External haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are becoming much more common these days. Many people are without the knowledge that they are suffering from it. Thus, it has become very essential that if a person approaches a doctor with certain symptoms, a proper step-by-step diagnosis needs to be followed. 

Step-by-Step diagnosis of external haemorrhoids 

External haemorrhoids, appearing at the outer layer if not diagnosed within time, can cause severe complications. So, here is a list of the steps to get an accurate diagnosis as soon as the signs are detected. 

Detailed personal health history At first, a consultation with the doctor will be planned. Here, the doctor will ask for your basic details, medical history and other details if needed to be provided. 

This information will help the doctor to understand the actual cause of the ailment better and provide you with the necessary diagnosis and treatment. 

Doing physical check-ups Next, when the physical examination includes closely looking at the physical state of your anus and area surrounding. This gives a proper understanding of the severity of the case. 

Doing physical tests Next when a thorough examination of the physical condition is done. The doctor will write for some necessary scanning tests. These tests give the inward condition of the ailment so that an accurate decision can be taken. These tests include anoscopy and digital rectum 

Anoscopy: This test majorly takes the internal view of the abdomen and its surrounding areas very carefully through an anoscope, which is inserted into the rectum. 

Digital rectum test: By inserting the gloved lubricated finger inside the anus, an examination will be conducted by the doctor to check for any bulges or wounds. 

Other essential tests Also, according to the symptoms that appear, especially bleeding. In such a situation, the doctor will ask for other tests to check for the occurrence of cancer or other severe conditions. These tests can be colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I have a self-examination for Hemorrhoids? 

A few quick ways to examine yourself for haemorrhoids can be by looking for symptoms externally or internally. These signs and symptoms can be bleeding while passing stools, swollen anus area, pain around the anus area or a lump formed around or inside the anus. 

Which type of doctor to get checked for Hemorrhoids? 

For the treatment of Hemorrhoids, contacting a rectal or colon surgeon and a gastroenterologist is the best option. These species have a thorough understanding as well as experience in treating the areas like the rectum, colon and the overall digestive system. 

When does a haemorrhoid check-up become essential? 

One of the major signs that should not be avoided if dealing with haemorrhoids is experiencing blood before or after passing stools, if such a situation occurs get in touch with your doctor immediately. When the situation is mild, sometimes they go away naturally, but in other cases, proper diagnosis and treatment are required. 

What is often mistaken for external haemorrhoids? 

One of the major ailments that are usually misunderstood and believed to be haemorrhoids or piles is the condition of anal fissure, abdomen and colon ailments are usually taken for developing some of the cancer complications. 

How do having external haemorrhoids feel? 

When having external haemorrhoids, a person can usually feel fluctuating or continuous pain, passing stools takes excessive pressure or strain, the feeling of discomfort or weakness is felt and a burning sensation can be felt while urinating. 

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