Post hiatal hernia surgery all one needs is a proper Hiatal Hernia diet plan prepared to clearly understand what to intake and what to avoid. Here is a detailed list which gives complete guidance and will help in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet post hiatal hernia surgery.


Let’s get into a detailed understanding of all that every single hernia patient post-surgery must ensure to include within their regular meal diet chart. Learn about the benefits, what comes within the planned surgery, various tips as well as dos and don’ts and about minor to major lifestyle changes.

What is Hiatal Hernia Surgery?

Hiatal hernia surgery comes under laparoscopic surgical treatment. This is majorly done to repair the effect of hiatal hernia on the patient which otherwise cannot be treated through other ways. 

Benefits of the Hiatal Hernia Diet

The latest findings have discovered that the hiatal hernia can be the ultimate result of what all is included in the diet along with other factors, thus customising the diet chart according to what suits an individual and what must be generally included as well as avoided are given proper planning and are the benefactor.

The significance of maintaining a proper diet plan rather than simply continuing what the patient already had been intaking in meals for so long is because diets have a major role to play in balancing overall health. 

Hiatal hernia surgery is linked to the aim of lessening and completely taking away the effect of acid reflux. So, the diet can benefit directly or indirectly by releasing and getting rid of the symptoms of this ailment. Common symptoms like discomfort, pain or heartburn. 

Diet for Hiatal Hernia

Following is a proper list of food to take and avoid. Make sure to bring changes into your diet as soon as possible to ensure the fastest recovery. 

Food and Beverages to Avoid

  • 1. Fried or high-fat foods Anything containing high fat or fried foods easily result in food health condition. Thus, post-hiatal hernia completely avoids these till you fully recover. These items can be fatty pieces of meat or fried chicken. 
  • 2. Spicy food Spice triggers digestion and gives a feeling of burning inside the stomach, this can affect the body and its health.
  • 3. Onion or garlic Foods like onion or garlic can trigger multiple gastric issues and since the hernia condition occurs around the abdomen keeping your stomach’s health in control is very much required. 
  • 4. Chocolates During the healing from a hiatal hernia, chocolates can bring issues to the stomach, thus avoiding having any kind of chocolates. 
  • 5. Spearmint or peppermint Equally, peppermint and its relatable products are not healthy especially post hernia surgery recovery as it can risk a recurrence of hiatal hernia symptoms
  • 6. High citrus This includes fruits with high citrus or juicy contents such as grapefruit lemonade, oranges and cranberry. 
  • 7. Carbonated content containing beverages Beverages that are carbonated, like aerated drinks are harmful to the digestive system. 
  • 8. High cholesterol foods These are like butter and oil, taking a heavy amount of these can cause ailment in the gallbladder which is located near the abdomen. 
  • 9. Tea and coffee During this time, for those who are addicted to coffee or tea, it is recommended to avoid intake. 
  • 10. Dairy products Items made with whole milk contents should be excluded from the daily diet. Though, this can be substituted with soy milk.

Foods and beverages to eat

  • 1. Fruits For fruits taking apples or bananas in your breakfast daily can help with reducing and repairing the effect of hiatal hernia. 
  • 2. Water intake Nothing can ever beat the wonder which can be done simply by increasing the water intake. Here too, have at least 8-10 glasses of water
  • 3. Low-fat dairy products These days, keeping in mind that health risks have increased, so fresh products are much healthier. Thus, go with including those products in daily diet like soy milk instead of creamy milk and yoghurt with low fat in it. 
  • 4. Fat-free products Also, some products have come up as fat-free products. One can easily get these like different cheese, it can be sour cheese or cream cheese, both being free of fat content. 
  • 5. Nuts and Grains These include a variety of nuts and some preferable grains such as cereals. Along with it rice, crackers, bread or pasta are good options. 
  • 6. Vegetables Freshly green vegetables are the ultimate solution for not just one but treatment for multiple ailments like peas and beans. Also, vegetables like broccoli and carrots are good sources of various vitamins. 
  • 7. Non-vegetarian food Where some non-vegetarian foods are needed to be avoided, but others are healthier options such as lean meat, fish or chicken.
  • 8. Low cholesterol products Those which contain low levels. of cholesterol in them are likely much healthier. 
  • 9. Baked items Those food items that are freshly baked instead of frying them are much healthier and safer for health. 

Eating Tips

While dealing with hiatal hernia, complications occur naturally. Thus, one must protect themselves from getting in trouble. This is possible through having a proper diet, only eating those foods that don’t trigger your hernia condition but rather help in treating it and getting rid of it. 

Also, a very essential thing to note is how consciously you intake food, do you eat fast or do you eat with giving time to every bite? Do you take small bites or do you take large bites? and do you eat too much, too less or sufficient? Every time you have your meals give a few seconds to these questions. 

