Episiotomy Scissors

Episiotomy scissors are the surgical scissors used to make the incision for episiotomy. The scissors are designed to make the incision at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees. An example includes episcissors-60.

Use of episiotomy scissors

Episiotomy scissors are mainly used for performing episiotomies during certain deliveries. The scissors are used to make an incision to expand the vaginal opening for easy babys delivery.

Facts About Episiotomy Scissors

  • 1. High-quality precise incision.
  • 2. The scissors have slender, sharp, and double-beveled type blades.
  • 3. Short, flat, and blunt-ended blade for support.
  • 4. Sharp blades have the enhanced ability to facilitate cuts in skin tissues

Episiotomy Scissors Parts

Episiotomy scissors consist of the following parts:

  • 1. A pair of blades that are connected pivotally.
  • 2. The handles of scissors are attached, particularly at an acute angle, with the blades.
  • 3. An extended free end of the outer blade in lateral position

Episiotomy Scissors Price

The cost of episiotomy scissors range based on the size or dimensions of the scissors. It may range from ₹ 150 / Piece to ₹340/piece. 

When to Use Episiotomy Scissors?

Episiotomy scissors are used in case of delivery wherein the baby is larger during the pushing stage of labour (second stage). A scalpel or surgical scissors is used while making the incision in the perineal tissues. The healthcare provider allows delivery of the baby along with the placenta.

Is episiotomy scissors safe?

Episiotomy scissors are sterilized before the procedure to get rid of all the contaminants, thereby nullifying the risk of infections due to contaminated surgical instruments. Completely sterilized surgical scissors for episiotomy are perfectly safe for use in surgical procedures.

Episiotomy is not performed routinely, because they are known to increase the risk of a third or fourth-degree tear

Frequently Asked Questions 

What scissors to use for episiotomy?

Episiotomy scissors are to be used for episiotomy. These are angled scissors to make an incision in the perineum between the anal and vaginal opening.

What is the function of episiotomy scissors?

Episiotomy scissors are used to make episiotomy incisions for easier delivery of the baby by widening the opening of the vagina. These scissors are angled to make a precise incision by the obstetrician.

Why are episiotomy scissors curved?

Episiotomy scissors are curved to make the incision away from the anal sphincter. Curved scissors are better than straight scissors for an episiotomy to prevent intensive tears towards the anus. According to a study, curved scissors for episiotomy do not lead to a third or fourth-degree tear in comparison to the cut made from straight scissors.

What happens when episiotomy stitches open?

Normally, the episiotomy stitches don’t open or break, leaving the wound without healing. But in certain conditions, like wound infection or intensive pressure on stitches, episiotomy stitches are likely to open up. If the episiotomy stitches break open, they cause pain, intense bleeding, and pus discharge.

Is it normal for episiotomy stitches to bleed?

Yes, the episiotomy stitches may bleed initially, but the bleeding normally stops and all those activities that help in healing must be ensured. Avoid all those activities that worsen the sutures made after the episiotomy incision.

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