National Digital Health Mission (NDHM), an ambitious initiative to develop a digital health ecosystem in the country. The mission is a part of the government’s larger vision to provide universal health coverage to all citizens. Under the NDHM, every Indian citizen will be provided a health ID like adhar identity number that will contain their health records, including medical history, prescriptions, and test results. The health ID and the Aadhaar card’s unique identity number will be linked to each other, which is a unique identification number that is issued to all citizens in India.

The Indian government is aiming to digitize health records, making it easier for doctors and healthcare service teams to access and share patient data. The digital health ecosystem will also enable citizens to see their health records and avail health services online.

The NDHM will be implemented in phases, with the first phase focusing on creating the infrastructure for the digital health ecosystem. The second phase will involve the rollout of digital health services, such as e-prescriptions and telemedicine.

The NDHM is expected to have a significant impact on the healthcare sector in India. It is expected to improve access to healthcare services, especially for people living in rural and remote areas. The digital health ecosystem will also help to improve the quality of healthcare services by enabling doctors and healthcare providers to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date patient data.

The NDHM has been welcomed by health experts, who have long been calling for the digitization of health records in India. The initiative is also in line with the government’s broader vision of building a digital India and creating a modern, technology-driven economy.

However, there are also concerns about the security and privacy of health data, especially given the recent data breaches in other sectors. The government has assured citizens that it will take all necessary measures to ensure the security and privacy of health data. It has also said that citizens will have complete control over their health data and can choose who can access it.

Overall, the NDHM is a positive step towards creating a modern and efficient healthcare system in India. It has the potential to transform the healthcare sector and improve the lives of millions of people in the country.

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