Cooking Tips

A few of the cooking tips which separately need to be followed while cooking for a hiatal hernia patient care 

  • 1. Baking instead of frying Make sure that the foods for patients diagnosed with hiatal hernia are not fried. Fried items are rather strictly avoided during the treatment and recovery. Whereas, broiling or baking is a much safer and healthier cooking option. 
  • 2. Spices and spicy The one who cooks controls the number of spices added to decide how spicy it needs to be. Thus, for hiatal hernia patients avoid spicy completely, especially till the time they are recovered completely. 
  • 3. Right steaming Make sure that the vegetables that are steamed need to be steaming only with water  
  • 4. Go with no fat or low-fat products Instead of high fat, replace all the products eith fat contents with low fat or no fat diet. It can be a little new experience but it is an ideal choice and worth it keeping in mind health. 
  • 5. Limit products with high cholesterol Having high cholesterol can lead to severe health conditions thus to control it go with much healthier low cholesterol contents while cooking food. 
  • 6. Wear what fits right Don’t wear anything that feels suffocating or tight to the body, instead wear little loose and comfortable clothes that let the blood properly circulate within the body and digestion. proper.

Other Lifestyle/Diet Changes

To eliminate the symptoms of Hiatal hernia, along with a proper daily diet plan new lifestyle changes. These changes can be physical, mental or emotional. As every human body is made up of a mixture of these three, we must take sincere care of it. 

Lifestyle changes can be overall changes in routine lifestyle and self-care. Start with little, it can be daily walking, jogging, yoga, pranayama or breathing exercises. If needed, lose a little weight, quit smoking, start taking smaller food bites, inculcate good habits and so on. 

  • 1. Start Exercising  
  • 2. Changes in bedtime Often people might start to feel sleepy soon after having their meals but it needs to be changed. Sleeping immediately after meals can stop the proper digestion of food and can unknowingly result in digestion problems. Rather, try to give some gaps like sleep post 2-3 hours after meals. 
  • 3. Be aware of triggering foods Every individual has the specific foods that suit or trigger them, learn all about what ideal suits you, only have that and learn equally about what you need to avoid.
  • 4. Quit smoking Bad habits and intaking anything injurious to health, can harm the body from within. Quit those such as smoking or alcohol. 
  • 5. Sitting posture while eating people usually lose and slip away from maintaining a proper body posture. This brings some changes today and improves it by keeping your spine straight and don’t put pressure on your stomach. 
  • 6. Increase water intake If the simple change of increasing the water intake caN happen, it is a proven fact that doing so itself can cure so many health issues and make the body free of ailments. 

Word From Glamyo Health

Glamyo Health understands that as much as the patient requires support before and during the surgery, an equal amount of care is required while recovering from the surgery. 

Understanding the need for post-surgery regular check-ups and follow-ups. The patient can anytime and at any moment reach out for help, consultation and other medical services. our doctors, medical staff and care buddies wish to see our patient’s speedy recovery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What foods should you avoid if you have a hiatal hernia?

Intake of certain foods can result in forming of one or more hiatal hernia symptoms. Thus, if the hernia affecting is hiatal hernia type, avoid eating citrus foods, fried foods, fatty foods, spicy food, garlic or onions, chocolate and so on. 

Can you heal a hiatal hernia with diet?

The safer side of having a hiatal hernia is that a slight to complete shift in the diet, as well as overall lifestyle, can bring positive changes to the condition, erase away the signs or symptoms of it and heal it completely. 

These dietary changes can be to maintain an ideal balanced weight, taking smaller bites while eating and eating consciously, and cutting off on smoking, acidic foods and fatty foods to need to be avoided. 

Does water help hiatal hernia?

Yes, certainly. Water is the best in curing so many health ailments and balancing the body’s overall mental, physical and emotional health. Thus, if dealing with a hiatal hernia, taking plenty of warm water can do wonders, it can lessen the effect of the condition and get the body rid of any symptoms. Following this, especially the moment you wake up every single day can give the best results. 

Is salad good for hiatal hernia?

It is specially mentioned by the dietary experts that one must include leafy green vegetables, salads and other healthy foods in their diet. Regularly taking these can do great wonders and help especially in curing hiatal hernia. 

What tea is good for hiatal hernia?

The medical experts or the doctors often suggest taking chamomile tea to prevent or treat hiatal hernia. It is a good choice as it cures multiple gastric complications and balances acidic content from the body. Also, it is known to be best suited due to having higher inflammatory properties. 

Is omeprazole good for hiatal hernia? 

Yes, omeprazole is an effective choice taken to decrease the amount of acid content found and produced in the stomach. Those who have used this dosage have reported positive responses.

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