Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the breast in males mainly due to a proliferation of stromal tissue ducts and fatty tissue. Transient enlargement of the breast in males is seen in adolescent patients or infants as part of the normal stages of development.

Using VASER Liposuction for Gynecomastia

There have been refinements over the years in the management of gynecomastia using liposuction by introducing newer liposuction technologies. The two types of technologies include 

  • 1. PAL (Power-assisted liposuction) 
  • 2. UAL (ultrasound-assisted liposuction)

These technologies are increasing the trend of tissue removal capabilities by liposuction procedures alone. There are well-established reports that describe Ultrasound-assisted liposuction as a primary treatment for gynecomastia or breast enlargement. 

VASER-assisted liposuction is a newer form of UAL technology utilizing alternating ultrasonic energy, which many expert practitioners consider a safer option for treating fibrous skin tissues.

Glamyo Health provides the best and safest options for gynecomastia surgery. VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance), provided by Glamyo Health, is one of the most advanced innovations for the improved treatment of Gynecomastia surgery. 

VASER is done under appropriate anesthesia given to the patient in the presence of their relative or family member. In the procedure, a keyhole incision is made between the region of the arm and areola. A minute-sized VASER probe is inserted to send high-frequency waves of ultrasound through the layer of fat cells. This allows loosening of the adipose or fat cells, eventually breaking down to ease their removal using suction.

Experienced Surgeon

There is an intense need for experienced surgeons or doctors having expertise in their particular surgical domain, especially gynecomastia surgery. Therefore, for highly successful surgical procedures, an expert must have skills with VASER liposuction and excision procedures. Authorized medical professionals must have proper certification for gynecomastia surgery from the associated regulatory body.

Free Transportation

Free Transportation to and from the clinic or hospital on the scheduled Day of Surgery. Most often, in busy schedules, there is a dire need for assistance in providing travel facilities without hassle. Glamyo Health assists by giving free cab service on the scheduled day of surgery. 

Glamyo Health’s Care Buddy for assistance at Every Step

Assistance in any medical procedure is required by all age groups people. To ensure the hassle-free procedure is carried out from the beginning to the end of the surgical procedure, Glamyo Health provides care buddies. They will be responsible for all of the paperwork and care required, more likely for people of older age.

The assistance by Glamyo health care buddy is mainly in admission procedure, taking care of diagnostic tests and reports, certain pres surgical procedures, until the discharge. The care buddy is also responsible for providing a clean and well-equipped operating room. If there is medical surgery with health insurance, then all the paperwork is done by the insurance team provided by Gamyo Health.

Zero Cost EMI

At Glamyo Health, a no-cost EMI payment is available for high-cost cosmetic surgeries like gynecomastia. The options for no-cost financing are also available with cashless procedures and reimbursements in case the individual has been recommended to undergo gynecomastia surgery due to medical complications.

45 min Procedure

The fastest surgical procedure comes with the fastest and most advanced technology in terms of equipment and tools needed in the daycare surgical procedure for gynecomastia surgery. Glamyo Health uses VASER technology for the liposuction of adipose tissues or lipids that are present in excess amounts and getting accumulated over time. It takes just 45 minutes to get the gynecomastia surgery done. The method is best suited in terms of time-saving and minimizing the invasiveness of traditional procedures.

Go Home On The Same Day of Surgery

Discharge on the same day is the important and most feasible provision of Glamyo Health. Taking into consideration all those factors that are related to the busy schedules of people who want to get rid of the medical environment as soon as possible, it is great to get the surgery done in minutes and leave for home to get proper rest on the same day is the most important requirement fulfilled by Glamyo Health in today’s world.

Resume Work Within 2 days

People are mostly concerned about the disturbance in their daily schedules for medical reasons. Therefore, an opportunity that allows the daily activities to resume in a day or two is the need for an hour, as this is not advisable largely in any of the surgical procedures like gynecomastia surgery.

No Recurrence Guaranteed

Recurrence of any medical condition after its treatment is a major risk. Hence, it is also preferable and recommended by the doctors to opt for the surgical procedure, which has no chances of recurrence or almost nil chances. In the case of gynecomastia surgery, Glamyo Health has experts in the domain of cosmetic surgeries, especially gynecomastia, and advanced treatment options like VASER-assisted liposuction procedures to treat gynecomastia. Considering all of these advancements and the expertise of doctors, no recurrence of gynecomastia is guaranteed.

Precautions to be taken for COVID-19

Because of the pandemic and necessary measures to be taken on any hospital premises for the ultimate safety of the patients opting to undergo gynecomastia surgery, Glamyo Health has it all in its priority guidelines. Each Glamyo health clinic and associated hospital take adequate measures for the safety of the patients to prevent contracting any infectious diseases, nosocomial infections, and COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of gynecomastia surgery?

  • 1. Attractive Masculine Figure
  • 2. Alleviation in back pain
  • 3. Quick procedure
  • 4. Quick recovery
  • 5. Enhanced Self esteem and self-confidence 

Which medicine is best to treat gynecomastia?

Drugs like clomiphene, aromatase inhibitors, anastrozole (Arimidexdanazol), and Tamoxifen (Soltamox) are some of the best medicines used in acute cases with the variable success rate according to the individuals. However, taking these drugs may show adverse effects that may be intolerable for some people. Patients have grade I gynecomastia and grade IIa gynecomastia may get treatments like surgical excision and liposuction. 

Is gynecomastia surgery under medical insurance?

Generally, an individual cannot afford health insurance for surgeries mainly for aesthetic purposes like gynecomastia surgery. Therefore, the primary reason for excluding gynecomastia surgery is that it is mostly done as a cosmetic procedure. Eventually, most people seem to be ineligible to be covered under insurance as no medical concerns are associated with this condition.

Mostly the mediclaim policy has the domain for covering reconstructive surgeries and not cosmetic surgeries.

Which hospital is to be chosen for gynecomastia surgery?

Glamyo health and the associated experts in various health clinics and hospitals would be the best to choose from for gynecomastia surgery. 

Are the experienced surgeons good for gynecomastia surgery?

Yes, suppose the gynecomastia surgery is performed by highly skilled surgeons, especially those involved in the surgical treatment of gynecomastia. In that case, it is safest to reach the satisfactory aesthetic consequences of the surgery.

The best experts for treating gynecomastia by doing gynecomastia surgery are plastic surgeons.

How do I find an experienced gynecomastia surgeon?

An experienced team of interprofessional, including nurse practitioners and pharmacists, expert cosmetic surgeons can best manage gynecomastia. Glamyo Health provides ease in searching an experienced expert for gynecomastia surgery as the platforms have all the practitioners medically approved.

Competency and enhanced skill assessment are some of  the important aspects of any surgical procedure that rely on knowledgeable supervision of an experienced surgeon. Hence, reliable platform like Glamyo Health takes gurantee of finding an individual the best experienced cosmetic surgeon.

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