Sphincterotomy is the medical word for fissure surgery. This is a highly prevalent medical problem among young people. Women who have just given birth also might be affected by this issue. Infants exhibit signs of anal fissures, normally treated with appropriate treatment. Surgical therapy should be the final resort when all prescription medications and creams fail to provide a beneficial outcome. The fissure surgery cost may vary in different cities. This article will help you understand the cost and expenses included in Sphincterotomy.

Laser Anal Fissure Treatment Cost in India

Laser therapy for fissures is often performed on patients using general anesthesia and can alleviate pain and lessen strain during movements. Because of its benefits over conventional open surgery, laser therapy for fissures is in increasing demand. However, the fissure operation cost varies with the patient’s situation and the locations you select for the treatments. Some of the advantages of laser for fissures include:

  • 1. There is no discomfort.
  • 2. There is no bleeding.
  • 3. Quick recovery within 1 day.
  • 4. There are no cuts or stitches.
  • 5. Return home the same day
  • 6. No more fissures.
  • 7. Infection risk is low.

Surgeons employ improved laser techniques to address anal fissures in laser fissure surgery. The laser fiber’s high-intensity light rays are directed toward the skin surrounding the fissure. These rays aid in the excision of the anal fissure while sparing the muscles in the anal sphincter.

In India, the lowest laser fissure surgery cost is around Rs. 35,000 and the maximum price of laser fissure surgery is about Rs. 1,10,000. However, the prices may differ depending on your medical condition, choice of hospital, facilities you’ll require, and also depends on cities or location. 

Anal Sphincterotomy Surgery Cost in India

Sphincterectomy is a procedure that is widely used to cure anal fissures. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia. It is cut in this procedure to release the sphincter muscle (which relaxes and compresses the anus when passing stool). This reduces overstretching of the anal mucosa during passing stool, allowing the anal fissure to recover. The injured anal mucosa around the wound is surgically removed. Several factors determine the cost of Anal Fissure Surgery. Sphincterotomy can also be referred to as lateral internal Sphincterotomy.

  • 1. In India, the minimal cost of anal Sphincterotomy is Rs. 30,000.
  • 2. The Average estimation of sphincterotomy fissure operation cost is Rs.55,000.
  • 3. In India, the highest cost of anal Sphincterotomy is Rs. 80,000.

So, these were the estimated price ranges of Sphincterectomy procedures in most Indian cities. Fissure procedures are often moderate, with a few weeks of recovery time. Moreover, preventing constipation by eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated will surely keep it at bay.

Open Fissure Surgery Cost in India

The overlying skin surrounding the anal fissure is excised during open fissure surgery. Additionally, if there are any presence of skin tags or lumps, they will be removed in this procedure. This surgical treatment is among the most ancient methods of treating anal fissures.

  • 1. Open fissure surgery in India might cost as little as Rs. 33,000.
  • 2. The average open fissure surgery cost is around Rs. 71,000.
  • 3. The highest price of an open fissure operation is Rs. 100,000.

Laser Fissure Surgery Vs. Open Fissure Surgery

Because of the advantages of laser surgery over other fissure surgical treatments, many physicians advocate it. A few of the pros of laser fissure surgery include:

  • 1. Low invasiveness
  • 2. No possibility of scar development.
  • 3. Recurrence risk is lower when compared to open fissure surgery.
  • 4. There is less bleeding than with open surgery.
  • 5. Rapid recovery
  • 6. There were no life-endangering post-surgical consequences.

A table comparing laser and open fissure surgery is shown below.

Basis of Differentiation

Open Fissure Surgery

Laser Fissure Surgery


High Chances

No or Minimal Chances

Time Taken

30 to 45 Minutes

15 to 30 Minutes

Chances of Blood Loss


Very Low

Recovery Time


Fast and Rapid Recovery

Following up with the Normal Routines

1 to 2 weeks is necessary for resting before starting your normal routine.

Only 1 or 2 days is required. After that, you can get back to your normal schedule.


Needs hospitalization.

Mostly, there is no need for hospitalizations.

Possibilities of Infections


Very Low or No Chance of Infections.

Success Rates




Furthermore, consult your doctor to learn more about each form of anal fissure surgery, such as its pros, downsides, dangers, post-surgical issues, etc.

Factors affecting the cost of anal fissure surgery in India

In India, the fissure surgery cost varies from person to person due to factors such as:

Cost of diagnostic tests

Anoscopy, digital rectal exam, colonoscopy, proctoscopy, and other diagnostic techniques are utilized to identify anal fissures appropriately. These testing of fissure treatment costs varies and might have little influence on the final fissure surgery cost.

