Follicular unit extraction is abbreviated as FUE. This is a kind of hair transplant that involves removing individual hair follicles from your skin and relocating them to an area of your body where hair is thinner or lacking. This is a very common procedure and helpful especially for men suffering from thinning of hairs and baldness patterns. During this procedure, your surgeons may use micro punches for extracting single follicles and moving them to the affected areas leaving no signs of extractions. 

How Does an FUE Work?

During this procedure, individual follicles—usually between one and four hairs are extracted. You will be given local anesthesia. The follicles are extracted using a microsurgical extraction tool with a diameter of between 0.6mm and 1.0mm. We have expert surgeons who are skilled at inserting the grafts and blending the hair in at the density and angle so that it can match your original hair. At last, they make sure that the transplanted hair resembles a realistic and natural hair pattern. 

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You can undergo this procedure either in various small sessions or in one long session. It becomes very time-consuming if compared to strip surgery. FUE hair transplant does not leave any typical scars whereas the strip may leave some scars after the surgery.

An FUE procedure’s duration can differ, but it typically depends on the number of grafts required. A shorter treatment that just requires 200 grafts or less can be finished in a few hours. However, a more extensive surgery involving 2,500 to 3,000 grafts will call for a two-day session.

FUE Procedure 

FUE is a kind of hair transplantation where the implantation procedure is the same as FUT but the extraction procedure is different. With the use of specialized micro punches and local anesthesia, hair follicles are removed from the back of the head and implanted in the bald area using this sutureless technique of hair restoration.

Before starting the procedure or surgery, the whole donor area from the back of your head needs to be trimmed to 1-2mm in length. You will be lying on the operating table and local anesthesia will be given to you which will be diluted saline and will administer slowly to the donor area. Then the grafts are extracted with the help of 0.8 and 1mm from the donor’s area by using special microphones. 

Targeted Areas in Hair Transplantation

  • 1. Hair transplant treatment is majorly performed over your scalp.
  • 2. This treatment can also be done somewhere else in your body where hairs are thinning or lacking such as legs, arms, and pubic or genital areas.

Side Effects and Risks of FUE Hair Transplantation 

FUE surgery will not leave any scar you may just observe the tiny white dots in the area where follicles have been taken out which will fade away with time. However, if you observe the following side effects after the surgery then you must consult your doctor. 

  • 1. Swelling or pain near the surgery area.
  • 2. Bleeding from around the surgery area.
  • 3. Infection symptoms.
  • 4. Follicle swelling
  • 5. Transplanted hair that doesn’t look natural or in its original color.
  • 6. Thinning and balding continue even after the surgery.
  • 7. Tingling and numbness around the surgery area.
  • 8. Crust and drainage in the area where surgery was performed.

Preparation Before Hair Transplant 

The following are the things that you need to consider before undergoing the surgery. 

  • 1. Avoid drinking alcohol for at least three days before your hair transplantation.
  • 2. Avoid smoking for a day before undergoing the surgery.
  • 3. Avoid having any dietary supplements or vitamins before two weeks of your surgery.
  • 4. Do not cut your hair before your surgery.
  • 5. Avoid having antidepressants for two weeks of FUE hair transplantation.
  • 6. Take medicines prescribed by your surgeon.
  • 7. You must have your blood tests done before this procedure.
  • 8. It will be beneficial to massage your scalp for 10 to 30 minutes on regular basis for 2 or 3 weeks before the surgery as it will help in increasing your blood flow.

Expectations After the Hair Transplantation 

FUE procedure provides faster recovery but you may feel discomfort and swelling for almost three to four days after the surgery. The following are some instructions that your surgeon or doctor will prescribe you.

  • 1. Do not shower or wash your hair for three days after the surgery.
  • 2. Take proper rest for a few days from work for speeding up the healing process.
  • 3. Avoid doing physical activities for a week after your hair transplantation. 
  • 4. Avoid brushing and combing your hair for almost three weeks.
  • 5. Avoid using scented shampoos for a week when you start washing your hair.
  • 6. Do not wear beanies, hats, and any type of clothing which goes over your scalp or head.
  • 7. During the healing process, the falling of some hairs is normal. However, you will start observing differences after three months of the surgery.
  • 8. Your hair may not grow back as thick as it was earlier because of the health of your transplanted hair.

Advantages of Fue Hair Transplant

Less Discomfort

Compared to FUT treatments, FUE hair transplant surgery has much lower reported levels of discomfort. For FUE patients, outcomes are frequently excellent and problems are extremely rare. Most post-operative discomfort and side effects subside within a week.


This is another major benefit of this procedure because it offers high flexibility and affordability. This also helps in enabling your surgeons in extracting the number of follicles in one session and the price of the procedure will be based on the number of grafts required for gaining the required results. 

Faster Recovery

As it is a minimally invasive procedure, there is minimal downtime during this process. Most of the time, patients may get back to their normal activities after the day of the surgery. 

Advanced Technology

This procedure is majorly performed using automated technologies or devices which make the process easy and quicker which further helps in getting the desired outcome. The use of advanced technology makes the procedure less invasive. 

Virtually Undetectable Scarring

Compared to FUT, FUE does not entail linear scarring or stitches, which makes it difficult to heal the scars. Whereas some scars may be irrelevant to the harvesting technique, the appearance, and prominence of these types of scars can differ. 

Disadvantages of FUE Hair Transplantation

  • 1. It has a very less growth rate if compared to FUT because of high transsection.
  • 2. It is more expensive than FUT.
  • 3. In this procedure, you will have to shave the sides and back of your scalp or head for undergoing the surgery. 
  • 4. It has less lifetime in comparison to FUT.

Cost of FUE hair transplant in India 

The cost of an FUE hair transplant is between 15,000 to 2,02,500 INR. However, it depends on the number of grafts usually per graft unit will cost about 35 to 75 INR.  


If you are also looking for a hair transplant then you can feel free to connect with the Glamyo Health coordinator for a free OPD consultation. We also provide free pick-up and drop service if you are not able to reach the hospital. Not only this we also provide personalized care and post-surgery follow-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FUE hair transplant permanent?

Yes, the results from the FUE hair transplant procedure are permanent.

Is FUE the best hair transplant?

Yes, FUE is considered as best hair transplant surgery as it has many benefits. However, it has a few demerits also such as it may leave some visible scars and is more expensive than other methods.

Are FUE hair transplants worth it?

FUE procedure is as successful as the FUT procedure of hair transplant. The survival rate of grafts is about 90%.

Is FUE painful?

No, FUE is not painful during the procedure. However, the scalp areas which have been treated may tender after the completion of the surgery. 

How long does an FUE transplant last?

The results from the FUE method can last for a lifetime.

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