Eye pain is normal and rarely a condition of severe condition. Most of the time, the pain resolves without any medicine or treatment. This kind of eye pain is also known as ophthalmalgia. Eye pain can be divided into two types, depending on where it occurs: Ocular pain happens on the surface of the eye, while orbital pain happens inside the eye.

On the surface of the eye, there may be burning, itching, or scratching feeling. Surface discomfort is typically brought on by trauma, infection, or irritation from a foreign object. Eye drops or rest are frequently effective treatments for this kind of eye pain. It is important to know about the causes of eye pain before treating it on your own. 

Common Causes of Eye Pain

Some various factors and conditions may cause eye pain which involves the following:

  • 1. A viral or bacterial infection that spreads in your body from the nose or sinuses to your eyes. 
  • 2. A viral infection that is infecting organisms that can be picked over one’s hand and can be transferred to your eyes while rubbing or touching your eyes.
  • 3. The use of dirty contact lenses, decorative contact lenses, or poorly fitting contact lenses. 
  • 4. Inflammation or swelling over your eyes. 
  • 5. The increase in eye pressure can happen when the eye fluid is not balanced. 
  • 6. Irritation from air pollutants, chlorine in the swimming pool, cigarette smoke, or other toxins. 

All these are the common causes of eye pain. However, if eye pain is bothering you and not getting relaxed then you must consult your doctor for understanding the main cause behind the pain. 

What Symptoms and Signs of Eye Pain?

The common signs, symptoms, and conditions of eye pain may include the following. 

  • 1. Corneal abrasion – a scratch or scrape over the cornea.
  • 2. Dry eye – lack of liquid or moisture in your eyes that leads to the sensation of a foreign object in the eye, treating up, sensitivity to light, and redness. This condition may happen because of wearing contact lenses and the use of certain drugs. 
  • 3. Cellulitis – the inflammation of the tissue under the layer of skin. 
  • 4. Conjunctivitis – this is also known as pink eye. This is an allergic reaction or infection in the conjunctiva. The mucous membranes line the inner surface and eyelids of your eyeballs. 
  • 5. Corneal ulcer – this is an open sore over the cornea which is generally caused because of infection, serious dry eye, and other eye conditions. 
  • 6. Uveitis – the inflammation of the middle layer of your eyeball which is uvea. Damage to your eye tissue can be a serious condition that may further lead to blindness. 

Diagnosis of Eye Pain

If you have any kind of eye pain then you must consult your eye doctor, especially in case you have low vision and headache. Your eye doctor will use different kinds of tools to diagnose eye pain. 

Dilating drops – this drop helps in expanding the pupil of your eye and allows your doctor to see clearly and deep in your eye.

A slit-lamp exam – your doctor may use bright light for looking at all kinds of structures of the eye.

A tonometer – this is a tool that helps in measuring your eye pressure. Your doctor will use it majorly for diagnosing glaucoma. 

Prevention of Eye Pain 

The following ways can help in protecting your eyes. 

  • 1. Keep the area around your eyes clean.
  • 2. Avoid picking at the eyes or popping the styes.
  • 3. Wear eye protection glasses for avoiding eye irritants such as chemicals.
  • 4. Start monitoring signs of allergy or sensitivity while using new skincare cosmetics or products. 

What’s the Right Eye Pain Treatment?

There are many ways to treat your eye pain and these are the following:

  • 1. Limiting screen time – Long-term screen use might worsen eye pain and strain. As a result, it is advisable to give your eyes a vacation from the screen frequently.
  • 2. Changing eyewear – If you use contacts or glasses and work at a computer, you might want to switch to a pair that is made for that purpose. Eye pain may also result from a change in the eye’s power, thus the eye should be examined and the proper glasses or contact lenses should be worn.

All these treatments can help in reducing your eye pain at home and if your eye continues to pain then you must see your doctor and get prescribed medications for reducing eye pain because if left untreated then it may lead to severe conditions. 

When to See a Doctor

It is advisable to contact your doctor when you experience or suffer the below symptoms:

  • 1. Eye pain that disrupts daily activities.
  • 2. Eye pain that does not relieve from self-care or treatments.
  • 3. Severe symptoms like cancer or glaucoma. 
  • 4. Eye pain that gets relieved with treatment but comes back after some time.  


If you are having any symptoms of any eye condition then you must consult with your doctor for treatment or medications. You can feel free to connect with Glamyo Health for different eye conditions like astigmatism, cataract, myopia, and hyperopia. We provide low-cost surgery with zero interest, highly experienced doctors, personalized care, a free pick-up and drop-off facility, and post-surgery follow-ups. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I be concerned about eye pain?

It is unusual to have severe eye pain but if eye pain is severe then it is time to seek medical help. 

How can I relieve eye pain?

You must limit screen time, take breaks, use artificial tears, wear eye protection glasses, and use the warm compressor for reducing eyestrain or eye pain. 

Can eye pain be caused by stress?

Yes, the severe stress level can lead to eye pain and eye discomfort. 

What can cause pains in the eye?

Bacterial infection, dirty contact lenses, and allergic reactions may cause eye pain.

How long can eye strain last?

Eye strain can last for one hour or more of eye strain. 

Can anxiety cause sharp eye pain?

When you are severely anxious and stressed then a high level of adrenaline in your body can put pressure on your eyes which may lead to blurred vision.

Why do I feel pressure in my eye?

You may often feel pressure in your eyes because of sinus conditions and simple headaches.

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