The amount to be paid for pre-and post-operative medications

Antibiotics, steroids, glyceryl trinitrate, laxatives, stool softeners, and local anesthetics can all be used before and after surgery to improve the result. The cost of such medications may exceed the fissure surgery cost.

Additional factors that might affect the price of anal fissure surgery in India include anesthesiologist fees, the seriousness of the anal fissure, before and post-surgical check-ups and appointments, transportation expenses from and to the hospital, etc.

Doctor’s or Surgeon’s Fee

Skilled and experienced fissure physicians may charge you a higher consulting price than physicians with fewer years of expertise. As a result, the more the doctor’s expertise, the greater their consultation cost.

Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy Experience

A lateral internal sphincterotomy is a surgical procedure to cure an anal fissure. It relieves the pressure within the anus, which can induce spasms, and promotes blood circulation to the region, which aids in tissue healing.

  • 1. Expectations

A lateral internal sphincterotomy is a quick procedure that takes around 30 minutes. You can mostly expect to return to your home on the same day as the surgery. Throughout surgery, you might be awake or sleeping. If you’re conscious, the doctor will probably give you medication to calm you. During the surgery, the surgeon will insert a scope, or illuminated tube, into the anus to gain a better image of your injuries. It is the delicate tiny ring of muscles that regulates the anus. Little medical instruments are being used to sever the internal wall of the anal sphincter.

  • 2. Following Surgery

Many patients will experience pain relief within a few days to weeks of operation. You can resume your regular things and employment in a week or two. Here are some suggestions about how to care for yourself following the procedure:

  • 1. Get lots of sleep.
  • 2. Take short daily walks to reduce constipation and enhance blood flow.
  • 3. Drink lots of drinks and consume fiber to avoid restroom discomfort.
  • 4. When using the toilet, place a little footstool beneath your feet to help you squat.
  • 5. To promote healing, take numerous brief sitz baths during the day.
  • 6. Instead of using toilet tissue that can be unpleasant, consider using medicated wipes or baby wipes to thoroughly clean.

Pooping might be difficult during the first few days, although it is usually less uncomfortable than before the surgery. Initially, you may detect little quantities of blood on the toilet paper. This is quite normal. The injury may take around six weeks to recover completely.

Sphincterotomy Side Effects

A lateral internal sphincterotomy is a straightforward and extensively used operation that is extremely productive in curing anal fissures. It is unusual for any adverse effects to arise after surgery. However, they do arise in an exceedingly rare incidence.

It is common for patients to have modest fecal incontinence and trouble regulating flatulence in the weeks following surgery. This adverse effect normally goes away when your anus heals, although it has been reported in certain cases to be chronic. You may have bleeding throughout the procedure, which will normally need sutures. A perianal abscess is also conceivable. However, this is frequently linked with an anal fistula.

Sphincterotomy Recovery Time

The sphincterotomy recovery time is nearly four to six weeks to recover. However, most individuals can continue normal activities, like getting to work, after a week or two weeks following the procedure.

Pain After Sphincterotomy Surgery

Most individuals are concerned about their bowel movements after an operation. Most patients explain that their discomfort from their anal fissure before the operation has gone away within several days of getting the Sphincterotomy. Although some pain is common at first, the discomfort is generally lower than before the procedure. During the first few days or weeks, observing little blood after a bowel movement is common.


The fissure surgery cost varies per patient and is susceptible to alter dependent on the conditions and factors mentioned in this article. All the fissure treatment costs shown in this article should only be used as a suggestion. This is not intended to reflect the final or precise cost of fissure surgery. Fissure surgery is based on various factors; feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sphincterotomy a major surgery?

No, a sphincterotomy is a sort of minor surgery, and the doctor will guide you to prepare accordingly. It may be required to cease consuming from the night before the surgery for general anesthesia.

How painful is a sphincterotomy?

Sphincterotomies are surgical procedures that are less traumatic than that of the fissure itself. This operation generates minor discomfort and decreases stress and swelling caused by fissures.

How long does it take to recover from Sphincterotomy?

The recovery period after a sphincterotomy is approximately four to six weeks. However, most people may resume typical activities, like going to work, within a week or two.

Is a sphincterotomy permanent?

Indeed, a sphincterotomy is a permanent procedure. It is an operation to relax the muscles of the anus sphincter completely.

What is the cost of laser surgery for fissures in India?

Laser fissure surgery cost ranges between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 1,10,000 in India.

Which surgery is best for fissures?

Doctors generally advise conducting a lateral internal Sphincterotomy, which entails removing a tiny piece of the muscles of the anal sphincter to relieve spasms and discomfort and encourage recovery.

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