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gynecomastia Treatment in Hyderabad

Stop wasting your time, money, and efforts on non-effective ways to get rid of man breasts and get the best Gynecomastia treatment in Hyderabad for an effective, speedy, and quality Treatment to get the natural appearance of your manly chest back. You don’t have to spend your earnings on the costly gym memberships or go out of your budget for all those fat burner pills and heavy medications to treat gynecomastia or put your time and efforts into following a heavy workout routine with a strict diet just to get rid of Gynecomastia. While all these physical activities and medication are pretty effective in getting rid of the excess fat in your body and treating pseudo-gynecomastia, they cannot get rid of the excess glandular tissue which is the main culprit for true gynecomastia.

In this case, the only solution is to opt for Treatment, which will help you get rid of gynecomastia permanently assuring you no recurrence and no side effects. *

Quick facts on Gynecomastia

  • Gynecomastia is a condition of overdevelopment or enlargement of the breasts in men or boys
  • This condition is generally known as Man boobs or man breasts
  • It often occurs due to an imbalance of testosterone (male hormones) and estrogen (female hormones) in the body.
  • Certain medication and health conditions can also cause male breast tissues to get inflamed
  • It can affect newborn male babies, teenage boys going through puberty, adults, and even men in their old age.
  • Almost 30% of men will be affected by this condition at some point in their life
  • More than 1 million cases of Gynecomastia arise per year in India

How to Find out if you have Gynecomastia?

A person having gynecomastia may notice or experience certain changes inside their body, especially around the chest area. It can happen in one or both breasts. The changes may start as a lump of fat beneath the nipple which may be sore, swelling in the chest area, nipple sensitivity, chest pain, and tenderness, or overdevelopment of breasts disproportionately.

How to permanently get rid of Gynecomastia?

Following a workout routine and a healthy balanced diet can help you get rid of the excess fat inside your body, but to permanently get rid of this condition you need to consider the surgeries available:

Liposuction: This procedure involves making a small incision on each side of the chest to remove the fat tissue from breasts that have caused the development of breasts buds and not the breast gland tissue.

Mastectomy: This Treatment is performed with an endoscopic method where the glandular breast tissue, that caused the enlargement of breasts, is removed using only small incisions This Treatment takes less recovery time for the patient. The incisions are made within the natural crease of the chest or along the edge of the areola.

The certified plastic surgeons will use techniques and procedures that best suit you and your condition.

The Gynecomastia Treatment in Hyderabad ranges from Rs. 45000 to Rs. 70000. The cost of Treatment may differ from one person to another due to many factors like the grade of gynecomastia, consultation, admission fee, health condition, lab tests, type of Treatment performed, etc.

Get Gynecomastia Treatment in Hyderabad Now

Gynecomastia can cause a lot of physical changes, but there is no doubt in the fact that it can also affect the mental health of a person causing low self-esteem, social anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, self-isolation, body issues, and other traumas. Therefore, it is advised by surgeons to get treatment as soon as you start to notice the occurrence of this condition.  Glamyo Health offers the best Gynecomastia Treatment in Hyderabad, with an outstanding team of more than 400+ certified surgeons performing surgeries with great care and attention to fulfill your health needs. With more than 45,000+ successful surgical recoveries in more than 10+ cities, the brand aims to broaden its services all over the country even in the most remote areas.

The health care consultants assist you at every step of the surgical process, from booking an appointment, choosing the right specialised doctor for your condition, getting diagnosed, performing all the required lab tests and examinations, admission in the hospital, Treatment, discharge, helping out with the insurance paperwork to follow-ups.

They also provide free pick up and drop service from your doorstep to the hospital gate. In addition, they also provide zero cost financing, all insurance coverage, minimally invasive elective and cosmetic surgeries, including proctology treatments, Laparoscopic surgeries, and Circumcision. These surgeries are not only advanced but affordable as well. If you’re anybody who’s suffering from Gynecomastia, keep in mind to have patience with your body, accept your flaws, and consistently work on yourself to see the best results.

If you suspect you may be suffering from gynecomastia, you should not attempt to diagnose it yourself. A doctor should diagnose gynecomastia. This could include a general or family physician. A specialist in gynecomastia treatments would be the best person to identify you. These experts are skilled in dealing with these cases. They deal with men who have the same problem as you on a daily basis. A gynecomastia professional will provide you with a free assessment to help you get motivated to have more men.

Book an appointment with Glamyo Health Now because a quality and effective gynecomastia Treatment in Hyderabad can help boost your self-confidence.

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