Our hair grows naturally. Have you ever wondered how this happens? What is the real secret behind this whole process? Is there any process that helps our hair to growth faster and stronger? What may affect the growth of hairs? Well, all these doubts are carefully answered in the following blog.

Each one of us wants strong, silky, and voluminous hair and wants the process to be faster and quicker. So, you all must be wondering what it takes to have desirable hair for long-term benefit.

How does hair grow?

When it comes to hair, we also talk about the hair follicles that are there at the time of your birth and the scalp itself contains at least 80,000. As a natural process every day hair falls and new hairs come in its place.

At first, the hair growth starts under the skin, at the bottom of a follicle and the very root of the scalp. This is followed by the oxygen, nutrients and blood reaching the follicle helping it to grow at full strength.

Finally, the hairs that grow under the already present hairs, it pushes away the old hairs through the skin, passing through the oil gland, making it silky and shiny hair with good hair volume.

What makes hair grow back faster?

Hair growth majorly depends on the genetics of a person. According to this and other essential factors hair growth can be improved and hair loss can be prevented.

1. Eat a healthy diet only

2. Always keep your hair nourished and hydrated

3. Keep your hair untangled

4. Protect your hair from any kind of physical breakage or damage

5. Avoid excessive heat

6. Drink plenty of water

7. Have vitamins and nutrients

8. Get head massage

9. Do regular shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair clean, dirt free and dust free.

10. Take no stress. Worry and stress are the worst enemies of good hair growth.

Does hair grow back thicker?

Natural ways to grow back hair thickness include introducing a whole nutritious diet that increase of the intake of nutrients, proteins and vitamins together. Further, scalp hairs with thin strength and thin volume need proper consultation from a professional hair care provider to examine the current state of your hair and accordingly recommend to you what changes can help in improving the thickness of your hair.

What affects the regrowth of hair?

Genes of a person play a significant role in determining the whole process of growth and regrowth of hair, quality of hair growth and speed of hair growth. Along with it, other factors too have their separate role in the regrowth process such as age, sex and nutrition.


Hair growth is a process that involves hair follicles, and their process of getting hardened, sticking together, pushing up the skin, traveling through the oil glands, and coming out as new hairs. Also, the genetics of a person majorly dictates the hair growth and volume in which it grows.

To ensure that you have amazing hair growth at a fast pace and even the regrowth of hairs becomes easier, make sure to follow certain tips like keeping your diet healthy and nutritious, massaging your scalp to keep the blood circulation active, providing nourishment and hydrate your hairs properly.


 1. What triggers the growth of hair?

 Decreased amount of hair growth is due to hormone imbalance, stress, anxiety, weak diet, deficiencies,  genes, medical conditions, childbirth, past injuries or due to cosmetic reasons.

2. How does hair naturally grow?

 The process of new cells generating, sticking together and becoming hardened cells goes on without any break. As plenty of hardened cells continue to grow, they groups and develop into new strands of hair.

 3. How hair will grow faster?

For faster and stronger growth of hairs follow these given tips carefully.

1. Shift to a completely healthy diet.
2. Increase the intake of water to at least 8 glasses of water per day.
3. Get regular trimming to avoid any breakage or poor-quality hairs
4. Massage your scalp regularly to assure that blood circulates properly.
5. Take no stress.

4. How does hair keep growing?

Hairs keep growing with the process that includes the hardened hair cells from below keep attaching to the above hairs and as the older hairs grow weak the below hair strands push out of the skin.

5. What causes poor hair growth?

Poor hair growth can be due to factors such as hormonal changes, heredity, ageing, vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, poor lifestyle habits, poor quality sleep patterns or lack of water intake.

6. What affects hair growth the most?

 Genetics is one of the major factors that affect the growth of hair. According to the genes, the hair growth of the person is determined.


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