Wondering what is the main Cause of Hernia Disease? 

Hernia conditions commonly occur these days and affect the health of both males and females. Thus, it has majorly become important to learn about not just the major causes but all the hernia causes. 

By doing so, one can prepare themselves to prevent it, be conscious if found any symptoms and control them from growing. 

List of the top 10 causes of hernia

  • 1. Obesity The first cause of hernia can be having an imbalanced weight. If the weight of a person is less or exceeds the ideal weight, it cannot grow a hernia. 
  • 2. Coughing continuously If the person has a chronic coughing habit, it can result in excessive strain on the stomach and cause any hernia. 
  • 3. Excess pressure while passing stool This occurs when the stomach is blocked due to hard stool when the stomach feels constipated and it gives immense pressure while passing stools. This pressure is especially felt in the abdomen area and results in a hernia. 
  • 4. Heavy weight lifting For those doing the heavy lifting regularly and unknowingly or knowingly putting immense pressure on their stomach, are developing a lump or a bulge around their abdomen wall which is called a hernia. 
  • 5. Pregnancy Those women who are coping with pregnancy generally have higher risks of developing a hernia. 
  • 6. Abdomen strain A hernia is often found in the abdomen part of the body. Thus, any kind of strain in the stomach or area surrounding is at risk of forming a hernia. 
  • 7. Age factor People in the above age group are more likely to form a hernia as ageing weakens the abdomen wall and risks it getting affected with different ailments. 
  • 8. Injuries or accidents At times, those who have had one or more accidents, may it be minor or major, have more chances to develop a hernia. 
  • 9. Low nutritious diet Sometimes, we neglect our eating habits a lot. Not realizing what we are eating comes under a good diet or a poor diet. Thus, this negligence often affects the digestive system and the whole abdomen. 
  • 10. Smoking Habits that are injurious to having good health and lifestyle can too equally risk and cause a hernia in some conditions. 


In conclusion, know that hernia can be of various types and the main cause of each can naturally be different from one another. Thus, in such cases contacting an expert, a correct doctor who specifically deals with hernia repair treatment can be the right decision. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of a hernia? 

Some of the fastest symptoms found if the patient is dealing with a hernia can be any of these symptoms like vomiting, colour change of hernia bulge, feverish, nausea, a sudden occurrence of pain or the pain fluctuating or difficulty passing stool.

What can be mistaken for a hernia? 

Since a hernia condition is associated with abdomen issues. There are multiple abdomen ailments which have similar tracts of a hernia. Especially in women, sometimes a hernia is mistaken for other ailments like endometriosis, ovarian cysts or fibroids. 

What are the types of hernia?

Hernia can be found in many types today. Some are common, some are uncommon. These types are Inguinal hernia repair, Umbilical hernia repair, Hiatal hernia repair, Incisional hernia repair, Epigastric hernia repair and Femoral hernia repair namely. 

What problems can a hernia cause?

A hernia can trouble the smooth functioning of the abdomen and organs surrounding it. It can cause nausea, vomiting, fever, weakness, chills, mild to severe pain, blockage, blood clots and severe constipation. 

Can stress be the cause of a hernia? 

Stress doesn’t directly affect a hernia, but indirectly it can bring strain and cause a hernia. A higher risk of hernia is often experienced in those who engage in heavy weight lifting activities regularly.

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