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According to advancement and facilities, you can find best hospitals in Bangalore. There are so many hospitals who are considering your insurance policy also. So if you are searching for piles, fissure, fistula, kidney stone, varicose veins and so many others surgeries, one of the low cost surgery is provided by glamyo health.


You can get your treatment in any good hospital in Bangalore. Experience of the surgeon should be good. I know a healthcare company and their reviews are very good. You can contact that. It’s Glamyo Health.



Not sure about that. One of my colleague told me about Glamyo Health, they have experienced and best doctors for fistula treatment with so many other facilities.

One of my colleague has fistula, he is now healthy. He told me that he took his treatment from Glamyo Health. As they suggest right thing for him like, firstly they give conservative treatment, if not relieved then they go for the surgery. So for the best fistula treatment, you can contact Glamyo Health

I think best doctor depends upon the experience of the doctor and reviews from the hospital or clinic where they work. You can contact any good hospital or clinic on google or practo. I recently know about a hospital named Glamyo Health having best doctors for fissure treatment.


Good and affordable gynecomastia treatment is possible with glamyo health as they are spread into 5+ cities 100+ hospitals and 120+ trusted surgeons so here you can go for your treatment. Not only gynecomastia but its a trusted name in all the procedures given by them.

Gynecomastia surgery is done by plastic or cosmetic surgeon, so you can consult any of them. For best results, contact Glamyo Health as they have best gynecomastia treatment including free post surgery follow ups.


So many hospitals are there. You should go with reviews of hospitals and doctors also. If you are preparing for any type of surgery like, piles, fissure, fistula, renal stones, gynecomastia etc. You can contact Glamyo Health, they have best doctors of the town.


Every treatment is safe and possible when you experience at glamyo health I personally recommends as it is different from others. patient is totally satisfied after the procedure and all the formalities are done by their own end. if I compare them with other I will say glamyo would be better option if you are planning for any treatment.

My cousin took his treatment from Glamyo Health, they provide all facilities like cab pick and drop, free consultation and that’s great. Both places are best for laser surgery and having good hospitals also, you can search by facilities you want in your treatment.


There are so many best hospitals and surgeon in Bangalore, you can find it on practo also. There are hospitals providing all in one treatment including medicines, follow up and surgery charges in one fee. You can search for them, one of it is Glamyo Health

It all depends upon the type of treatment and hospital. One of my colleague done it from Glamyo Health and his experience is very good with free follow ups after surgery.

So many vascular surgeons are there, you can find out it from their reviews. Some best surgeons are with Glamyo health. you can contact them.


Fissure is a kind of tearing around the anal area which requires surgery not in earlier stage but yes in late on stages of higher grades. and laser treatment is the safer procedure you can choose by glamyo health. A trusted name for laser procedures under advanced technologies used by them.

fissure surgery is better and trusted done by one and only name that is glamyo health which offers wide range of well experienced doctors at different locations as per your convenience and they also help with all the services like pick and drop and other hospital paper works regarding from room to discharge process all stuff is done by them itself.

If you have acute complaints, you can try home remedies and changes in lifestyle habits also. But chronic fissure needs surgery and laser surgery is the best option. In Bangalore, One of the best treatment is provided by Glamyo Health as my uncle took treatment there and very satisfied.



It may costs around 80–90k for hernia surgery in Mumbai. And hospitals with best facilities may costs around ore than 1lac also. So, go with your convenience. One of my known hospital having best treatment for surgery is Glamyo health, you can contact them. Their hernia surgery cost is around 70k.


Search best gallstone treatment in Bangalore and find the experienced doctors with good reviews and consult them. If satisfied, start the treatment or surgery prescribed by your doctor. A hospital named Glamyo Health providing all things from starting the consultation to follow up after surgery in minimum cost.

For best gallbladder stone removal, doctor should be qualified and experienced. Treatment is based on the severity of the disease. For best gallstones treatment, you can go to any Gastrointestinal surgeon or General surgeon. There is a hospital named Glamyo Health providing follow up after surgery also. You can contact them.

Gallbladder operation is mainly for gallstones, as there is only treatment for gallstones is removal of gallbladder, i.e. cholecystectomy.

There are so many hospitals in bangalore providing gallbladder operation at minimal cost also.

We can’t say who is the best doctor. All it depends on the surgery done, experience and mainly reviews. So I am suggesting the healthcare who have all these qualities where you can get your surgery done. Glamyo health is the option.

Basic price is around 70k to 80k. It all depends on the hospital and the doctor and the type of surgery. But some hospitals provide you the low cost surgery from experienced doctors. One of my known done it from Glamyo Health in around 60k to 65k.



Piles surgery needed an experienced doctors, so you should go with hospitals having best and experienced surgeons. Low cost treatment with experienced doctor is also provided by so many hospitals like Glamyo health.


At Glamyo Health, as their services and cost are far better in comparison to others. You will get best doctors of Bangalore in Glamyo Health. One of my colleague told me that they provide complimentary free cab pick and drop also. You can contact them.


Glamyo health provides advance technology treatment within your budget. They provide full treatment in one price and free unlimited post surgery follow ups. That’s great.


One of my known cured his recurring piles after consulting in Glamyo health. They have very good and experienced doctors. I think you should contact them.

There are so many good hospitals in Bangalore for piles surgery, but all you need to know about the experience of the surgeon and reviews of the hospital and it’s advancement techniques. For best piles laser surgery a, hospital named Glamyo health is providing start to end of the treatment.


Anorectal specialist doctors are best piles specialist. The permanent cure for piles is surgery only. If you are searching for the best piles specialist in Bangalore with free follow ups after surgery , you can contact Glamyo Health as I have seen so many good cases and reviews of this healthcare.

Diet rich in fiber, avoiding straining , sitz bath are so many things you can do if you you are having piles. It all depends upon the severity of piles. If you are preparing for surgery, my personal suggestion is contact Glamyo Health as they have very experienced doctors in best hospitals.

Piles should be treated as soon as possible as it hampers your work. Consult any doctor and find out the stage of your disease and get treatment accordingly. One of my relative done his treatment in Glamyo Health hospitals, very satisfactory.


Kidney treatment is mainly depend on the size and location of your stone. Increased water intake and diet changes is suggested in all type of kidney stones. In Bangalore, so many good hospitals are providing treatment for kidney stones. There is a hospital named Glamyo Health with highly experienced surgeons, you can go to them.

There are so many doctors in Bangalore. Best doctors depends on how he understand your complaints. Glamyo Health has well qualified and experienced doctors for kidney complaints.