Are your questions trapped within uncertain answers and uncleared doubts? Are you still looking out to clear about hernia in men and women? May it be any of the above two genders, let’s get how hernia affects each and compare between the two. 

Hernia in Men and Women

Hernia in Men In this condition, men may face a lot of difficulties with their digestive systems and bowel movements can become obstructive. This is because of the hernia content that if trapped in or around the walls can give all of discomfort and pain. 

What are the Hernia Symptoms in Men?

Males experience few of the common symptoms to detect a hernia. The signs are as follows.

  • 1. Burning sensation This symptom is often felt while urinating. This burning sensation can be very much disturbing and discomforting. Thus, if it is felt, ensure consulting the doctor. 
  • 2. Discomfort or intense pain in the groin Those experiencing burning sensation, due to that or due to other relatable reasons too might be dealing with a  hernia issue. 
  • 3. Feeling heavy sensation in the groin When there is a slight to intense heaviness in the groin part this can be another symptom of hernia in men. 
  • 4. Bulging in or the round abdomen Above all, when the abdomen area gets weak and feels bulging around the area. This is a visible symptom that cannot be ignored.

Hernia in women Hernia in females, as known is less common, but these days even the cases where females experiencing hernia are coming up. In females, it can be the result of tissues that gives a pokey feeling in or around the groin and occur. 

What are the Hernia Symptoms in Women?

Those some primary factors do separate the occurrence of hernia in men and women but the symptoms or signs are almost similar or the same. These signs are 

  • 1. Feeling discomfort and pain This is one of the initial symptoms of discomforting and painful feelings felt by anyone diagnosed with a hernia. 
  • 2. Bulging around the intestinal wall Where pain and discomfort are simply felt, bulging is a visible symptom that one can usually see by themselves.
  • 3. Experiencing burning sensation Majorly, while urinating if suffering from Hermia, a burning sensation commonly occurs. Thus, this sign must not be ignored or neglected. 
  • 4. Feeling bloated Usually, when your stomach is affected due to some reason, it will get blocked or bloated. This can lead to various unidentified reasons. So, ensure to get it checked and treated.

What Causes Hernias?

The most common reason for the occurrence or the causes of most types of hernia are due to ageing, repeated strains or stretches and more importantly weakened intestine, groin area or abdomen walls. 

Though, specifically, hernia in men and women can be caused due to separate reasons but are interrelated to each other in certain ways. 

Which type of hernia is more common in women?

Umbilical hernia

This time of hernia in women occurs when the intestine part of an individual’s body extends through the stomach muscles and stretches to the belly button. 

Though umbilical hernia isn’t an absolute threat to one’s health equally it has a certain amount of risk of getting trapped and the way to treat this condition is simply through a surgical procedure. 

Femoral hernia

This rare kind of hernia condition initially appears as a lump affecting the upper part of the groin or the thighs. Though at times the lump disappears itself and its causes can be simply due to strain or coughing which affects pressure in that area. 

The way to treat this type of hernia is through Laparoscopic surgery. This is known to be the safest surgery and is considered minimally invasive. Just like another hernia, this too has the same or similar symptoms to identify.

Is hernia treatment the same for men and women?

Firstly, a hernia is considered a more common condition in men than in women as the hernia mostly occurs in men because of their regularly doing heavy lifting work. But, these days women with hernia are also appearing when diagnosed. 

Just the mean difference is in the type of hernia that occurs. As in men, most of the cases have come up with inguinal hernia whereas in women more cases have come up with umbilical hernia or femoral hernia. So, the treatment differentiates accordingly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are hernias different for men and women?

Mainly, it is believed that hernias are usually more common in men rather than women, this is because they are more likely to do heavy lifting which is quickly linked to growing conditions of hernia. 

These days, some specific types of hernia such as femoral hernia or inguinal hernia are somewhat found in females as well. Thus, it isn’t always necessary to be different but the possibility is equal.

Can both genders get a hernia?

As the researchers state, the percentage of hernia conditions found in men is noted to be more common and more in number, especially inguinal hernia found more often in men, in comparison with hernia conditions in women. But still, nowadays, women have started to get symptoms of one or the other type of hernia. 

Which hernia is common in males and females?

In men, the most common type of hernia is an inguinal hernia, this is because this hernia is detected in the groins. Whereas in women, the more common hernia is femoral or inguinal. 

What is the most common hernia in females?

In females, the more commonly found hernia type is Femoral hernia. The main reason behind its occurrence is because the pelvis in females gets wider with time and due to a tissue around the stomach area which gets extends beyond the thighs or groin area.

Why is hernia more common in males?

The main reason for men to develop a hernia is more common because of the gaps or the hole in the groin muscles. This makes the blood flow to their testicles, this vulnerability in men quickly results in a hernia. Also, another reason can be the age factor. this is to say, as the men grow, the wall surrounding their abdomen area weakens.

Are hernias only for men?

The case isn’t that it is only for one gender and 19-Aug-22not for another. But, we can say that it is more common in one gender than in the other. That is, in men, a hernia is found most commonly. 

Who gets more hernias?

The recent findings of coming up with more cases of hernia in males than females clarifies that men are in more number with hernia conditions than women. 

Why do women not have direct hernias? 

The occurrence of a direct hernia is said to be due to the weakening of the walls surrounding the abdomen area. Thus, this is more common in men, the reason being that with the growing age men’s body especially the abdomen area gets weak quickly.

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