Planning to get hernia surgery? Looking for the price list and overall hernia surgery cost in India? Give yourself a moment of relaxation as we are here to provide answers to all your queries related to hernia surgery costs in India. 

What is Hernia?

Hernia, commonly, is a condition that has no accurate reason or time to appear. It can both knowingly or unknowingly grow within the abdomen or groin part of a male or a female. 

Though males are more likely to develop it. But, it is nowadays quite common in both genders. Just the difference lies in the types of hernia that are usually different for separate genders. 

How much does Hernia Surgery cost in India?

Hernia surgery has nowadays become very common and is available in every city. An estimated cost of hernia surgery that covers almost all the major cities’ prices within it is starting from Rs 50,000 with an average of Rs 65,500 and it usually goes maximum to Rs 2,65,000. 

Hernia surgery is done in two different ways: Open hernia repair and Laparoscopic hernia repair. Thus, the cost varies and is different for both of these.

What is the cost of Open hernia repair in India? The open hernia surgery ranges from Rs 50,000-1,50,000 in most cities.

What is the cost of Laparoscopic hernia repair surgery in India? In comparison to the open hernia surgical method, a laparoscopic hernia is more expensive due to its modern technology and minimalistic invasive method. Thus, the cost of a laparoscopic hernia is Rs 80,000 – Rs 2,80,000 

Hernia surgery cost in India – With or Without Insurance 

Hernia Surgery Cost with Insurance Hernia surgery in India, may it be any type of hernia surgery is covered by medical insurance companies, it gives ultimate security. This is with the concern that hernia surgery when done has a lot of medical expenses and to cover it the patient can require insurance support. 

This support can vary from hospital bed arrangements, medicines prescribed, doctor’s fees for performing the surgery and so on. Thus, the hernia surgery cost in India with Insurance is between Rs 1,50,000 – Rs 2,00,000

Hernia Surgery Cost Without Insurance Similarly, hernia surgery in India, may it be any. If planned without taking the insurance, that is, without covering the medical expenses for the planned hernia surgery, it can cost less but gives no security in hand. Thus, the hernia surgery cost without insurance is between Rs 50,000 – Rs 70,000

Factors affecting the hernia operation cost in India?

Multiple reasons can differ in the cost of hernia repair surgery in India. In different cities the challenges and complications are different. 

  • 1. Age Every patient comes with an age difference. So, age plays a vital role in the cost planning of hernia surgery. 
  • 2. Surgeon’s fees Different surgeons, with different levels of knowledge, experience and success rates have different cost structures.
  • 3. Admission fees Different hospitals have different admission structures. Accordingly, the cost differs too. 
  • 4. Method used The
  • 5. Hospital As ranking and quality hospital is picked, it changes the range of cost. 
  • 6. Room opted There are plenty of room availability options in the hospitals, which ranges from. low to high. Thus, the higher you are in picking up a comfortable room, the higher will be the cost. 
  • 7. Complications post-surgery Some of the patients with dual cases, had post-surgery complications and had to push their hospital stay longer. Thus, the surgery cost rises too. 
  • 8. Amount of area affected When the hernia condition is diagnosed it gives an accurate idea of how much the area is affected and needs to be treated. Thus, the cost structure is planned to look at this factor as well. 
  • 9. The severity of the case Also, along with all the other factors, matters in the condition of hernia. If it is a minor case or a major. 

Hernia Surgery Cost (Major Cities price)

Hernia surgery cost in Chennai In Chennai, the estimated hernia surgery cost is Rs 65,500 to Rs 2,10,000.

Hernia surgery cost in Delhi In Delhi, the estimated hernia surgery cost is Rs 56,500- Rs 2,40,000

Hernia surgery cost in Kolkata In Kolkata, the estimated hernia surgery cost is Rs 60,000 – Rs 2,80,000

Hernia surgery cost in Pune In Pune, the estimated hernia surgery cost is Rs 55,100 – 2,10,000

Hernia surgery cost in Ahmedabad In Ahmedabad, the estimated hernia surgery cost is Rs 64,000 -1,00,000

Hernia surgery cost in Bangalore In Banglore, the estimated hernia surgery cost is Rs 56,000 – 1,5,000

Hernia surgery cost in Mumbai In Mumbai, the estimated hernia surgery cost is Rs 65,500 to Rs 3,25,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of hernia surgery in India? 

In India, the cost of hernia surgery ranges between Rs 45,000 – 2,80,000. Though the range can be completely different according to different cities, different factors and the different types of surgery opted. 

Is hernia common in India?

The latest stats reveal that the cases of hernia are more commonly found in men than in women. But, eventually, the women also started to get affected with a hernia. Also, the stats explain that an approximate percentage of 10 to 12 of the whole population is troubled with a hernia, diagnosed and some have undergone surgical treatment. 

Is hernia a major surgery?

Sometimes. Due to the involvement of complications and risks, incision and equipment and majorly depending on the type of hernia treatment method opted it can be said that hernia surgery is major surgery. 

How long is recovery from hernia surgery?

Recover from hernia surgery can take from two weeks to three weeks in most cases. Rest, completely depends on the speed of recovery, how regularly the medications are taken and if the follow-ups are taken to track the progress and healing. These factors can equally decide the speed of recovery. 

Which doctor is best for hernia in India?

To get help from an experienced and right doctor, one can fix an appointment with a general surgeon or a Gastroenterologist. Both are eligible with the right experience, and knowledge and hold the ability to successfully diagnose the cause and guide throughout the procedure.

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