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The  Piles surgery cost in India varies depending on the procedure chosen, medical condition, the city in which the operation is performed, and the facility where the surgery is conducted. To avoid recurrence of such diseases, it is important to eat a healthy diet that includes fiber, drink plenty of water.

Cost of Piles Surgery in India depends on various factors such as –

1. Surgeon fee

2. Method of surgery 

3. Type of the admitted hospital

4.Health condition of the patient

5. The severity of the Piles

6. Admission fee

Piles are divided into two categories-

Piles(  Internal ) are found above the anus opening and they are the most common type.  they are usually present with blood with causing much pain, during a  bowel movement. 

 Piles(   External ) are found on the outer edge of the anus below the anal canal. hemorrhoids cause irritation and Swelling around the anus. 

 Different Procedure for Piles-

If painful piles or consistent bleeding takes place, the doctor may recommend minimally invasive procedures. Here are examples of such techniques.


The doctor places one or two rubber bands around the internal hemorrhoids. It becomes dry and falls off on its own after a few days.  there is some bleeding for a few days following the treatment however the complications are very minimum


The patient is given an injection to treat hemorrhoids It is less painful and less effective. 


This treatment involves infrared or IR light, heat, or laser to force the normally soft hemorrhoids to become rigid. laser treatment is preferred by a greater number of people. Minimal pain and bleeding compared to other procedures.

A. Hospitalization isn’t needed.

B. Complications are very less…

C. Quick recovery 

4- Laser Surgery

The safest non-invasive surgical method for treating piles is laser surgery. To get rid of piles, laser techniques are focused on blood arteries that carry blood flow. 

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Surgical Procedures

Some of the surgical procedures are –


Hemorrhoidectomy is a procedure that is used to treat dangerous and recurring hemorrhoids.


Internal hemorrhoids are treated with hemorrhoid stapling, The operation is less painful. 

Piles Surgery cost in India 

Expenses associated with Piles: Pre-surgery costs, operation costs, post-surgery costs, medical costs, and day-care are all factors to consider.

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The estimated cost for each part of Piles Surgery in India is  as follows:

Pre-Procedure cost INR.2,500-7,000 
Cost of the surgery Rs.71,500 – Rs.82,500
Consultation of the surgeon Rs.600 
Medicine cost Rs.1,500
Hospital stay for 2 days  Rs.8,000
Cost of Different Surgeries
    City     Estimated cost    Contact Number
Delhi Rs.44,000 to Rs.54,000 9711144230
Mumbai Rs.43,000 to Rs.53,000 8291201535
Rs.42,000 to Rs.53,000 9711133710
Rs.41,000 to Rs.49,000 7406691333
Hyderabad Rs.41,000 to Rs.51,000 7406691222
Chandigarh Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000 9711144230
Rs.41,000 to Rs.51,000 9711144230
Bhubaneshwar Rs.41,000 to Rs.51,000 7406691333
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