Stressed about resembling a female-like chest? Looking for a trusted Gynecomastia clinics in Pune? Do you have a humiliated outlook on having Male boobs? Quit stressing now! We at Glamyo Health are prepared to assist you with your Gynecomastia condition in Pune with the Treatment at the Best Gynecomastia Clinics in Pune.

Gynecomastia is characterised as the expanding or development of the chest tissues in men. The condition is chiefly caused because of the greater male oestrogen levels in the male body & due to some of the other elements that affects the male Chest. Glamyo Health is considered to be the best Gynecomastia Surgery in Pune with the most experienced plastic specialist for the Breast reduction in males.

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What Are the Grades of Gynecomastia?

Typically, Gynecomastia with part of fat as well as glandular tissue doesn’t get decreased by exercise and diet. With the liposuction and glandular evacuation treatment, it is a seriously effective choice for obtaining the best result. Prior to seeking the treatment for Gynecomastia in Pune, it is vital to be aware of the Grades of Gynecomastia.

Grade 1 – Puffy areolas
Grade 2 – Puffy areolas and overabundance fat
Grade 3 – Puffy areolas and abundance fat with extended overabundance skin
Grade 4 – Female like bosom Exercise and diet are not the most ideal answers for disposing of this Gynecomastia.

Our Gynecomastia clinics in Pune give you the best treatment for your extremely durable arrangement.

What is the Reason for Gynecomastia?

In view of ongoing examination, over 80% of the reasons for Gynecomastia are because of imbalanced chemical changes in the body. In all kinds of people, testosterone and estrogens control the improvement as well as keep up with the sex attributes. Testosterone, additionally called the male chemical, predominantly controls the male attributes that includes body hair, muscles, and numerous different parts. Whenever the male oestrogen level is high, then it makes a lopsidedness in the testosterone, which can bring about Gynecomastia. A few other medical issue liable for this are as per the following :

1. Kidney Failure
2. Hypogonadism
3. Cancers Hyperthyroidism
4. Hunger
5. Liver Failure

Why Opt for Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia is one of the circumstances in the male that should be treated for decreasing the size of their developing chest. Gynecomastia is typically impervious to activities, exercise, or diet. Fat eliminator or the prescriptions are likewise inadequate for Gynecomastia. Ayurveda or Homeopathy doesn’t give the legitimate answer for this ailment. This eventually prompts sorrow and reluctance in guys. The main response to this condition is a medical procedure from the best Gynecomastia clinics in Pune.

What is the expense of Gynecomastia Surgery in Pune?

The expense for the gynecomastia treatment chiefly differs from one individual to another in light of the seriousness and the sedation being selected – nearby or general. Glamyo Heath offers proficient assistance for the male bosom, a medical procedure in Pune with the best outcomes and at the best reasonable costs.

Gynecomastia Surgery Costs includes:

1. Medical clinic or Surgical Facility Costs
2. Sedation Fees
3. Specialist’s Fee ( as per his capability and experience)
4. Medicines cost
5. Post Followup cost
6. Type of Treatment
7. Location of the Hospital


Glamyo Health offers you a group of medical care advisors who help patients all through their careful excursion from booking an arrangement, emergency clinic confirmations, to release, and in any event, helping them out with the Insurance work. If you are seeking for a Quality treatment at the Best Gynecomastia clinics in Pune then Glamyo Health is your ideal spot to get rid of all your Health issues.

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