The female clitoris is among the essential female reproductive structures for sexual pleasure. Therefore, it can also be called the pleasure center in females. It is on the topmost of the vulva as a tiny portion of flesh. It has a huge network of nerves and connective tissues, with some of its portions located inside the body and some located outside as visible structures that can be stimulated for sexual pleasure.

How to Stimulate the Female Clitoris? 

Stimulating the female clitoris help in the sexual arousal of females. Female clitoral stimulation lead to amplify the sexual tension and feeling until the female gets her orgasm or climax. Even if a female does not have the climax, the stimulation and sensations give the female a good feeling. There are various ways by which the female clitoris can be stimulated. Some of the ways are as follows:

  • 1. Using hands, fingers, or sex toys and sliding the clitoris or clitoral hood up, down, forward, or backward motion causes stimulation of the female clitoris.
  • 2. Tapping on the female clitoris and clitoral hood gently helps build the orgasm, and tapping can be done more speedily to reach the orgasm.
  • 3. Straddling the pillow with the pelvis in the position that grinds it to the appropriate spot help stimulate the female clitoris. This does not require taking off the clothing.
  • 4. Use two fingers of the hand and stimulate the female clitoris by making a peace sign. Gently pinch off the female clitoris and hood with the two fingers tugging the site upward and downward. Also, try sliding the fingers back and forth on the clit. The procedure is called peace pinching.
  • 5. Orbiting the female clitoris with a finger in slow circular motion touching the female clitoris and clitoral hood along with the labia. 

Ways to stimulate partner’s clitoris: 

  • 1. Ask the partner to guide them to the pleasure point, which is the female clitoris, and putting gentle pressure on it will eventually help stimulate the female clitoris. 
  • 2. Trying positions that give space to stimulate the female clitoris, like missionary and amazon sex positions, and getting handy on such positions are good.
  • 3. Putting pillow or blanket in such an artful manner that it is beneath the pubic bone and then allowing humping of the prop with subsequent penetration (or licking ) by the partner from behind.
  • 4. Riding and gliding in a reclined position with an addition of lubrication by the partner to reduce friction and enhance female clitoris stimulation. These acts enhance gliding pleasure and increase female clitoris stimulation.
  • 5. Riding in the reverse position allows the partner to straddle you and allow the partner to provide penetration and thrust along with rubbing activity to the nub or female clitoris to stimulate it alongside. A proper angle between the hips and clit makes the female clitoris stimulation possible when both partners have the clit.
  • 6. Riding of partner on the thigh along with penetrative act also works well in the female clitoris stimulation.
  • 7. Gentle circular motion using the tongue or an air suction toy on the female clitoris or clitoral hood enhances the stimulation. This works best when used with lube.

Anatomy of Female clitoris  

The anatomy of the female clitoris describes the body’s structure for identification. These structures are studied by dissection and gradual observation. The female clitoris has various components; some are present inside the body, and some can be observed externally.  

Among the various components, they are mostly beneath the skin and comprise the following: 

  • 1. External glans
  • 2. Clitoral hood
  • 3. Internal body
  • 4. Root
  • 5. Crura
  • 6. Bulbs

The overall size of the female clitoris is between 9-11 cm.

Glans clitoris – 

It is the minute nub present above the urethral opening with numerous nerve endings. This is present externally covered by the hood of the clitoris (formed as a result of upper labia fusion). 

Clitoral hood – 

A type of skin fold meant to protect the clitoris. The clitoral hood becomes retracted when the female clitoris is swelled or blood engorged due to sexual arousal. 

Clitoral body

The female clitoral body is present internally. The portion of the female clitoris is projected upward in the pelvic region connecting the glans. It is suspended or attached via ligaments to the pubic bone.

Corpora cavernosa – 

Paired corpora cavernosa becomes erect when females are sexually aroused by female clitoris stimulation.

