The Fistula treatment cost in Madurai relies on various factors and ranges from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 1,10,000 in Madurai.

1. Least Fistula treatment cost in Madurai begins from Rs.35,000

2. Normal Fistula treatment cost in Madurai is around Rs.50,000

3. Greatest Fistula treatment cost in Madurai depends on Rs. 1,10,000

About Fistula:

Unusual association between two sections like veins, two organs, and digestive tracts is known as a fistula. There are many explanations behind Fistula like injury, aggravation, present since birth, and disease

Symptoms of Fistula:

1. Urinary issues like Painful pee

2. Fever

3. Blood in the stool

4. Pain and bothering in lower mid-region

5. Weight reduction

6. Exhaustion and queasiness

Reasons for Fistula

Various sorts of Fistula can have different reasons, however a portion of the main sources are:

1. Injury

2. Contamination

3. Medical procedure

4. Inborn Fistula

5. Aggravation


The initial step of the conclusion of Fistula is an actual assessment and clinical history. Actual assessment helps in deciding the reason and seriousness of the condition.

A. CT check: Doctors play out a CT sweep to be familiar with the Fistula and where it is arranged. Be that as it may, this strategy doesn’t give good outcomes since it doesn’t give clear pictures of delicate tissue.

B. Upper or lower Endoscopy: The cycle utilises the camera (endoscope) to see the issues in the intestinal system. The strategy includes utilising a flimsy and adaptable cylinder with a camera joined to it.

C. X-Ray: crafted by the X-beam is to give a reasonable picture of inside body parts, which finds the Fistula and its condition.

D. Fistulogram: Fistulogram includes the most common way of utilising colour alongside x-beam to get clear pictures.

Fistula Surgery

1. Specialists perform fistula medical procedures when the patient is under broad sedation and can’t feel any pain.

2. The specialist makes a cut to gain admittance to the Fistula and scour out its substance. The unusual hole between the two organs gets open up during the method. The cycle is called fistulotomy. Presently the specialist shuts the entry point with an activity string, and the cut recovers naturally with time. Fistulotomy is extremely compelling for the Fistula just when the Fistula is little. Assuming the Fistula has spread into sphincter muscles, the seton procedure works all things considered.

3. The Seton strategy includes leaving a careful string inside the Fistula for a couple of months to empty out the discharge. The reason for the seton strategy is to mend Fistula and keep sphincter muscles in one piece. The other method for Fistula, where the specialists take out Fistula and cover the inward cut with the tissue which comes from the patient’s rectum, this interaction is known as a fold methodology to address Fistula.

Post Operative Care at Home

1.  The recovery from fistula medical procedure requires one to two months. Legitimate consideration

2. Standard examination is required to monitor the recovery and further tests are required.

3. For the initial not many weeks, just straightforward exercises are permitted.

4. Work out, running, bouncing, and sports is permitted after nearly 12 months of the medical procedure.

5. Track your progress consistently.

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