Is your child, a young person you know or anyone below the age of 40 suffering from early cataracts? Are you in doubt? It’s time to become clear about the term. 

Here, in this article, you will learn the meaning of early cataracts along with causes, symptoms, types, treatment and about how common or uncommon it is. 

Define Early Cataracts

Early cataracts, early onset cataracts or early stage cataracts are defined as cataracts developing in people below the age of 40. 

Though early-stage cataracts occur rarely and slowly in people, they too can occur due to some factors. The causes are given below.

What are the Causes of Early Cataracts?

Causes of early-stage cataracts will give the idea about what major factors can develop an immature cataract in people. The major causes affecting are 

  • 1. Eye traumas As the eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body, people below 40 developing early cataracts can be due to punctures, bruises or repeatedly scratching to the eyes. 
  • 2. Diabetes The medical condition of diabetes has become common and people are developing diabetes at an early age these days. With diabetes, the early occurrence of cataracts has become more in number. 
  • 3. Family history Those who have the same medical issue already existing in the family history, have a higher risk of developing it at an earlier age. 
  • 4. Hypertension is when the blood pressure exceeds the level that is considered normal. High blood pressure is risky and raises health complications like early eye cataracts. 
  • 5. Eczema or dry eyes When a person neglects the condition of dry eyes for too long or itchiness in the eye it can lead to early eye onset cataracts or other eye complications. 
  • 6. Injury Sams as eye trauma and other minor to major injuries can too become the cause of eye onset cataracts, as while recovering from the injury, it can get infected if not carefully treated. 
  • 7. Retina eye surgery 
  • 8. Congenital condition 
  • 9. Due to drug reactions Some drugs can have side effects and affect eye health. if experiencing any such situation, immediately contact your doctor for the correct medication and treatment as recommended. 
  • 9. Exposure to radiation Direct exposure to sunlight or rays can be very harmful. it is very harmful to the eyes as the eyes are one of those uncovered parts of the body. Thus, if not properly taken care of, it can give vision issues. 
  • 10. Other diseases

What are the symptoms of early cataracts?

The symptoms of early-onset cataracts can be found in later cataracts too. The symptoms are

  • 1. Blurred vision or cloudy vision
  • 2. Double vision 
  • 3. Bright colours seem discoloured 
  • 4. Discolouration of the pupil
  • 5. Requires extra light to see or read something 
  • 6. Dry or itchy eyes

List the types of early cataracts.

Different types of early-onset cataracts include the four types given below. 

  • 1. Congenital cataract The first type of cataract is where an infant is born with cataracts or develops it within the initial years of life. 

This is a natural or by-birth case of cataracts. It can be due to genetic or traumatic experiences. 

  • 2. Nuclear cataracts This type affects nearsighted vision first and occurs in the centre of the eye lens.

This can result in complications while different colour detection.  

  • 3. A posterior cataract Occurs on the back of the lens, getting in the way of light. 

This gets more severe with time and affects a person’s reading ability by creating difficulties. 

  • 4. Cortical cataract forms at the edges of the lens. This type of early cataract creates complications with the light passing. Is early

Is early Cataract treatment available?

Yes. Early-onset cataracts can be treated through the standard fixed treatment options available. These treatments are listed below. 

  • 1. Eyeglasses 
  • 2. Contact lens
  • 3. Surgery

Is possible Early cataract surgery available?

Lens replacement surgery Is a safe and secure technique used by surgeons to break down the natural lens and carefully replace the lens with an artificial lens. This surgical. the procedure is also known as the intraocular lens replacement technique. 

Are diabetes patients prone to early cataracts? 

Early cataracts diabetes patients One of the major risks is diabetes in patients. For people below the age of 40 years, having diabetes can cause high chances of developing early onset cataracts. Thus, a lot of caution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What causes early cataracts?

Diabetes, past eye or vision traumas, longer than usual use of steroid medications, due to hypertension, genetics and family history. 

These are some of the most common early cataract formation causes. Thus, in such cases, get your eyes checked regularly. 

Q. What age is considered early for cataracts?

The early eye cataract age is considered when people develop cataracts before turning 45years. 

That is, the condition cataract is more commonly found in adults and senior citizens who are at least above the age of 40 years. 

Q. Can early cataracts be cured?

Yes, early onset cataracts can be treated and cured but the only medium or option available is to undergo surgery for cataracts. Yeah, there are equal possibilities for early cataracts to be cured completely. But, the only possible treatment as of now for early cataracts is a surgical treatment. 

Q. What are the first signs of having cataracts?

Anyone with any one, two or more of these common symptoms such as cloudy vision, difficulty seeing in the dark of night, halos forming around light or vision loss can have a developing cataract. 

Q. How is an early cataract treated?

Initially, after proper diagnosis doctor usually recommend eyeglasses or contact lens according to the current power card. But, in cases where the eye vision is intensely affected, this might require the patient to undergo cataract surgery. 

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