Paired crura – 

Branching of the clitoral body leads to forming two legs or appendages called crura. These appendages straddle the vaginal canal and urethra, becoming swelled or blood engorged due to female clitoris stimulation and arousal.

Vestibular bulbs – 

A heart-shaped body with a vaginal canal and urethra at the heart’s cleavage is termed the vestibular bulbs. The upside-down vestibular bulbs reach through the vagina and urethra toward the anal opening. The tissues of vestibular bulbs swell on stimulating the female clitoris.

Causes of infection in female clitoris 

Infections in the female clitoris may occur due to following reasons: 

  • 1. Microbial growth (bacterial, yeast, fungus) 
  • 2. Unhygienic conditions
  • 3. Use of certain perfumes 
  • 4. Vaginal sprays 
  • 5. Allergy to soaps or detergents 
  • 6. Chemicals in Fabric softeners
  • 7. Wearing tight-fit clothes

The female clitoris of the female reproductive system

The female clitoris (an organ homologous or similar structure to the glans penis present in males). The female clitoris is one of the sex organs present in the reproductive system of females with enhanced sensuality. 

Location of the female clitoris 

The female clitoris is located centrally, attached to the urethra and vagina. 

Functions of the female clitoris

The female clitoris serves the function of one of the most sensory organs in females. On sexual arousal, the female clitoris becomes swelled with blood engorgement.  

The female clitoris enables human females to experience pleasure in the sexual act.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PGAD, and how is it triggered in females?

PGAD, or Persistent genital arousal disorder, is a phenomenon wherein afflicted women get spontaneous arousal of genitals or intimate parts that does not get resolved by climax or orgasms. Nonsexual or sexual stimuli can trigger such spontaneous arousal, eliciting fatigue and stress.

PGAD is caused by compressing or pinching a specific type of nerve (called pudendal nerve) that causes feelings and enhanced sensation in the genitals. Another reason for PGAD is priapism in the clitoris that causes it to stay erect, stimulated, or engorged for an abnormally long time.  

What is female Orgasmic dysfunction?

Orgasmic dysfunction in females defines the inability to attain climax or orgasm. Trouble reaching the climax after sexual excitation also comes under female Orgasmic dysfunction. There are chances of recurrence of the dysfunction of orgasm that persists for more than ‘normal’ sexual excitement.

Why does my clitoris always feel stimulated?

The female clitoris may feel stimulated by RGS (restless genital syndrome). It is defined by persistent genital sensation, especially clitoral arousal, without any desire for sex and intimacy.  

How do I get rid of PGAD (Persistent genital arousal disorder)? 

PGAD (Persistent genital arousal disorder) can be treated through different methods and medications depending on its cause:

Medications to help with PGAD are 

  • 1. Antidepressants (for example, varenicline and clomipramine) – To treat OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)
  • 2. SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) like fluoxetine – To treat depression, panic attacks or disorders, and bulimia.
  • 3. Lidocaine gel: To help numb a particular region in the body where it is applied.
  • 4. Anesthetizing gels

Therapy options

  • 1. Psychological methods: To relieve the symptoms of PGAD, psychological counseling and therapies may help deal with depression and anxiety causing PGAD or making the conditions unbearable. These methods help individuals get out of emotional stress, shame, or guilt lingering in their lives and exerting their negative impact on sexual relationships and personal life.
  • 2. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – The therapy helps control negative feelings and articulate reactions to address different situations that lead to exacerbation of PGAD symptoms.
  • 3. Electro-convulsive therapy – Transcutaneous nerve stimulation using electric current (in case the problem is co-morbid with mood swings) -TENS is a therapy to treat nerve pain using electric nerve stimulation. 
  • 4. Getting a calm session with a therapist eventually helps discover triggering agents of emotional stresses that cause PGAD. 
  • 5. Meditation to relieve anxiety and stress helps in alleviating PGAD symptoms and relaxes the associated muscles.

No single therapy or treatment can be recommended to treat PGAD.

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