Hair Transplant Result – Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution for restoring your hair loss. If you are looking for an effective, natural-looking, and permanent solution, then a hair transplant can be the best option for you. Most patients see results after the 6 to 9 months of the surgery, and for some patients, it may take 12 months. This is essential to know that after 2 to 8 weeks of the surgery, the transplanted hairs will fall out, which is a normal thing to see after the surgery. During the 3rd month after the surgery, your hair may look thinner than you have earlier, and again it is normal.   

Hair Transplant Results Timeline

After the hair transplant surgery, you will see around 10 to 20% of hair growth within three to four months. You will also be able to see 50% of your hair growth after 6 months of the surgery. Furthermore, you will be able to see 80 to 100% of the results within 9 to 12 months after the hair transplant surgery. However, most of the patients see results after 6 to 9 months of the surgery. 

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What to Expect after a Hair Transplant

The actual thing is that, though every patient has different hair, they start seeing the growth of new hair after five to six months. The proper results of the hair transplant surgery or procedure may be observed or visible after the 9, 12, or 18 months of the surgery. 

The first week after the surgery 

In the first week, you will be in the healing process. You may feel some irritation and see redness in the area your surgery has been performed. However, the healing process is rapid among most patients. It has also been seen that many patients are able to get back to their normal activities within a few weeks of the surgery. 

One to three weeks 

The irritation and redness subside with time. The healing process may slow in some cases. After 10 days of the surgery, all the grafts must be firmly in place. Then it will be safe to get back to your normal shampooing and showering routines. 

After one to three months

  • 1. It’s completely normal to experience no change at all at this time, or even worse, to observe hair thinning more quickly than usual. You may see or observe that your getting more thinner than before. 
  • 2. This can be frightening but it is normal that your hair follicles are awakening from the temporary dormancy that they experienced during the extraction and reimplantation operation.
  • 3. They are doing this in order to start developing new hairs by pushing out the old, existing hairs. You have seen some hair loss as a result.

Hair Transplant Results for Men

The hair transplant results in men have shown tremendous improvement or changes after hair transplantation. The result of the treatment involves the growth of your hair to stronger and the rate of the growth to be faster through advanced hair loss treatment. It takes almost 90 to 100 days for new hair growth, and then it grows naturally. After 6 months of the hair transplant session, your transplanted hair will give you a natural look and will continue to grow lifelong. 

Hair Transplant Results for Women

For women with hari loss, the psychological impacts are more severe than in men. Advanced hair transplantation has allowed the hair restoration of hair in most cases of women. However, there is no such difference between the process of hair transplant in women. So, it is a process where your hair transplant surgeon extracts your hair follicles from the donor’s area and then implants them through tiny incisions made in the area of the recipient over the scalp. The hair transplant process performed by your doctor is based on the type of hair loss faced by women. Some of the forms of hair loss in females are the following.

  • 1. Traction alopecia 
  • 2. Scarring alopecia
  • 3. Female pattern baldness 
  • 4. Alopecia occurs after a trauma


After hair transplantation surgery, most people return to their normal activities for two to five days after the surgery. Within two or three weeks, your transplanted hair will fall out. However, you will start observing new hair growth within a month or a few. After 6 to 9 months, most probably, you will see 60% of hair growth. Moreover, during the recovery period, you may face excessive tightness, aching, and throbbing, which can be controlled or managed by medications prescribed by your doctor and if bandages have been used, then they will be removed in a day. There will be mild to moderate pain, for which you can have oral medications. 


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Frequently Asked Questions 

How successful the hair transplant surgyer is?

The success rate of hair transplant surgery is 95 to 98%. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that transplanted hairs will fall out before the regrowth of permanent hair follicles. 

Are hair transplants 100% effective?

The survival rates of hair transplants are 90 to 95%. 

Do hair transplants work permanently?

There are some possibilities that you might lose after the surgery, but in most cases, it has shown permanent results. 

What is the right age to undergo hair transplant surgery? 

People above 18 can get this surgery, but it is recommended to undergo hair transplant surgery when you are 25 or above. 

How often do hair transplants fail?

The failure rate of the surgery is less than 2%.

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