In the last few years, the sperm count of men is continuously decreasing. The reasons behind this may surprise you, especially men. Generally, men do not pay much attention to sperm health. Most men do not even have any idea that due to diet and lifestyle also their sperm count is low.

Why is the quality of sperm falling in men? Is this a big problem? Is the food we eat responsibly for low sperm count? Today we are going to give you the answers to all these things. Let us know which things have been reducing the sperm count in men, due to which most of the men have to face difficulties to become a father.

 Is low sperm count really a problem ?

 Low sperm count is really a big problem. It has been told in a study that in the last 38 years, the sperm count in men has decreased by 59 percent. Due to low sperm count, it also affects the fertility of men, due to which most couples have to face many difficulties in having children.

Why is sperm count decreasing? Is it because of our diet ?

 It is very difficult to find out what is the reason behind the low sperm count in men. Some people believe that working with a laptop on the lap reduces sperm count. At the same time, some experts also believe that when you…

Health experts say that there can be many reasons behind the low sperm count. What we consume in food is very important and because of this, we have to face many health problems. According to some studies, consuming certain things has a bad effect on the sperm. But some things also increase sperm count. Let’s know about all those things 

Processed Meat- It has been told in many such studies that consumption of processed meat increases the risk of many diseases. Processed meats include hot dogs, salami, beef, bacon, etc. Although these things are very good to eat but can prove to be very dangerous for health. It has been told in many studies that eating processed red meat reduces sperm count as well as reduces sperm movement.


Trans fat- Health experts believe that trans fat increases the risk of heart disease. In a Spanish study conducted in the year 2011, it was revealed that due to the high amount of trans fat in the body, the sperm count starts decreasing.


Soy products- Soy products contain phytoestrogens – estrogen-like compounds that come from plants. In a study conducted on 99 men at the Fertility Clinic in Boston, it was found that the consumption of soy products in high amounts reduces sperm count.


 High Fat Dairy Products- Milk may prove to be very beneficial for your body but you cannot include sperm in it. It has been revealed in a study that by consuming high-fat dairy products, there is a decrease in the movement of sperm in men and unevenness in the shape of the sperm.


These 3 things increase fertility and improve sperm health in men

Fish – Omega-3 fatty acids are found in high amounts in fish. In this case, you can consume fish instead of red or processed meat.


 Fruits and vegetables – A study conducted on 250 people at a fertility clinic found that those who consumed more fruits and vegetables, especially green vegetables and beans, were found to have good sperm quality. Also, there was an increase in sperm motility in these people compared to those who did not consume such things.


This is not surprising because everything from plants contains anti-oxidants such as co-enzyme Q10, vitamin C, and lycopene. These micronutrients are considered very beneficial for increasing the number of sperm.

Walnuts – In a study conducted in the year 2012, 117 men aged 21 to 35 years were included. All men were given approximately 18 walnuts to eat daily for 12 weeks. Researchers analyzed the sperm parameters of these men before and after the study. In research, an improvement in the sperm of men was seen while eating walnuts. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in walnuts. Omega 3 fatty acids improve blood circulation in the testicles, thereby increasing both the quantity and production of semen.


Do these things to improve sperm health

 Eat organic vegetables and wash them thoroughly before eating. Eat fish instead of processed meat. Minimize the consumption of fried and junk food. Don’t smoke cigarettes. If you are overweight, reduce it.

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