Suffering from Piles? Need immediate actions or want to step forward towards curing the condition naturally? Well, what if you suddenly change your diet? May it be foods to eat or foods to avoid, can bring the best relief from either getting it worse or preventing it from occurring. Here, let’s specifically learn foods to avoid.

A list of foods strictly needs to be avoided in piles 

Any kind of Alcohol

Having alcohol is worse for every part of the body. If experiencing symptoms of piles, one must avoid drinking even a small amount of alcohol.

Certain Unripe Fruits

Those specific fruits that are taken out before getting properly ripe can cause indigestion to the stomach and give pain and severe constipation to the stomach. 

High sugar or salt content

Anything that has been consumed in an excessive amount such as added sugar or salt to regular meals can unknowingly result in piles. 

Supplementary medications

Not always necessary that a medication you take is safe. Safety completely depends on the condition of an individual. 

It is already if the medication is taken after a doctor’s consultation. But, if the medication is taken excessively it can result in ailments such as piles. 

The fibre in excess amount

Though, fibre is an essential agent in preventing piles, in cases where the fibre content is excess in amount, it can rather become the cause of developing piles or haemorrhoids. 

  • 1. Processed foods These days, packed or frozen foods have become very commonly used in the market. These foods are fine when used in limited amounts and on an urgent basis, but using them regularly or replacing them completely with fresh meals can lead to health complications. 
  • 2. Spicy foods Foods that are excessively spicy can give many gastric or abdomen-related complications. So, especially in the case of piles, avoid having spicy foods.
  • 3. Fried food items These days fried foods are becoming more popular due to their taste, but their oily content is harmful to the health condition. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which fruits can make the piles’ condition worse? 

The most common cause of Piles is excessive pressure or force put during passing stools. This strain is the result of feeling constipated or having had stools. 

Thus, some fruits like unripe bananas or other unripe fruits can have the reverse effect and instead of making the stools softer, can harden them. So, avoiding it can keep the condition in control.

Is curd a good choice for Piles? 

Curd, in general, or specifically for Piles has an amazing impact on improving the health condition of a person. If suffering from piles or wish to prevent it from happening, adding curd and other relatable healthier products to your daily meals result in boosting your immunity and its contents help in fighting various ailments, especially those related to the stomach.

Can one get cured permanently from piles? 

Home remedies can take a little longer than expected time but can successfully bring safety from worsening the condition of piles. Though, complete curing depends on the condition to condition. But, through some medications or self-care one can certainly keep it in control.

Best treatment option for Piles? 

Every person can have a different level. of piles. Some can have mild symptoms, others can have a worse level of developed piles. Thus, the treatments suitable for different complications can differ too. 

A doctor can be a tight guide after a proper diagnosis. Some of the common treatments can include high fibre in your diet, having regular sitz baths at home, and using over-the-counter medicines or emergency painkillers for instant relief.

What is the major cause of Piles? 

Piles can majorly occur due to prolonged constipation. The condition of constipation is very common in many cases, thus its effect on the overall health can be seen many times. If experiencing any stomach issues, constipation can occur. So, during this time avoiding foods that cause constipation is important to prevent piles.

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