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Gynecomastia Excision Technique Complication ?

Gynecomastia is a prevalent but with varying severity condition that affects men of all ages and refers to a benign condition of breast enlargement with benign glandular proliferation caused by a variety of factors. The modern technique for best Gynecomastia treatment in Bangalore is Liposuction combined with glandular excision technique.

Many insurance companies refuse to cover gynecomastia because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. This leaves millions of men with enlarged breasts and no other options to get rid of them. You or someone you love is suffering from Gynecomastia. Learn about the available Gynecomastia treatments. This guide will help you to understand your options and potential side effects.

Before the 1980s, gynecomastia was treated surgically by excision of glandular tissue and fat, which was sometimes combined with skin reduction. Because of frequent contour irregularities, disfigured scars, reduced nipple sensibility, hematomas and seromas this procedure has a high complication rate and the results are often disappointing for patients and surgeons.

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Gynecomastia was introduced in cosmetic surgery, leading to a new treatment strategy, as nonscarring sparing methods are preferred. Treatment can be combined with glandular tissue excision and performed as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthesia.

Excision Technique Done in Combination with Gynecomastia Procedure

The treatment area is marked before operation while the patient has an upright position. Breast tissue infiltrates with 0.5 percent lidocaine, adrenalin, and 100–200 ml of isotonic NaCl, depending on the size of the breast. A small infra areolar incision is made. Gynecomastia is performed by the surgeon using cannulas measuring 6 mm and 3 mm. Following Gynecomastia, glandular tissue was removed through the same incision. To avoid postoperative asymmetry, the surgeon normally saves approximately 1 cm of glandular tissue under the areola. The incisions were sutured and wrapped in a bandage for two weeks. Patients were followed up on two weeks, three months, and 18 months after surgery.

Advantages of Gynecomastia with Combination of Excision Surgery

According to our experience, the majority of patients who seek treatment for gynecomastia have a combination of fat and glandular tissue.  Usually, the majority of this component is constituted of fat tissue.

When compared to surgical excision alone, the combination of Gynecomastia and glandular tissue excision has several advantages. The procedure is carried out through a smaller incision, and Gynecomastia ensures precise contouring of the periphery. This helps to achieve a better cosmetic result with a minimally invasive technique. Gynecomastia prior to glandular tissue excision helps in glandular tissue removal surgery.

Preoperative injections of isotonic NaCl and local anaesthetics with adrenaline ensure tissue compression and vasoconstriction, which significantly reduces blood loss. Furthermore, Gynecomastia raises coagulative factors in the treated area, which aids in spontaneous hemostasis and implies minimal bleeding in additional surgery.

Gynecomastia does not disrupt the connections between the skin and the fascia. That is the reason, when compared to surgical excision, the region’s sensibility is much less affected. Tissue bridges appear to improve postoperative skin contractibility, potentially eliminating the need for skin excision and nipple lift in larger gynecomastia. Suction alone will not remove the glandular tissue. It significantly reduces the recurrence rate when followed by sharp excision.

Postoperative bleeding rarely occurs after this procedure. At the same time, high levels of patient satisfaction are achieved. The reports show that this procedure is excellent to treat gynecomastia and it doesn’t have even a single complication.

The combination of Gynecomastia and surgical excision of the gland in gynecomastia can be done as a day-care procedure under local anaesthesia.

Complication of the Surgery

Complications are rare in this procedure.. In comparison to traditional surgical excision, we believe that Gynecomastia combined with gland excision resulted in higher patient satisfaction, fewer complications, and better cosmesis.

To sum up…

The best method of Gynecomastia treatment in Bangalore is liposuction combined with an excision technique. The majority of Glamyo Health gynecomastia patients are extremely pleased with this method of treatment. 

With Glamyo Health, we provide you with a wonderful experience of a hassle-free treatment journey.

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