Frenuloplasty is a significant procedure that comes under urology and deals with the Frenulum. It treats the frenulum of different parts of the body such as the penis, part of the female genitalia, under the tongue and inside the lips. Here, we will focus on the Frenuloplasty penis area found in males. 

A frenulum is a small-sized fold of the prepuce which restricts or sets free the movement of the semi-mobile part of the human body. Frenulum can be discomforting at times and essentially needs to be treated. 

To obtain a healthy penis, along with other parts, a frenulum needs to be fully cured, this can be achieved through Frenuloplasty. 

What is Frenuloplasty? 

A Frenuloplasty is an operation procedure for the alteration of the frenulum. It is also called the release of the frenulum. It is conducted when the tissue lying underside of the penis and the tissue at the top most layer of the penis is affected. 

The most common indications or symptoms to deal with are experiencing bleeding, cut, torn skin or swelling of the foreskin around the penis area. In certain cases and with an expert doctor’s proper consultation one can undergo Frenuloplasty treatment. 

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Types of Frenuloplasty 

Essentially, two well-known types of Frenuloplasty are commonly done. These are namely Penile Frenuloplasty and oral frenuloplasty. 

  • 1. Penile Frenuloplasty or Frenuloplasty Penis. This type of frenuloplasty is done when you face pain or struggle while retracting prepuce or at the time of sex. To release the tightened tissue that is connected to the glans, this procedure has opted. This procedure is mainly conducted with a small-sized penis. 
  • 2. Oral Frenuloplasty: This is another popular type of frenuloplasty done when the frenulum between the tongue and lower mouth is tightened and is not in the movable condition. This is also called Frenuloplasty Tongue Procedure. 

Causes of Frenuloplasty

Frenuloplasty is called to action to expertly do the frenulum’s altercation in such a way that the patient is released of all the pain and the tight frenulum is released completely. Also, this tight foreskin is caused due to infections causes due to sexually transmitted infections (STs). 

Thus, a procedure specially designed for the operation of the penis area and its foreskin is insignificantly tightened and is creating a sensation of discomfort. 

Procedure of Frenuloplasty 

Frenuloplasty penis is a well-known medical treatment which is initially a certain type of circumcision where doctors majorly treat those who have a tightened frenulum. 

The procedure is followed by firstly giving local anaesthesia. This procedure is done in an operating room and takes an approximate time of 20 minutes to be fully treated. The surgeon will treat the penile frenulum by making a significant division and redoing the stitching. 

Frenuloplasty Benefits 

The reason why many men, especially uncircumcised men take up Frenuloplasty treatment is to lessen the pain generally and at the time of sex. Also, at the time of erection, it reduces the curvature in the penis which has been incorrect. 

Frenuloplasty is a significant treatment opted to recover the prepuce or the foreskin and makes the process of retraction hassle-free. 

Frenuloplasty Side Effects 

Once the Frenuloplasty procedure is done and the patient gets discharged there can be certain side effects of the surgery performed. 

The patient might feel less or no sensation at the top area of the penis, the penis might feel swollen for some days or in some cases bleeding from the cut made during the surgery, are some of the common side effects to be taken care of during the healing period. 

One must not worry because these side effects are just temporary and with proper precautions and care one can heal properly. Also, in case of no positive results, it is important to take a doctor’s consultation and go for circumcision surgery ( if advised). 

Risks of Frenuloplasty 

According to the recent updates and advancements in the field of frenuloplasty, penile frenuloplasty is considered a safer option in comparison to circumcision. 

Thus, the risk of frenuloplasty is very less as the patients who have already undergone this surgery are satisfied and happy with their treatment. 

Frenuloplasty Success Rate

Thus, fewer risk chances call for a good possibility of a high success rate of frenuloplasty surgery. The latest updates even certify that many patients who have gotten Frenuloplasty are happy and satisfied. 

Frenuloplasty Before and After 

Just like every other surgical process, it is essential to keep in mind that Frenuloplasty has its before and after effects. 

