Headache Overview

Headache is the most common problem that has affected almost everyone once in their lifetime. The headache could happen due to many reasons like stress, tiredness, noise, etc. It can happen to almost everyone and in every age group. There are approximately 150 types of headaches and could be further divided into two subcategories, primary headache, and secondary headache. All these may vary very minutely from each other. So it becomes very difficult for one to know the exact reason for the cause of the headache. 

Causes of the Headache

  1. 1. By intaking food like excessive caffeine.
  2. 2. By Smoking
  3. 3. The alcohol consumption
  4. 4. Anxiety and stress could lead to a headache.
  5. 5. Migraine may be the cause.
  6. 6. Due to improper sleep. 
  7. 7. By excessive noise and loudness.
  8. 8. By being in the presence of some allergen.
  9. 9. Depression.
  10. 10. Due to the wrong posture while standing, walking, or lying down.
  11. 11. Medication in excess might be a possible cause of headaches.
  12. 12. Due to changes in the weather or climatic condition.
  13. 13. Due to changes in the level of altitude.
  14. 14. Due to improper sleeping patterns. 
  15. 15. Workload and excessive pressure.
  16. 16. Infection can also cause headaches.
  17. 17. Trauma or past injuries can lead to headaches.
  18. 18. Acidity is one such reason for headaches.

What are the Symptoms of the Headache? 

Many symptoms could be observed in many people. 

  1. 1. Hammering pain in the head.
  2. 2. Could vary on the scale of mild to moderate.
  3. 3. Might affect some part of the brain or whole depending upon the severity of the problem.
  4. 4. Could be on one side or both.
  5. 5. Vomiting 
  6. 6. Pain in the abdomen.

There are various types of headaches, depending on various factors such as the severity of pain and suffering. Some of them are enlisted here below

  1. 1. Sinus headache
  2. 2. Migraine headache
  3. 3. Tension headache
  4. 4. Cluster headache
  5. 5. Hangover headache
  6. 6. Hormonal headache

15 best Medicines for Headache in India 2022

There are many medicines in India for headache relief. Some of them have side effects. Hence it is advisable to always take medication as prescribed by the doctors.

Here are the names of some medicines that are better for the treatment of headaches.

  1. 1. Fioricet
  2. 2. Ibuprofen
  3. 3. Naproxen
  4. 4. Bupap
  5. 5. Fioricet with codeine
  6. 6. Trazodone
  7. 7. Percogesic
  8. 8. Tylenol
  9. 9. Lidocaine
  10. 10. Ergotamine
  11. 11. Sumatriptan
  12. 12. Rizatriptan
  13. 13. Eletriptan
  14. 14. Frovatriptan
  15. 15. Zolmitriptan
Benefits and side effects – Fioricet

The name of the brand is Fioricet and it consists of substances like butalbital, caffeine, and acetaminophen.

For treating the headache like tension treatment Fioricet is used. The components of the medicine have different roles, like butalbital helps in providing relaxation to the body by sleeping as it works as a sedative. Acetaminophen works suitable for getting relief from pain, while caffeine works as a stimulator for acetaminophen.

For dosage refer to the physician. Consuming the medicine may lead to some side effects that are mentioned here as; dizziness, sleepiness, excessive urination, nausea, tremors, etc. Hence it is always advisable to refer to a doctor before taking the medicine.

Benefits and side effects – Ibuprofen

The name of the brand is Brufen 400mg. It is composed of ibuprofen, which is an anti-inflammatory drug. It helps relieve the pain of migraine mostly. One should prescribe to the doctor the dosage. A jacket which contains 15 tables usually is Rs 10. But it may vary from state to state depending upon the taxes and policy of the state. 

Side effects of the medicine include dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and digestion problem. Taking this medicine for a longer time could be a matter of issue for your health. Hence get to your doctor before taking the medicine.

Benefits and side effects – Naproxen 

The name of the brand is Naprosyn 500mg and its component has naproxen, a chemical that is used to reduce headaches in earlier stages. The jacket of naproxen which has around 15 tablets in it consists of approximately Rs 50. 

Side effects of naproxen are dizziness, drowsiness, rashes on the body, and may affect vision. Consult a doctor for dosage and Consumption.

Benefits and side effects – Bupap

The name of the brand is bupap and it consists of the chemicals like acetaminophen and butalbital. Acetaminophen helps give relief from headaches and butalbital is helpful as it works as a sedative and gives a good sleep, which helps in reducing anxiety. However if not taken as prescribed could lead to some health problems.

Side effects of the bupap are nausea, dizziness, pain in the abdomen, etc.

Benefits and side effects -Fioricet with codeine

The name of the brand is Fioricet with codeine. It consists of chemicals like codeine acetaminophen and butalbital. The codeine works to give relief from pain in brain nerves. Acetaminophen helps relieve pain from headaches, and butalbital is a sedative. The side effects are as follows; constipation, stomach upset, difficulty in breathing, and nausea. For dosage refer to the doctor’s advice. 

