Breasts are the mammary glands in females, they can grow in extremely variable sizes. Though it is in trend to have large breasts but at times extra large breasts are a problem. More often women with large breasts experience pain in the neck, shoulder and back, feeling of heaviness, breathing problems, under- breasts rashes. The most disturbing is the limited stock of clothes that fit. To tackle these problems women want to reduce the breast size. One of the methods to reduce breast size is diet.

To reduce breast size you must know the exact substance which helps in the growth and development of breasts. Breasts are filled up with fats. Adipose tissue is a type of fatty tissue that makes up the breasts. If your diet has more fats than proteins and carbs then the extra fat will get deposited to different body organs, including breasts. Many people have a genetic composition that tends to store more fat in breasts as compared to other body parts. Hence, it is important to cut this fat out if you want to reduce the breast size. There are various methods to cut this breast fat, the most safest is through diet because it is non invasive. 

5 Foods to Reduce Breast Size

  1. 1. Green tea
  2. 2. Ginger
  3. 3. Flaxseed
  4. 4. Fenugreek
  5. 5. Egg whites

1. Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea, an antioxidant is the most essential remedy in losing weight, and when it comes to breast reduction, it is considered a wonder remedy. Green tea not only reduces the weight of the person but also it is a good metabolism booster. Well, people opt this tea to remain energetic throughout the day but when it comes to burning your calories, it is equally valuable.  

How to take it:

  1. 1. Boil the water 
  2. 2. Add green tea powder to 1 cup of hot water. 
  3. 3. Cover the lid and leave it to steep for 3-4 minutes. 
  4. 4. You can add sugar or honey to taste, if you want to have it sweet. 
  5. 5. Enjoy the lovely flavour thrice a day for effective results. 

2. Ginger


Ginger is a must- have in kitchen product, a key to almost all of the Indian cuisines. Ginger is also a stimulant of metabolism and a good source to cut fat. It can be consumed in various foods as well as drinks. People who want a fast weight loss and a boost in their metabolism must include this ginger in their nutritional schedule. 

Method of consumption

Most nutritionists explain the natural products to reduce breasts considerably but they do not talk about the procedure on how to consume these products and this is the key to the complete and effective remedy. In the case of ginger, you can not directly consume it. It is quite hard on the throat and it is always recommended to consume it in very small amounts and in diluted form. You can have this spice as a ginger honey syrup, ginger candy, in cooked food (while cooking or shredded over the plate for some dishes). The most easy and highly effective way to consume ginger is in the form of tea. Ginger tea, if consumed twice a day regularly is quite helpful in reducing the breast size and the overall weight and also in enhancing the immune system. 

3. Flax seed

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are the regulators of the hormone balance in the body. One of the most important factors that are responsible for increasing the breast size abnormally is hormonal imbalance. 

Flax seeds are rich in omega- 3 fatty acids. This fatty acid is essential in regulating the level of estrogens in a woman’s body, leading to a normal breast size. Other foods that can normalise the oestrogen levels in the body and are high in fatty acids are fishes like Tuna and salmon. They are not just there to help in balancing your hormones but also to regulate the digestive processes of the body. 

4. Fenugreek


Natural reduction of breast size can also be achieved using fenugreek seeds water. Consumption of fenugreek seeds in food, or with water daily will help you get your breast firmer and to make the skin tone smoother. People often get larger breasts due to sagging. The fenugreek seeds will help to prevent sagging of your breasts and ultimately your breasts will look firmer. 

5. Egg Whites

Egg whites

One of the methods to reduce breast size is by application of egg whites over your breasts for half an hour. After it dries off, you can wash it using lukewarm water. This  method not only helps in making the breasts firmer and look smaller but also it gives a beautiful skin tone to your breasts. 

Often our breasts look larger than they really are, just because they are saggy and off tone. So in this case, people need to focus on the skin tone of the breasts and the firmness. It is easily achieved through egg white masks.  The best part is you can prepare this mask at home by yourself. 

Method of egg white masks preparation: 

  1. 1. Take two eggs and carefully separate the egg whites from yolk.
  2. 2. Beat the egg whites in a bowl to make a lathery form out of it. 
  3. 3. Apply this mask gently over your breasts in a circular motion and let it dry.
  4. 4. After half an hour you can rinse it off with lukewarm water. 
  5. 5. Wipe them off well and maintain them clean and dry.

Though we can reduce the breast size  through diet, but not significantly and it is really a time taking procedure. If you really want to get off the heavy weight of these breasts in no time you can opt alternative methods to do so. They are quick and highly effective. Most people call that a day stand in which the laser technology is used to remove the extra tissues in breasts and to maintain the breasts in a good shape. 

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