Hair transplant surgery or process helps in treating hair loss. All hair transplant procedures include taking sections of skin that bear hair from one area of the scalp and grafting them onto thinning and bald areas of the scalp or traumatized areas. Moreover, the areas around the eyes, such as the eyelashes, eyebrows, or areas around the beard and chest, can also be treated or restored with hair transplantation. It may also be used to conceal a region where a scar from trauma is present and needs to be hidden. In rare cases, this method is also used in private areas. Furthermore, the hair transplant Cost in India is about 25,000 INR and its maximum cost is around 2,65,000 INR, but the cost of this treatment or surgery also depends on the type of hospital, procedure, facilities, etc. See the following table for a detailed cost description in major cities of India.

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Cost (INR)


25,000 INR to 1,25,000 INR


20,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR


35,000 INR to 2,65,000 INR


35,000 INR to 2,65,000 INR


77,000 INR to 1,65,000 INR 


77,000 INR to 1,65,000 INR 


77,000 INR to 1,65,000 INR

3000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in India

In facilities where doctors have no role in your hair transplant surgery, prices range from 30000 to 50000 INR. If you have opted for the sitting process The cost of a doctor then the cost ranges from 40,000 to 70,000 INR. If the doctor is additionally extracting grafts, the cost will range from 70000 to 100000 INR. Charges increase with the level of experience of the doctor. Charges can go up to three lakh rupees if the approach is complex and time-consuming. For 3000 grafts, very few facilities charge more than 3 Lakh.

5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in India

The cost of a hair transplant for 5000 grafts is around 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 INR. However, its cost or price may change according to your complications, needs, and the number of sessions required for your proper treatment. Additionally, the process of hair transplant is the major deciding factor for the entire cost. You can connect with Glamyo Health for detailed information about the procedure and cost, we provide a free consultation to our patients. 

Cost of Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

As per the research of dermatologists, it has been found that laser hair loss treatment can be effective to treat the soft tissues of the bald area and encourage hair growth. The therapy is simple, risk-free, painless, and has no side effects because it uses low-level laser light. It promotes the growth of new hair and treats troublesome scalp in both men and women.

Moreover, this treatment is more affordable than hair transplant surgery. The cost of laser hair loss treatment is around 10,560 INR to 49,500 INR. however, it also depends on the different factors such as procedure, facilities, equipment, and more. 

Easy EMI for Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is an expensive procedure and most of the time, people are not able to afford this treatment as medical health insurance policies do not cover it as this procedure is used by people for aesthetic purposes. This makes it difficult for people to afford it. But don’t worry, if you are not confident about your hair and are conscious of the baldness of your scalp then you can feel free to connect with Glamyo Health, “India’s Favorite Healthcare Provider”. We provide a no-cost EMI option to our patients with a free consultation and personalized care to our patients. This will help in easing the procedure for you and also you will be able to manage all your finances easily.  

Hair Transplant Scar Removal Cost

  • 1. To minimize the scar left behind by the FUT treatment, many methods or processes might be performed. The outcome or results is unsure because some scars can still be there.
  • 2. As it is fact that, the scalp starts sagging normally with age, which may highlight the scar and can make the scalp reduction scar more visible than usual.
  • 3. In a few cases, scars get more visible because of taking medications as it may cause thinning of scar tissue. 
  • 4. Your doctor or surgeon will be able to remove or reduce your scar and let you know that the procedure may work for you.


Glamyo Health is India’s favorite healthcare provider, where your health is our top priority. If you are looking for hair transplant surgery, then you can feel free to talk with the Glamyo Health coordinator, we provide a free consultation to our patients. Not only this we provide a no-cost EMI option that will help in easing your hair transplantation procedure and you will be able to afford the surgery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hair transplants last?

Most probably, if you have undergone hair transplant surgery, then you will get lifetime results. 

Are hair transplants successful?

Yes, hair transplant is the most effective surgery and comparatively more successful than OTC products of hair restoration.

How costly is a hair transplant?

In India, the cost minimum and maximum cost of hair transplant surgery is about 25,000 INR to 2,65,000 INR.

Is a hair transplant even worth it?

Yes, it is obviously worth having a hair transplant, but it does not work for everyone because it is majorly used if your scalp is balding and hair is thinning naturally or because of any injury.

Is it safe for hair transplants in India?

Yes, hair transplant surgery is completely safe. 

Is hair transplant cheap in India?

The minimum price or cost of a hair transplant starts from 25,000 INR in India.

Is hair transplant permanent in India?

Yes, the hair transplant procedure provides you with permanent results.

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