Benefits and side effects – Trazodone

The name of the brand is trazodone and it has the chemical phenylpiperazine in it. It helps in treating depression and can lighten your mood, and insomnia issues. It helps in balancing the serotonin in your brain. It can be taken twice a day, but it is better to consult a doctor or physician. The side effects of trazodone are nervousness, diarrhoea, weakness, change in weight or appetite, etc.

Benefits and side effects -Percogesic

Percogesic is also prescribed by many doctors and physicians for relieving pain from headaches. The name of the brand is Percogesic and it contains chemicals like acetaminophen and phenyltoloxamine. This medicine helps relieve pain in muscles, and back and on some level helpful in providing relief from cold. 

 However, there are many other side effects associated with it like Nausea, dizziness, vomiting, etc.

Benefits and side effects – Tylenol

The name of the brand is Tylenol PM. It consists of chemical components like acetaminophen and diphenhydramine. The acetaminophen helps in reduction of the headache and this product contains antihistamine which leads to drowsiness and leads to better sleep. 

The side effects of Tylenol are liver damage, tiredness, and nausea, so it is advisable to always consume as per the doctor’s prescription.  

Benefits and side effects – Lidocaine

The name of the brand is Nasal Lidocaine and it contains chemical substances like Lidocaine, it works as anesthesia to make your skin numb to some degree. It helps in giving relief from migraine. The doctors prescribe the doses as per the requirements. Side effects included pain in the chest, skin color becoming pale, might cause difficulty in breathing, etc. 

Benefits and side effects – Ergotamine

The name of the brand is Mirgil. It contains ergotamine 2mg, cyclizine 50mg, and caffeine 100 mg approximately. The medicine Ergotamine can help give relief from migraine. But taking precautions with the doses is very essential and crucial as it could be a cause of concern if not taken properly. The cost of the Ergotamine is around Rs 14 which has 10 tablets in it. The side effects are lower pain, abdomen pain, cold hands, urination changes, etc.

Benefits and side effects – Sumatriptan

The name of the brand which owns this medicine is Migratan, suminat, sumitrex, and the chemical components of the medicine are sumatriptan and which helps in the dilation of the blood vessels, which is important to divert the blood flow during migraine attacks. The side effects of the medicine are nausea, vomiting, tiredness, etc. The cost is Rs 20 per tablet packet.

Benefits and side effects – Rizatriptan

The name of the brand is Rizact and Rizatan and it contains the chemical component Rizatriptan. The best thing is that this medicine may act a little fast. But the doctor’s prediction is very important before taking it. 

Benefits and side effects – Eletriptan

The name of the brand is Relpax and it contains Eletriptan which helps in treating migraine and gives relief from pain, and headaches, it comes from the class of drugs that are termed triptans, which, in turn, affects the serotonin, which is responsible to narrow the blood vessels. Thus one needs to be very careful with the consumption and the doses. 

Benefits and side effects – Frovatriptan

The name of the brand is Frova and it contains a chemical called Frovatriptan, which can dilate the blood vessels. The side effects of Frovatriptan include drying of the mouth, dizziness, temperature of the body fluctuates, improper digestion, headache, etc. taking doses as per prescription. 

Benefits and side effects – Zolmitriptan

The name of the brand is  Zomig 5 mg and it contains zolmitriptan and can be used in treating migraines. It comes from the class of drugs that are termed triptans. The dosage should be taken as per the doctors.

Frequently asked questions

What helps get rid of headaches fast?

Headache is a very common problem and it can be observed in almost every age group. To get rid of headaches faster there are a few ways, like using an ice pack wrapped in a towel, having some coffee, using a heating pad, trying to calm your environment down by dimming the light, being in the noise-free zone, relaxing and meditation, taking medicines could also help in instant relief from pain.

Which headache medicine is safest? 

There are many medicines available for headaches on the market but should not be taken without a doctor’s advice. Some of them are Fioricet,bupap, naproxen, Fioricet, etc. They all act differently and may lead to side effects as well. 

Which medicine is best for headaches in India?

There are many medicines that are available for the treatment of headache in India, but medicines should be taken as per the prescription of the doctor. Some medicines best for the headache are ibuprofen, Fioricet, bupap, ergotamine, naproxen, Fioricet with codeine, etc.

Is paracetamol used for headaches?

Paracetamol acts as a painkiller and could be very helpful in relieving the pain in muscles and the head. Some of the different types of painkillers are panadol, Bufferin, ocufen, etc. 

Is Dolo 65 a painkiller?

Indeed Dolo 65 could help get relief not only from fever but also from the pain. Paracetamol also works in the same way. However there are some side effects associated with the intake of these medicines, like dizziness, nausea, weakness, change in appetite, blood pressure fluctuations, etc.

How do you get rid of a headache in 10 seconds?

Headache relief is possible within a few minutes. Try acupressure point pressing with the help of the fingers over your head, and follow patterns like moving your fingers in circles clockwise and then in the anticlockwise direction. you can also try using an ice bag, caffeine consumption could also be helpful.

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