Exercise to Cure Piles Permanently – Have you been looking for the best exercises for Piles? Do you want to end this pain and discomfort? Well, a little more patience and you will have the relief that you wanted for so long. First, let’s understand the ailment itself. Piles occur due to chronic straining or heavy pressure on one specific area. This strain appears when a person has chronic constipation, hard stools and blockage in the anus area. 

Thus, if the complication is not too serious and can be treated at home. One of the effective ways we are here to focus is the most effective exercises for piles. 

Exercise for piles

The role of exercise in general is to boost the overall functioning of the body, its blood circulation and its strength. Here, exercises for piles aim to bring complete relief to any or all suffering from this ailment. 

Types of Exercise for piles 

Exercises for Piles are of multiple varieties. But, majorly it can be accurately divided into indoor exercises for piles and outdoor exercises for piles. 

The difference between these two is that indoor exercises are usually performed at home and for outdoor exercises, one has to step out and do it in the form of different physical activities. 

Indoor Exercise for piles 

For those who are reluctant to involve themselves in outdoor activities, there are easy and quick indoor exercises to help cure piles. 

These can be doing different yoga exercises, pranayama and meditation to build your inner physical strength. Some yoga-based best exercises are Balasana, Viparita Karani or the most popular one Pawanmuktasana.

Outdoor Exercise for piles 

Similarly, for those who can make it to go outside and do different physical activities to bring relaxation from piles and relatable ailments. The suitable exercises or activities include walking, running, jogging, skipping, swimming and Aerobic exercise 

5 most effective Exercise for piles

Piles can be naturally treated if taken utmost care from the very start, especially from the moment one starts seeing the signs and symptoms such as severe pain, strain while bowel movement and chronic constipation. 

The world is closely shifting to a healthy lifestyle by adding various exercises to protect oneself from various ailments. These Yoga poses and exercises can help relieve the pain and calm the cause. 

Deep breathing exercises

Usually people don’t focus consciously on their breathing. Whereas once each day, dedicating a little time to calm and relaxation through deep breathing exercises promotes blood circulation in the body and activates every individual part of the body. The way to follow it is 

Get in a very relaxing position, sit straight and put your hands gradually on your waist. Get fully comfortable, slowly and deeply inhale, hold it for some moment and release it by exhaling out. Repeat these exercises 20 times each day or for at least 5 minutes.

Legs up the wall exercise is

A very effective way to promote blood flow in the whole body, get relief from irritation, and discomfort and bring circulation to the anus area. 

To follow this exercise, give a little relaxation breathing, lie down your upper body and place your lower body to the wall. Either put your arms on your stomach or place them to each side, whichever way feels most comfortable. Finally, stay in this position for at least 10 minutes and return slowly. 

Wind Relieving Pose

This is one of the profound exercises that directly puts your abdomen to pressure and eventually gives you a better digestive system. It also relaxes the muscles that are surrounding the area. 

To do this exercise, lie down straight on your back. Keep your body at ease and start with a few breaths to avail yourself of awareness. 

Now either take one leg or both and flow the knees, put your hand around it in a way it is pressing the abdomen. 

Also, for extra stretched poses, bring your chin closer to the chest. Eventually, release the pose after a little while by normalising your breathing and get back to the initial resting position. Repeat this 5 times.

Pelvic Floor Contraction

This exercise has a direct impact on helping to release chronic constipation and make it easier to regulate bowel movements. 

To do this exercise, sit in a relaxed position or lie on your back. Now, put a contraction pressure on the anal area muscles as if you’re putting a hold on the passing of gas, hold for a few seconds and relax for a few moments. Repeat this exercise around 5times each day. 

Bound angle poses

An ultimate beneficial exercise to strengthen the overall lower part of the body which majorly includes the groin, knees and thighs, giving absolute comfort from digestive disturbance or discomfort. 

To do this exercise, sit down with your legs folded. Relax for a few moments, bring your feets soles together close to each other and widen the knees. 

Keep your pinky toes parallel to each other position, while keeping your spine straight be in this position for a minute and release practice this exercise a few times each day.

Benefits of Exercise for piles

Doing exercises daily is an excellent way to deal with almost any ailment. Cultivating this as a daily routine or habit can keep the person at ease if any ailment tries to affect them. Thus, piles, it is very beneficial. 

Exercises are good for stomach digestion piles

Under this comes one of the universally popular yoga poses, Pawanmuktasana ( Wind Relieving Pose). 

