Gynecomastia Treatment in Ayurveda – Gynecomastia, according to Ayurveda, is a disorder that is related to obesity, a serious ailment. It states that bigger breasts don’t grow on their own. Additionally, ati sthooltha or sthaulya are the reasons for breast enlargement. Ayurveda has identified the symptoms and signs of gynecomastia, which are the following.

  • 1. Milk discharge secreting tumour.
  • 2. Enlargement of the breast (one or both).
  • 3. Tenderness of the male breast.
  • 4. Asymmetry in the chest tissue and the areola diameter.

The treatment for gynecomastia entails balancing and reducing the weight to balance the impairment or condition of fat metabolism. As per Ayurveda, initially, this condition can be treated with the help of Aahar (diet) and Vihar (changes in lifestyle). For treating this condition with Ayurveda, you must have to follow the below-mentioned recommendations. 

Lifestyle Changes Recommendations

A healthy and active lifestyle plays an important role in treating this condition. To avoid this condition, consider the following lifestyle changes to your life.

  • 1. Try to avoid exhausting yourself to an extreme level while doing exercise.
  • 2. Do not suppress your needs and urges.
  • 3. Try to avoid activities that may cause stress.
  • 4. Perform light exercises and yoga regularly. 
  • 5. Make a daily routine including waking patterns and improve your sleeping habits.

Recommendations for Diet

The kind of food we consume on a daily basis can help in making positive changes in our overall health, i.e., having a healthy diet with enough nutrients and a low level of estrogen can help in treating this condition to some extent. You can include the following changes in your regular diet.

  • 1. Use spices like pepper and cardamom while cooking your food.
  • 2. Start drinking spices, buttermilk, honey, and warm water.
  • 3. Eat unpolished oats, rice, barley, etc. 
  • 4. Start consuming heavy and non-slimy food.
  • 5. Eat Bengal gram, red lentils, horse gram, green gram, or more. 
  • 6. Increase your intake of vegetables like cucumber, carrots, brinjal, and radish.

It can be said that apart from regular diet and lifestyle changes, the treatment of this condition in gynecomastia in Ayurveda involves specific herbs and medicines. 

Ayurveda medicine for treating gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a massive condition that may impact social and psychological aspects. The following are some ayurvedic medicines that can help in reducing gynecomastia. 

Arogyavardhini vati

Gynecomastia means the growth of tissue near your breast, which leads to enlargement of your chest area. This condition mainly happens when your body faces difficulty in metabolizing food properly. This further causes deposition. This medicine helps in boosting digestion and is also beneficial in absorbing nutrients properly. However, these medicines help in preventing fat accumulation. 

Tribulus Power

Hormonal imbalance is the major cause of breast enlargement. Sometimes, there may be an overproduction of estrogen in your bloodstream, which may cause puffiness near the nipples. In this case, having this capsule can be beneficial for reducing or treating this condition. Gokshura is the major ingredient of this medicine.

Guggul Capsules

Guggul is a substance that is frequently utilized in Ayurveda to make a variety of medications. A plant extract called guggul can help people lose weight and reduce their chance of developing high cholesterol. By acting as lipid regulators, these capsules can restore hormonal equilibrium. This medication is also recommended by doctors to lighten skin discolourations.

Hakam Churna

This medicine is recommended by ayurvedic doctors for the overall enhancement of your body. It works in curing all three types of doshas, which is known as tridoshin rasayan. This medicine has similar benefits as arogyavardhini vati. This medicine helps in better digestion which further helps in maintaining liver health. 

All these are the ayurvedic medicines that can help in treating or curing this condition. 

Side effects and risks factors of ayurvedic treatment

Gynecomastia is treated using ayurvedic medications made from a combination of several herbs. Thus, these herbs may have some unintended consequences. People have mentioned various negative effects of these herbs, albeit they are uncommon.

  • 1. Guggulu capsules may lead to affect the stomach and can also cause headaches. It has been seen that some people report vomiting and nausea, and some have to face diarrhoea, hiccups, and belching after consuming these medicines. Furthermore, it may also lead to cause itching and skin infections like rashes. 
  • 2. Consumption of arogyavardha in excess amount may lead to a burning sensation, vertigo, and ulceration in your mouth and in a few cases, it may also cause bleeding. 

When to see a doctor 

When other treatments and ayurvedic medicines don’t work properly to improve this condition, then you must consult your doctor for further treatment. You can consult with Glamyo Health expert doctors. We provide free OPD consultation to our patients to provide expert guidance to our patients. We also provide free pick-up and drop services for patients who are unable to reach the hospital. Not just that, we also provide personalized care, zero-cost EMI, and post-surgery follow-ups to ensure your wellbeing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ayurveda treat gynecomastia?

Ayurveda can help in curing this condition to much extent, but for permanently treating this condition, you will have to undergo a male breast reduction procedure.

Which medicine is best for gynecomastia?

Aromatase inhibitors and tamoxifen are the best medicines for gynecomastia. 

How do you dissolve gynecomastia naturally?

Dieting, exercising, losing weight, etc., can help in curing this condition naturally.

Does Gokshura help gynecomastia?

It has been seen that Gokshura has an effective response to serum testosterone levels and cures this condition.

What is the most common cause of gynecomastia?

Obesity or being overweight is the major cause of gynecomastia.

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