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Gynecomastia Risk Factors Pricing ?

Gynecomastia is a problem that is found in men which causes Male breast tissue to  swell due to reduced male hormones (testosterone) or increased female hormones (oestrogen) and is typically  caused due to  various factors  such as Low testosterone levels ,Steroid use and other health conditions that affect hormones.

Gynecomastia cost depends on the choice of hospital , city and  on the method of surgery. The surgery takes about 1-2 hours to complete. The surgery can be performed either as a day care procedure or you would be discharged after 24-48 hours depending on how fast you recover. The overall costs totally depends on the different hospitals also depending on the rooms and the other facilities provided by them.  Large number of people opt for surgery as the Recovery is fast and it is safe and permanent solution. Once the procedure is done then it doesn’t recur again and patients can resume their work after some days of rest. 

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Diagnosis /Test for Detecting Gynecomastia      

a. Biopsy  is  Done to rule out the possibility of breast cancer.

b. Mammogram  is a technique which uses X-rays to diagnose and locate abnormalities in breasts.

 Risk Factors

These are the conditions that look like Gynecomastia but it may be :

a. Breast Cancer 

b. Fatty breast issues ( Increase in fat deposition in the breast specially in obese person.

Two Gynecomastia Surgery Options are:

1. Liposuction This surgery removes breast fat.

Liposuction Pre- Surgery Post Surgery

This type of technique is used when gynecomastia is the main reason for the fatty tissue present. The doctor inserts a small cannula, a thin hollow tube through several small incisions made on the skin. The cannula is moved in a controlled motion to loosen the fat tissues

Two weeks before surgery, stop all aspirin-containing products, medications that contain blood thinners (Ibuprofen Motrin, Advil, etc.), vitamin E and herbal supplement .Quit smoking and nicotine use at least four weeks before surgery. Nicotine can impair and delay healing.

You might have to stay in the hospital for maybe 2 days to keep in check. Keep some comfortable shirts for wearing for a few weeks after the surgery. You should be taking rest at home for 8-20 days.


2. Mastectomy –  This type of surgery removes the breast gland tissue. The surgery is often done using only small incisions

Mastectomy(Excision) Combination Technique

This is the surgical procedure done mostly with several small incisions to remove the glandular breast tissue. The most common incision is intra-areolar incision, or Webster incision, which extends along the circumference of the bottom half of the areola in the pigmented portion.  It is done when fat tissue is less present.

This is the combination of mastectomy and liposuction when both fatty tissue and glandular tissue are prominent. The doctor decides how to carry out the procedure depending on your condition.

Surgery is the Only Permanent Solution and is Strongly Recommended by Doctors for Better Results


Starting Price Average Cost Highest Cost

New Delhi

30,000 35,000 40,000


40,000 45,000 50,000


40,000 45,000 50,000


40,000 45,000 50,000


40,000 50,000 60,000


40,000 45,000 50,000


40,000 45,000 50,000


40,000 45,000 50,000


30,000 35,000 40,000


40,000 45,000 50,000


30,000 35,000 40,000


30,000 35,000 40,000


30,000 35,000 40,000


40,000 45,000 50,000


40,000 45,000 50,000
Why Opting Gynecomastia Surgery for Men is Necessary

a. Recovery is fast

b. Removing their enlarged breast makes them more confident

c. Permanent solution

d. Scarless Procedure

e. No recurrence 

 Over 40% to 60% of men suffer from gynecomastia commonly referred to as “man boobs” and they opt for surgery for a safe and permanent solution to regain their confidence and get back in shape.

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