Though the surgery promises relief from frenulum pain and discomfort that they felt before the surgery, to have its safe after effect, patients must ensure to take proper guided precautionary measures. 

Frenuloplasty Infection 

Frenuloplasty is being surgical. procedure in itself needs to be taken precautionary care post-surgery to avoid any kind of infections. 

The patient must follow the proper home care and medications prescribed, not just for quick healing, but also to stay safe from getting the area infectious. 

You can take precautions like twice a day taking a proper bath and avoid touching the area treated.

Frenuloplasty Complications 

A few of the Frenuloplasty surgery common complications are as follows. 

  • 1. Reduced Sensation: the area around and the inner layer of the penis is very sensitive and consists of sensory nerves. Post-surgery, one immediate complication which might disturb the patients is reduced sensation. But, it is nothing to work about. In the healing time, it will also heal eventually. 
  • 2. Swollen penis: patients might often feel that there is a swelling surrounding or in the penis itself, this too will heal within a few days. 
  • 3. Sudden bleeding: Since the procedure of Frenuloplasty’s first step is to make a deep incision cut, this cut post-surgery might cause some complications, in such a case, the patient must contact his doctor immediately. 
  • 4. No positive result: Also, in some rare cases if the frenuloplasty surgery has not succeeded to bring positive results, a patient might have to undergo full circumcision surgery if advised by the respective doctor. 

Frenuloplasty scar 

It is necessary to note that since the frenuloplasty is done by making a deep cut to lengthen the frenulum and divide it. This can put an initial scar on the target spot. 

During this, after effect period sexual intercourse can bring complications, and immense pain and can cause splitting of the scar. So, it is advised that the patient remains distanced from such activities for at least 6 weeks.

Does Frenuloplasty Affect erection? 

In normal cases, the erection will continue to remain the same as it was before frenuloplasty surgery. But, ut is to be noted that immediate sexual intercourse post-surgery is not advisable, as it can lead to bigger complications. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Frenuloplasty necessary? 

It is to note that more often Frenuloplasty is necessary for uncircumcised men, those who can face severe discomfort due to the tightened prepuce. 

Also, in comparison to Circumcision which is a process of removing the prepuce, the procedure of frenuloplasty helps in the hassle-free release of tightness without causing any effect to the removal of the foreskin.

Is Frenuloplasty safe? 

Yes, Frenuloplasty is not only a safer option but is safer in comparison to circumcision. Recent updates have shown a higher success rate of Frenuloplasty and people are willing to get it done as well as suggest it to a close one.

Why do people get Frenuloplasty? 

People often go for Frenuloplasty treatment to get rid of the pain and discomfort caused due to tightness in the foreskin and difficulties faced during the time of sexual intercourse.

Is a Frenuloplasty painful? 

A surgical procedure can cause a certain amount of pain post-surgery, which is normal and temporary. In such conditions, stay calm and understand that any type of healing will take a few weeks to be cured completely. 

It is suggested that in case of post-frenuloplasty surgery pain one can intake mild or over-the-counter painkillers. Best to get fast relief.

Frenuloplasty Healing Time? 

Normally, Frenuloplasty post-healing takes approximately 2-3 weeks to completely get cured. For a few days, you might feel uneasy and the area around your penis might feel swollen. 

In certain cases, it is strictly advised to not touch the affected area for two days initially. Avoid bending, lifting heavy objects or sports. Also, oily or food that contains spice or chilly is a restriction for some time post-surgery.

Does frenuloplasty reduce sensitivity? 

In certain cases, it is experienced that Frenuloplasty might result in the reduction of sensitivity or erection strength. 

Before Frenuloplasty, the sensitivity of the frenulum is higher as it consists of a good variety of very sensory nerves. But, post-surgery, the patients might experience reduced sensitivity to the post effects after surgery.

Does a frenuloplasty work? 

Recent research has found that Frenuloplasty is significant and works wonders. It is a successful and safer option in comparison to circumcision.

When can I masturbate after a frenuloplasty? 

It is strictly advised to avoid sexual intercourse for at least a month post-surgery. Doing such activities can cause major complications or risks of a lifetime.

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