficient in increasing urine flow. 

Which 3 ways to remove kidney stones at Home?

The best ways to remove renal stones at home are calcium intake, drinking plenty of water and avoiding high oxalate content. It is believed that if the condition is yet at an initial stage, stones often dissolve on their own, or can easily pass out with urine.

What is the best treatment for a kidney stone or with the help of home remedies?

To understand the treatment associated with kidney stones, one must be clear with a diagnosis that clarifies exactly how large the stones are and what substance the stones are made up of. 

Accordingly, either home care loke increasing liquid fluids, natural exercises, some medicines, syrups or tablets might be prescribed. At maximum, the doctor, understanding that the condition isn’t improving will recommend kidney stone surgical treatment.

What are some home remedies for kidney stones in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a few essential points are to be considered mandatory steps if dealing with kidney stones. A woman in pregnancy must take ample amounts of rest, should regularly be in contact with the doctor, and must intake proper meals and fluids. Also, keeping pain relievers or pain killers nearby is a must.

What are the risks of home remedies to remove a kidney stone?

Risks can arise in cases when the stones are larger and won’t dissolve easily when the patient is in severe pain already and when the patient is dealing with other medical conditions. In such cases, home remedies are a bit risk-taking. 

Although, home remedies are doubtlessly secure and low risk through natural ways. But, in such a major condition, it can affect other parts of the body. It is advisable to consult a doctor specialist in case of any complications for kidney stones. 

What are the benefits of home remedies?

One of the biggest as well as firstmost benefits of home remedies is that it has less to no side effects and zero risks, followed by a few secondary benefits such as effective cures, prevents and safeguards. 

In common medical ailments home remedies, a mixture of various herbal and natural ingredients can cure the diseases completely.

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