A hernia is a condition occurring as a result of weakened abdominal walls. The weak spot in the abdomen allows the tissue to be pushed into another area of the body where it should not be present. A hernia can be felt as a bulge from the groin or belly. Herniorrhaphy Surgery.

This should be made clear in mind that a hernia cannot be fixed appropriately with medications. Most hernias need surgical treatment (Herniorrhaphy).

During Herniorrhaphy, a surgeon

  1. 1. Uses experienced hands to push back the bulging tissue-like intestine back to its place.
  2. 2. Treats the weak connective muscles and tissues to repair the hernia.
  3. 3. Uses supportive mesh to help strengthen the weak area and keep it in place. 

What is Herniorrhaphy?

The doctor diagnoses the patient and considers numerous factors in order to qualify the patient for the hernia repair surgery. Many factors together decide what type of hernia treatment and surgery is best suited to the patient. Furthermore, it is also important to look for a skilled and expert surgeon for hernia repair surgery. This is to ensure minimal after-surgery complications and recurrence. 

Herniorrhaphy Surgery Procedure

Before proceeding to Herniorrhaphy Surgery, the doctor or surgeon does all the required body tests and examinations to confirm the fitness of an individual to undergo surgery. 

  1. 1. The patient is given general or local anaesthesia according to the type of hernia he or she is suffering from.
  2. 2. The surgeon makes an incision parallel to the inguinal ligament. 
  3. 3. The surgeon aims to place the protruding organ back in its original position and repair the weak abdominal spot by stitching or placing a mesh for support. 
  4. 4. The incision is eventually closed, and suitable dressing is applied. 

Generally, the patient can return home after Herniorrhaphy Surgery on the same day. In some cases, doctors recommend to take rest for a while before the wounds are at ease and the patients feel comfortable. 

Herniorrhaphy Surgery Recovery Time

The complete recovery time after Herniorrhaphy Surgery is almost three weeks. The patient can carry out normal day-to-day activities in a few days, but the walking and exercises must be done after full recovery. After three weeks of recovery, patients can also go for sexual intercourse, but strenuous activities should be avoided for the next six weeks.

In order to decrease the risk of recurrence after hernia repair surgery, lifting heavier weights between three to six weeks after surgery must be completely avoided. Swelling can occur at the site of incisions after the Herniorrhaphy Surgery; it is considered normal but should decrease with time. 

When to Contact the Doctor

After Herniorrhaphy Surgery, if you develop a fever that does not subside in some time. 

In case you develop swelling and redness around the incisions 

If the incision starts bleeding through the dressing.

Risks and complications of Herniorrhaphy

Herniorrhaphy Surgery requires anaesthesia before the actual surgery. There are always some risks associated with the surgery:

  • 1. Reaction to local or general anaesthesia given before the surgery
  • 2. Infection at the wound site
  • 3. Numbness 
  • 4. Mesh infection
  • 5. Damage to internal organs

Herniorrhaphy Outlook

The Outlook of Herniorrhaphy Surgery is good for most of the patients undergoing surgery. It is generally expected when the hernia is properly diagnosed, and appropriate tests are done to qualify the patient for the surgical procedure. 

Herniorrhaphy Surgery is the only procedure that can treat hernia despite other home remedies and medications. It is recommended to get the Herniorrhaphy Surgery done in time before further complications arise, as numerous patients have to undergo Herniorrhaphy Surgery as an emergency. 

If the herniorrhaphy surgery proceeds well without any surgical complications, then it is assumed that the patient will definitely recover within six weeks of Herniorrhaphy Surgery.   

Herniorrhaphy Surgery cost in India

In India, the average cost of herniorrhaphy surgery is ₹65,000. The price may vary depending on the severity of the condition. The maximum charge for Herniorrhaphy Surgery is ₹2,60,000 in India. Furthermore, the surgery cost depends upon the type of technique used for the surgical procedure. The most advanced robotic procedure that allows ease of meshing and stitching for surgeons has higher costs relative to other methods. The method also involves the least scarring of incisions in comparison to open surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Herniorrhaphy Surgery with mesh?

Herniorrhaphy Surgery with a mesh is done to repair the hernia by providing a permanent reinforcement. Herniorrhaphy Surgery mesh is made of an absorbable material that can degrade over time after serving its supportive purpose in time. 

Q2. Is Herniorrhaphy considered a major surgical procedure?

Herniorrhaphy Surgery is not a major surgery as the surgeons use a laparoscopic method to repair the hernia. The procedure takes just 30-45 minutes, and the patient can go home the same day of the procedure. The patient may stay overnight in the hospital if needed.

Q3. What kind of surgery is Herniorrhaphy Surgery?

Herniorrhaphy Surgery is one of the most required types of surgery and is ambulatory that can be performed in just 30-45 minutes. There is no major stay in the hospital, and there are least chances of surgery-associated health complications or loss of blood with the type of procedure used.  

Q4. What are the 3 main types of hernias?

The three common types of hernias that occur in most of the population include femoral hernia, inguinal hernia, and umbilical hernia. 

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