What is a Shoulder Exercise 

Dumbbell Shoulder Workout are the exercises that promote the better growth of the muscles in the shoulder, which further improves the body posture and muscle resistance. Shoulder exercise is also a better way of fixing a better physique which enhances smooth movements of the shoulder and body. It increases the strength, and flexibility of the body. You will feel more healthy and physically fit with the help of shoulder exercise.

Benefits of the Shoulder Exercise

There are so many benefits and advantages associated with regularity in exercising, especially for the shoulder. Some of them are given below:-

The strength of the muscle improves.

The shoulder exercise benefits der by promoting and enhancing the strength. When one performs the exercise, it activates the muscles and further helps in their growth. This growth strengthens the power of your upper body and makes you look a little toned. 

Bones become Stronger

The more you exercise, the better your bone strength will be. Exercise helps in burning extra calories in your body and right after exercise, your body absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients, which are more impactful in maintaining a good body. So with the absorption of calcium, bones grow stronger and it reduces the chances of bone breaking.

It stabilises your body balance

Your shoulders act like pillars for your whole body so exercise improves overall balance.

Lower risk of osteoporosis 

As bones are strengthened it shows the impact on osteoporosis rate as well, as it lowers. 

Improves body posture.

The shoulders help in maintaining a better posture which helps in movement and helps in building confidence. 

Types Of Shoulder Workouts

Some types of shoulder workouts can be done by you for building strength.

  1. 1. Dumbbell lateral raise
  2. 2. Overhead press
  3. 3. Front Raise
  4. 4. Face Pull
  5. 5. Bent over lateral raise
  6. 6. Cable Front Raise
  7. 7. Reverse fly
  8. 8. Bench press
  9. 9. Push press
  10. 10. Dumbbell shrug

How to do a full shoulder workout?

A shoulder workout is considered a heavy workout, however, this can be done effectively with complete guidance by the trainer. So it is important to work out after hiring a trainer or having full knowledge about workouts. This would help you to get maximum advantage from the shoulder workout.

Some basic steps to be followed are

  1. 1. Start with a little warm-up exercise or set. A warm-up helps one individual to become more adaptive to strenuous exercise without much muscle pain.
  2. 2. Smith machine overhead delt- Start with the front delt. For doing this exercise you need a bench and a Smith machine. Complete 3 sets with 15,10,6 reps. After this exercise, take a rest of 3 seconds to 1 minute.
  3. 3. Dumbbell upright – This exercise can be done with the help of a dumbbell. You are required to do 3 sets of 10 reps. This exercise could tire you up so you can take a rest of 30 seconds to 6o seconds.
  4. 4. Dumbbell front raise- This exercise could be done with the dumbbells. Do 3 sets and 8 reps. That helps build strength and resistance of the muscles in the shoulder. Take a rest of 30 seconds to 60 seconds after the exercise. 
  5. 5. One Arm machine front raises The one arm machine front raises  needed machines. For doing this exercise one needs to do around 3 sets with  9 reps to 8 reps. If you feel tired, take a rest of 50 seconds to 1 minute.
  6. 6. Seated lateral raise =Seated lateral raise is done in two sets with around 1 res. This exercise helps increase the strength and the stability of the shoulder region or upper body. This exercise mainly targets the sideways tinning of the body. 
  7. 7. Single arm by standing cable reverse flye=This exercise is useful in maintaining the strength of the shoulder. This exercise can be done with the help of equipment like the D handle attachment, and cable machine that are adjustable. Body arts involved in this exercise are abs, delts and mainly shoulders doing this exercise can enhance your resistance. After this exercise one can take a rest of 1 minute to 2 minutes.

What are the best shoulder exercises that can be done by beginners?

Shoulder exercise is the way to build muscles and increase strength. If you are one of those who has started doing exercise, but cannot find a perfect way for doing so, you can follow these steps to do the shoulder exercise.

Shoulder workout for beginners.

Military front press-

Sets- 5 


Time- 1 minute

Steps- Hold the barrel shoulder width apart. Now, lift the barrel towards the front of your face, moving your hands outwards. make sure to keep the wrist above the elbow and keep your hands upright making a right angle with the barrel, no bending should be done. Keep your body mainly your core fixed and tight. 

Dumbbell military press in a seated position-


Reps- 12

Time- 1 minute 

Steps to be followed- seat with your back straight and core tight. Hold the dumbbell in your arms, shoulder width apart. Move your arms straight upright, without bent, and then move them downwards, forcing your shoulder blades to act inwards.

Front raise by dumbbell 

Sets- 6 

Reps- Front raise dumbbell exercise could be done by taking the dumbbell in both hands and raising them upwards to shoulder level.

Dumbbell lateral raise

Sets – 3   

Reps- 20 

Time- 1 minute

Steps  – Hold the pole with one hand and keep your body straight and slowly bend your body to one side. Now with the other hand hold the dumbbell .. make sure not to collapse the hips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best shoulder workout?

The best shoulder exercise includes push press, Arnold press, bottom up kettlebell press, rear delt row, seated barbell press, etc. Shoulder exercise could be proven very helpful in many ways as shoulders are like the pillars of the body that hold the balance of the whole body and provide a perfect posture. Not only that, shoulder exercise builds the strength, and resistance, of the shoulders and it also makes the bones of the shoulder stronger, reducing the problem of osteoporosis. 

Does a shoulder workout stop the growth of one’s height?

Shoulder exercise helps in building up the muscles of the shoulder, making them bulkier and heavier. This is the main reason why height growth slows down when one starts deadlifting or heavy and strenuous muscle-building exercises. But overall height growth also depends upon various other factors like a genetic pattern of inheritance, hormonal role, and physical activities of day-to-day life. Linking it directly with only exercise might not be accurate.

What do orthopaedics deal with?

Orthopaedics broadly deals with the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases which include problems with muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, etc. The orthopaedic problems could be shoulder replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, etc. 

Can I do orthopaedics after the 12th?

Orthopaedics could be done only after doing MBBS from the medical college. To get into medical college, you need to clear the NEET exam, which is an All India Medical Examination. This exam takes you to your dream medical college and after your bachelor’s you will be eligible to pursue your master’s degree.

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