Hair Transplant Side Effects – Hair transplantation is a surgical technique mainly preferred by men who have less hair or have baldness. In this, the hair follicles are transferred from the ‘donor site’ and placed on the ‘recipient site.’ In other words, we can say that moving the hair follicles from one place to another for removing the baldness and thinness of the hair.

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5 Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

  • 1. It’s a surgical procedure, and the patient might get afraid of the thought of this.
  • 2. It requires proper recovery time. If this time does not take seriously, then the patient might increase the risk of infection, bleeding, scarring, and numbness.
  • 3. The patient might get folliculitis, which is a string of pimples that appear on the recipient area and cause itching.
  • 4. This procedure might give a shock to the patient, as due to this surgery, the healthy hair starts falling.


Disadvantages of FUE Hair Transplant

  • 1. It is to be found that hair growth in FUE is slightly less.
  • 2. The lifespan of new hair follicles is generally less.
  • 3. The cost is much higher than traditional surgery.
  • 4. There is a limited number of doctors available who has expertise in this.
  • 5. It requires many sessions for transplanting hair.

Disadvantages of Fut Hair Transplant

The scarring is visible as a long thin strip is removed to get hair growth.

  • 1. In this procedure, stitches require time to get healed, and they cause discomfort for a long time.
  • 2. Do not consider FUT. If you are suffering from progression baldness, then it might cause scalp stretching.
  • 3. Swelling, numbness, pain, and bleeding can be seen in this process.
  • 4. Hiccups are the very rare side effects of this procedure, as the patient might get the plague.
  • 5. Cysts can also form when grafts are not pulled out properly.

What To Do Before A Hair Transplant Procedure

  • 1. First of all, quit smoking for 2 weeks.
  • 2. Disclose everything to the doctor, even your medications and stop taking them before surgery.
  • 3. Stop consuming spicy food before the surgery.
  • 4. Before 2 days from surgery, wash your hair with shampoo.
  • 5. Inform the doctor about your surgeries.

Hair Transplant Side Effects Long Term

  • 1. After the surgery, transplanted hair might get curled and gives an unnatural appearance.
  • 2. In some cases, if patients get new hair growth in patches or no hair growth, then the patient might undergo the whole procedure again. 
  • 3. In the donor area, there is permanent loss of grafts and hair follicles.

Success Rate of Hair Transplantation

It gives 99% results because it is effective and has the chance of getting highly successful results. Although follicular units and grafts have a high success rate, to get these results, you need to take care of yourself after the treatment because healing requires time.

Hair transplant Side Effects Cancer

No, hair transplantation doesn’t cause cancer as this is a normal process where hair follicles are extracted from one place and harvested to another place for hair growth, and it involves not a single harmful chemical that causes cancer.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Hair plantation can be considered permanent if you choose experienced and well-board-certified doctors for your surgery as they have experience in this field and know which area follicles have high growth but every hair follicle have a lifetime. It will fall when its lifetime stops.


Choose accordingly which technique of hair plantation is best for you and suits you. Take necessary precautions before and after the surgery as it helps you get recover as soon as possible. For the right expert guidance or consultation, you can connect with Glamyo Health. We provide a free consultations with expert cosmetic surgeons or doctors. We also provide a no-cost EMI option that helps in easing your treatment or surgery. We also provide free pick and drop services if you are unable to reach the hospital and provide a care buddy with you to ensure your safety. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hair transplant a risk?

It is a fact that every surgery has some chance of risk or side effects. Hair transplant surgery also has some risks involving infection and bleeding. 

Does a hair transplant last forever?

Hair transplant treatment has shown permanent results, but the transplanted hair will also start falling at some point in time with age. 

Is a hair transplant painful?

No, there will be no pain during this procedure as you will be given local anesthesia, and after the treatment, you will be provided some medications by your doctor to prevent pain. 

Does a hair transplant affect the brain?

No, hair transplants will not affect your brain. You must know that this procedure is an effective and safe way to gain natural hair.

Does transplanted hair fail?

The hair transplant procedure has a 95% of success rate, which means there is a lower risk of failure.

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