Piles can be external or internal depending on the condition of a particular person. In case of internal piles, the person is affected internally whereas external piles is the condition where the patient is affected to the area that surrounds the outside of the anus. 

The following blog takes a deep understanding of the external pulse, it’s causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and other informative details.

External Piles : Meaning, Causes and Symptoms 

External piles also known as external hemorrhoids, in simplified terms are the swollen veins that develop around the outer of the anus area.

At times, they may become painful, difficult to manage, and may require medical assistance. Also, this can be more likely a case with those external piles with developed blood clots. 

Causes of External Piles 

The following listed are some of the most essential causes of external piles that need to be carefully remembered when preventing piles from developing. 

  • 1. Heavy weight lifting One of the most commonly found causes of external piles is lifting heavy objects. Yes, when a person, regularly lifts heavy weights, they are putting an unknown amount of pressure on their body. This pressure eventually leads to conditions like external piles. 
  • 2. Obesity Overweight is a health concern that needs to be addressed as early as possible especially because it can lead to health issues such as external piles. 
  • 3. Standing for long periods We often ignore noticing for how long we stand without holding back for a while. This can trigger health and can be one of the causes of external piles. 
  • 4. Constipation Another major cause of external piles is straining while bowel movement due to chronic constipation. 
  • 5. Low fibre diet At times, as we neglect having a healthy and fibre rich diet, this can lead to extreme health issues, especially associated with indigestion. 

Symptoms of External Piles 

The following symptoms will help in understanding the 

  • 1. Feeling full even after regular bowel movements 
  • 2. Bulge forming around the anus area 
  • 3. Pain and discomfort around anus 
  • 4. Itchy, irritation or burning around anus 
  • 5. Bleeding while passing stools

How are External Hemorrhoids Diagnosed 

Diagnosis of external piles is easier as for this the doctor asks the patient about their health concerns and performs a physical examination to check for the area around the anus, looks for lump, swelling or rashes around the area. 

External Piles Treatment 

External piles are not always rushed to the medical professional for assistance. Initially, it’s often treatable through home care, natural remedies and medications. These treatment include 

Home Remedies 

  • 1. Regularly taking warm sitz bath to ease the symptoms and pain 
  • 2. Ice pack healing to reduce any swelling or itchiness 
  • 3. Keeping it all hygienic and clean especially after bowel movement 
  • 4. Take use of effective ointments and creams. 

Surgical Treatment 

  • 1. Draining the hemorrhoids It is a simple process done under local anesthesia. Under this a small incision is made and the blood is carefully drained out. This isn’t a procedure to get rid of hemorrhoids but is likely an effective procedure to bring pain relief. 


  • 2. Hemorrhoidectomy An advanced form of treating piles. Firstly, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, removing piles completely and brings transforming pain relief. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of external piles?

Some effective ways to treat external piles is through eating high fibre foods, sitz bath, over the counter medications and topical treatment. Along with these it is always suggested to get in touch with your concerned doctor in case piles does not go away naturally.

Do external piles go away?

Yes, external piles can be naturally treated in many of the cases and go away within a few weeks. But, sometimes, piles may recur and the patient will have to deal with it daily till they take necessary steps to prevent it or till they find an absolute solution.

Are external piles serious?

External piles are most often a safe and curable condition without any serious risks to address. But, in some of the cases, it has been noted that external piles can develop into a blood clot and burst out. This can be a case of immediate emergency. 

Do external piles get bigger?

External piles are more likely to cause severe pain, disturbance and discomfort, especially if left untreated. But, the risk of external piles becoming bigger in size is very low and at times symptoms too get ease on it’s own. 

How can I shrink external piles naturally?

External piles can be shrinked by trying any of the home remedies that include witch hazel, aloe vera, warm baths, coconut oil, ice pack or over the counter medications. If it still causes complications, seek medical assistance immediately. 

Is walking good for external piles?

Yes, walking is effective in bringing relief and movement which is essential for easy bowel movement, prevents external piles and eases any symptoms that are causing discomfort. 

How many days do External piles cure?

External piles get cured within a few days and often do not need any medical assistance or treatment. The need for its treatment arises only when there is a possible clot or piles that become painful. 

What to avoid in external piles?

Diet for patients with risk of external piles must exclude foods such as cheese, chips, fast food, prepared foods, processed foods, meat, ice cream and so on. 

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