FUE Hair Transplant is one of the methods of hair transplantation where doctors take out the hair follicles from the other parts of the body and embed them in the thinner part of the body or head where generally hair is less or absent. It is the most popular method, and most people prefer to opt for this method as this is a one-day treatment, and the person can go home after the procedure. This procedure is done by micro punches technique where hair follicles are extracted to place in another part of the body to remove the baldness. It can be done on the arms, legs, and even on the genitals area.

Fue Hair Transplant Cost

1.It depends upon the experience of the doctor and the number of hair follicles extracted from a particular area to harvest it to the bald area.

2. Generally, it costs about 10,500 INR per session, and approximately it will cost around 78,700 INR to 1 57,000 INR for 2000 grafts. As it is not covered by insurance policies, so you have to pay for this from your pocket and for the post medications also. 

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How Does a Fue Hair Transplant Work

As human beings, we have a procedure where it includes 3 phases hair grows continuously, and after some age, hair growth becomes slow, and at some point in time, it stops growing. So this does not need to apply to everyone as someone became bald early and someone became bald at half of their age or when they get old.

So in this procedure, doctors try to replace the old hair follicles with new hair follicles so that their hair will regrow, and after the transplant, new hair follicles start getting nourished by blood vessels and which facilitates the removal of the baldness.

Fue Hair Transplant Vs. Fut Hair Transplant

The question is how to distinguish FUT and FUE from each other and how they work and which method is most preferable. So both are done to restore our hair growth and make us feel confident, and develop our self-esteem. The procedures of both of them are different.

1.In FUT, a thin strip is removed to embed it in the less or bald area and will leave behind a linear scar on that area, but in FUE, new hair follicles are extracted to embed it in the transplanted area, and it only results in tiny white incisions that can be covered by hair easily.

2. Generally, FUT is a less time-consuming process, and FUE depends on individual choice as to how many hair follicles they want to embed in the transplanted area.

3. FUT is cheaper than FUE.

4. FUT requires stitches after the surgery, but FUE doesn’t require it.

5. Minor pain can be felt after FUT hair transplantation, but FUE is painless.

6. FUT Procedure takes a long time to recover as compared to the FUE procedure.

7. Both give natural results.

Procedure Of Fue Hair Transplant

Are you curious to know about the steps or procedures performed by surgeons or doctors during FUE surgery? So the steps are

  1. Firstly, they will shave the extracted and as well as the transplanted area to perform the procedure.
  2. And secondly, they will use a micro punch tool to remove the hair follicles.
  3. Thirdly, they will make a tiny incision on the transplanted area to place the extracted hair follicles there and insert the new hair follicles into those incisions.
  4. Lastly, they will clean and cover the area with a bandage for recovery.

Side Effects Of Fue Hair Transplant

  1. You may only see the tiny white scars after the transplant, and they may fade away by the time it is gone.
  2. You must visit a doctor if you see any of the symptoms that are
  3. Infections
  4. Pain and swelling around the surgical area
  5. Folliculitis
  6. Bleeding
  7. Numbness or sensation of tingling
  8. Baldness or thinness is showing after the transplant
  9. Drainage or crust found around the surgical area.

Before Fue Hair Transplant

You have to take care of yourself before the hair transplant and have to follow this

1.Quit smoking at least a day before surgery

2.Avoid drinking alchohol for a few days

3. Go for an electrocardiogram(ECG) and blood tests before this.

4. As suggested by doctors, take necessary medicines like minoxidil.

5. To increase the blood flow, do a scalp massage for 30 minutes for 1-2 weeks.

6. Don’t take any haircuts before FUE

7. Don’t take any vitamins, antidepressants, or aspirin before the surgery.

After Fue Hair Transplant

1. You may see your hair falling, but it is normal in the healing process, and it will stop after 3-4 months. You can’t expect thick hair as you have before, as it depends upon your hair follicles. 

2. You may feel discomfort or pain around the head for almost 3 days, but it may fade away if you follow aftercare instructions carefully as suggested by your doctor

3. Don’t take a shower or wash your hair for almost 3 days.

4. After 2-3 weeks, once you start washing your hair, use a gentle and mild shampoo.

5. Don’t go to work or else take some rest from your work at least for 2-3 weeks.

6. Don’t comb your new hair for at least 3 weeks.

7. Don’t cover your head with a hat or any cloth as it may make hindrance in the healing process.

8. Don’t make any movement like physical activities.

Fue Hair Transplant Results

1. Recovery is quick, and after an FUE hair transplant, you have to wait to see 100% results as it takes 9 to 12 months to show better results.2.

2. After 2-3 months, you can observe 10-20% of hair growth, and after time being pass, you can observe that there is 80% of hair growth in just 7-8 months.


If you are looking for hair transplant surgery, then you can freely connect with Glamyo Health. We provide our patients with expert guidance and free OPD consultation. We also provide a no-cost EMI or zero-interest rate option for making the procedure affordable for you. Not just that, we provide free pick and drop service, personalized care, and post-surgery follow-ups to ensure your well-being. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an FUE hair transplant last?

Most probably FUE hair transplant will last lifetime. The most important thing that should be kept in mind is that with hair transplants, the donor hair follicles carry their characteristics which further ensures healthy growth of hair. 

Will it be worth having FUE hair transplant?

Yes, definitely, an FUE hair transplant is worth it because this is a long-lasting and permanent treatment. Moreover, this is the only treatment for people trying to achieve natural hair growth. 

Is FUE hair transplant gives permanent results?

Yes, the movement of hair transplants is permanent, and there is no way of returning them to their previous position. 

Is FUE painful?

No, there will be no pain during the entire procedure, but the area that has been treated needs to be tender after this surgery. 

Can FUE hair transplant fail?

Hair transplant is a very safe and effective procedure for hair loss, and it provides positive results. However, in rare cases, the result may fail because of some complications.

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