By putting required pressure on the stomach it strengthens the abdomen and the digestive system as a whole, it helps a person to get rid of any digestion problems and gives relief during bowel movements. 

Exercises for piles of pain

Another reason why exercises for piles are so beneficial is their ability to bring ease from any discomfort or severe pain. Start with deep breathing and easy-going exercises, especially the ones that bring relaxation to the body and calm the muscles. 

Exercises are good for chronic constipation or excessive straining

Some exercises are very much effective in terms of releasing chronic constipation or hard stools. This results in letting the person regulate a smooth bowel movement, without putting any pressure on the abdomen. 

After exercise

Post exercises to get relief from Piles, there are certain risk factors as well as dos and don’ts which need to be kept in mind. This will give the person an idea of when there is a need to take a pause or consult an experienced doctor. 

Risk factors

As much as anything has its benefits, it has some risks which can be certainly avoided if the exercises for piles are done under the guidance of a person who has absolute knowledge about it. Some of the risk factors include 

  • 1. Bleeding 
  • 2. Intense pain 
  • 3. Body ache 
  • 4. Weakness or feeling low 
  • 5. Exertion 
  • 6. Swelling 
  • 7. Strain or pressure

Do’s & don’t


Certain measures do need to be taken by anyone who is exercising for piles. These include 

  • 1. Increase fluid intake
  • 2. Wear loose clothes 
  • 3. Practice exercising regularly 
  • 4. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet
  • 5. Chew every bite properly 
  • 6. Take smaller bites 
  • 7. Maintain a balanced weight
  • 8. Consult your doctor when experiencing any symptoms
  • 9. Have a clean and hygienic lifestyle 
  • 10. Give yourself proper rest


Certain measures do need to be strictly avoided by anyone who is exercising for piles. These include 

  • 1. Lifting heavy objects
  • 2. Unhealthy foods
  • 3. Putting excessive strain 
  • 4. Putting pressure during bowel movement 
  • 5. Having junk foods or processed items 
  • 6. Neglecting the condition 
  • 7. Skipping meals or medicines

When to see a doctor?

It is often said that the condition of Piles usually becomes severe or more than a home remedial cure when the affected area starts to have blood clots or excessively flowing blood. Thus, seeing a doctor when spotting some of these physical symptoms is advisable. 

One such ultimate solution for your health care concerns is Glamyo Health. The team has expert doctors who have complete knowledge of Piles, their cure and how they can be treated. 

Get in touch by filling out a quick enquiry form and you will be contacted shortly. Explain your concerns and condition and grab affordable deals for further treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can exercise cure piles?

Exercising has a long list of benefits. The regular habit of doing yoga and exercises can cure not just Piles but can boost the health of the whole body. It will improve the physical, mental and emotional health of the person. 

For those who are specifically dealing with Piles, the habit of exercising will certainly help them to decrease the impact of inflammation and lessen the impact of swelling caused due to excessive pressure or strain. 

What kind of exercise is good for piles?

Pile ailments have their causes and symptoms. Thus, if the condition is still at the initial stage, opting for home care through maintaining good hygiene and exercising regularly can improve the condition. 

A person can start with basic warm-up activities like stretches, walking, jogging and swimming and exercises such as Child’s pose, Pelvic Floor contraction and wind relieving pose. 

Is walking good in piles?

While having Piles or exercising the risk of developing it, adding walking for 15-20minutes daily as a basic habit is very beneficial to cure piles and release any other ailment. Walking has the powerful ability to regulate proper blood flow in the body. It gives relief from any blockages or the contraction of the area. 

How long do piles take to heal?

Every person has their different ailment complication when suffering from Piles which means the healing time might differ in each case. Though, most commonly anyone with 

Piles usually take a week to heal, if the condition is still mild. But, for anyone who has been dealing with Piles for a long time or has it severely, it can take a longer time to heal. 

To attain a fast-paced recovery, the best way is to have immediate lifestyle changes, change your routine, change your diet and keep the area clean. 

What shrinks haemorrhoids fast?

A few of the easy or home remedial ways to cure haemorrhoids faster are through taking regular sitz baths at home, applying over-the-counter ointments prescribed by the doctor, giving the affected area regular warmth and always keeping the area clean. 

What is the main cause of Piles?

The main cause of Piles is the condition of having a chronic constipated stomach. When the digestion is not in proper movement and the stools are hard, Piles are also called the situation where the patient consciously or unconsciously puts excessive pressure while passing stools. This can lead to developing piles, swelling and tear in the area.

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