Food to avoid in piles is a significant contributor to dealing with Piles. Are you not sure of what needs to be avoided with piles? Or you simply want to modify your diet by filtering out everything that can cause piles or at least risk it. 

Well, let’s dive deep to get rid of the major food items that trigger piles further. No matter if the person has piles yet or not. Keeping these foods out of the daily diet can do wonders. 

Types of food to avoid in piles

Foods are an essential part of deciding one’s health and helping the person live a life filled with good moments. One can find a food lover in every other person these days. 

But, are these foods healthy? What you intake certainly decides the health condition of your inner body and all the body parts. Have you given it a thought? Are you eating right? Following is a short list of major food and liquid items that significantly needs to be avoided. 

Piles Cure in 30 Min

Given are 5 food to avoid in piles

Dairy products

First come dairy-based products. One must restrict or even completely avoid dairy products like milk, cheese and ice creams. 

These simply have low fiber content which is unhealthy, especially for those with constipation and piles. Getting healthy and getting rid of all that creates triggers your health in any way. 

Deep-fried foods

The essential thing to note is that these deep-fried foods are made by taking in a lot of oil. It has a lesser amount of fiber and nutrients, it has excessive fats and salt content. 

Thus, it is unhealthy for the body and triggers many parts of the body. Especially causing harm to the stomach. Most importantly, this triggers stools by making them hard and constipated. 

Spicy Foods

Another well-known ingredient that needs to be fully avoided while dealing with piles. These foods trigger by weakening the stomach and lowering the inbuilt ability to digest food. 

It affects the smooth passing of stools, because of which a person has to put pressure, resulting in causing constipation and a burning sensation in the anus region. 

Packed or processed foods

These foods have become more popular these days, especially for those who are often travelling or are away from home. 

But, invisible to the eyes, these foods are processed in different ways that eliminate many fiber content and nutritions from it and for longer durability while packaging these foods have been added with certain preservatives. 

Unripe fruits

Sometimes, it becomes hard to know if the fruit you are eating is taken out after it has properly ripened or not. But, neglecting to check for it can lead to complications in having good health. 

Before intaking a fruit, be sure that it is properly ripened, and avoid those which are unripe. Protect your health by taking conscious actions. 

Given are 4 Liquid items to avoid in piles


An addictive habit of drinking alcohol has continuously caused many people to develop one or the other ailment. Thus, get rid of this habit immediately. Especially if dealing with piles, a complete cut-off from alcohol brings ease and fast recovery.

Coffee and Tea

Caffeine intake in any form is harmful to health. It simply increases dehydration which weakens the gut health and natural strength of the body. It makes the stool dry and causes constipation. 

Sugary or salty drinks

Avoid liquid items that contain excessive amounts of sugar content or salt content. Anything that is out of balance can trigger health, especially in the digestive system. 

Protect your abdomen by keeping these two major ingredients in balance or even adding them to your meals in a minimum amount during Piles recovery is done properly. 

Drinking Milk

Another liquid that needs to be avoided in piles is Milk. This is because it consists of low fat and makes stools hard, resulting in increasing the risk of piles. 

Whereas in other cases, it is considered to be a good source of minerals and vitamins, here avoiding it and other dairy products are equally important. 

Foods advantages and disadvantages 

Some foods with advantages and some with disadvantages are

Advantages of fruit in piles

Having fruits gives a lot of richness and benefits by strongly fighting from Piles. This is done by controlling the occurrence of swelling or bleeding and it contains some healthy compounds such as flavonoids and insoluble fibers. Thus, from being a source of water to the ultimate source of fibers, it gives high health benefits. 

Disadvantages of milk in piles

Milk is dairy products and any or all dairy products are high risk or directly trigger the health of a person who is dealing with piles. Eliminate dairy products and use some alternatives of it to balance out the condition. 

When to see a doctor?

Certain signs can guide you and warn you of reaching out to the doctor for consultation, diagnosis and treatment if they suggest. If a person is experiencing any of these signs, get in touch with your doctor as soonest as possible. 

Having chronic constipation

When the condition of stools happens to be hard and dry repetitively and it means that the person has to put intense pressure or force oneself. Get it checked with the doctor. As it can be an evident sign of Piles. 

The pain you feel is severe or intense

Another reason to get in touch with your doctor is if to have unbearable pain. When no home remedies are available to resolve it consult the doctor for an accurate diagnosis. 

Having blood in your stool

A major sign is certainly experiencing blood while clearly out of the stool. If spot blood comes out, this is an urgent need to stop this severe condition from causing further complications or infection. 

Heavy stomach due to chronic constipation

If experiencing bloated, filled or heavy stomach. This is a sign that something is certainly not healthy and needs a quick check-up with the doctor. Through this, the person can certainly save their health from getting worse. 

Nausea or vomiting

If due for any reason, your throat feels full, experiencing nausea or vomiting, get yourself checked with the doctor, especially if it repetitively occurs and weakens the body. 

Intense pressure or strain while passing stools

This is an ultimate symptom of Piles. If the focus is required again and again to regulate your bowel movement and no matter how hard the person tries, if the condition doesn’t improve naturally, visit the doctor to understand the severity of it and take the necessary steps. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are bananas good piles?

Bananas in most cases are considered healthy food to reduce the risk or symptoms of piles. Its components, starch and pectin are ideal to boost health and make it better, cure piles and calm the digestive system. 

Thus, may it be a piles patient or may it be anyone else, adding bananas to your daily diet can keep you upright with good health and prevent your digestive system from attracting various ailments. 

Q. Which fruit is best for piles?

Some of the best and most effective fruits to improve the condition of piles are apples, Kiwi, Bananas, Raspberries, Pears and Prunes. Adding any, two or more such fruits to your health can enhance your overall health and help you get rid of piles.

Q. Is Egg good for piles?

Having Eggs while dealing with piles is beneficial. The main cause of piles as we are aware is chronic constipation which results in excessive levels of pressure that are put on the stomach. 

It is when the stools are dried up and become hard deposits. Thus, adding eggs to your diet can result in regulating the hard deposits and improve bowel movement by making stools smooth. 

Q. Can we have milk in piles?

Piles can only be cured when a person strictly avoids low-fibre foods. These foods especially include milk, ice cream and other dairy products. 

Dairy products are believed to trigger and cause more complications to the health of those who either have some symptoms of piles or are already having prolonged piles condition. 

Q. Is curd good for piles?

Curd is popularly known to boost and improve the overall health condition of a person by bringing better gut health and immune health. This helps in fighting away the inflammation, diarrhoea or any other infections. 

Natural medicine that has a good taste and can be added to daily meals. Easily paired with other healthy foods. A bowl full of fresh curd is all that needs to fight piles as well as other health ailments. 

Q. What should not be eaten in piles?

When living with Piles, some of the foods to avoid are deep-fried foods, spicy foods, unripe fruits, processed foods, packed foods and dairy products. 

These can trigger and complicate one’s health by targeting one body part or the whole body. Keep yourself away from these unhealthy foods. Also, equally, add some healthier alternatives in its place.

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