Drinking Water Benefits for Kidney Stone. Are you aware of the multiple benefits that come along with simply taking a few glasses of water every day? Let’s get into more details below. 

Drinking Water For Kidney Stone

‘Water’ is what we are mostly (60-70%) made up of. For kidney stones removal or dissolving the stones, water can ultimately be one of the best possible cures, especially when the condition is still in control and not causing any physical pain. 

How much water should I drink to pass a kidney stone?

To ensure a speedy passing of kidney stones, drinking 8 glasses to 12 glasses of water (3-4 liters) is highly recommended. Each day minimum of 2 liters of water intake ensures the best results for patients suffering from kidney stones. 

The role of kidneys as we know is to purify the body by releasing toxins and bacteria through flushing out, in the form of urine. 

Top Benefits of Drinking Water For Kidney Stone

  • 1. Blood pressure in control Firstly, water ensures to help in properly regulating the blood pressure in the body. 

As it has been seen that people with high blood pressure (BP) more commonly experience kidney stones. 

  • 2. Keeps a balanced body weight Maintaining a balanced body weight directly helps in the proper functioning of every body part. This means, 
  • 3. Prevents Kidney Stones Sufficient amount of water intake even protects our kidneys from forming kidney stones. 
  • 4. Naturally cleansing excess sodium and toxins One of the most significant roles of healthy fluids is to cleanse and detoxify our body of any toxins, restore overall health and improve the immune system naturally. 
  • 5. Improves kidney health As much as water intake prevents kidney stones. from forming and affecting the kidneys, it manages the everyday health of kidneys as well as other body parts. 

Side effects of Drinking Water

Though drinking water gives a lot of health benefits. When a person drinks an excessive amount of water, drinks water immediately before or after meals, drinks water quickly and drinks water with low quality. These can lead to side effects of drinking water and affect health. 

  • 1. Quality of drinking water Poor quality of drinking water can trigger the kidneys, resulting in stone formation. Thus, patients with Kidney stones or other relatable ailments must ensure to drink only filtered and purified drinking water. 
  • 2. An excessive amount of water drinking When a person has kidney stones, drinking water can certainly help in flushing out toxins without any pain, but sometimes people get confused with the idea of sufficient drinking and it results in excessively drinking water. Here, excessive drinking rather creates more complications for the kidneys.
  • 3. Taking quick sips while drinking water Another side effect of drinking water is the pace with which a person drinks water. Taking quick sips or drinking water very fast can affect health. 
  • 4. Drinking water immediately before or after meals It has been always advised that drinking water immediately before, during or after meals can affect the body can cause health issues.  Thus, one must endure giving at least a half-hour gap. 
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Is Tap Water Good For Kidney Stones? 

Tap water, due to its unfiltered quality is not a good choice for kidneys. Researchers have recently found that drinking water quality has a very significant role in deciding the condition of kidneys. 

Just as hard water is harmful to the kidneys, mineral water is very rich in its mineral contents and promotes better health. 

Drinking water is good for kidney pain?

Drinking water has been considered one of the best kidney stones pain relief. Water intake increases the speed of flushing out of kidney stones, any toxins or bacteria that are present in the kidneys or any other part of the body, that too much faster and smoother.  

The stones when formed in the kidneys, as being hard invaluable substances, give intense and unbearable pain at times. Thus, to smoothly get it out of the body and reduce the amount of pain, water is a great source of relief.

Are there disadvantages of drinking water for kidney stones?

Drinking excessive amounts of water is very harmful to the body and its overall health. As much as water has a vital role to play in hydrating the body and removing all toxins, intaking it in excessive amounts can rather lead to diseases like kidney failure or kidney stones. 

That is, people with cardiac failure or kidney failure, are. less tolerant with normal to excessive amounts of water or any other fluid intake. 

What is the benefit of drinking hot water for kidney stone patients?

Yes, the regular habit of drinking hot water or lukewarm water, for people with kidney stones is very good. It helps cleanse the kidneys of any toxins and flush out any waste. Also, as it eliminates fat and toxins in its place it regulates proper blood flow throughout the body. 

How does mineral water help to prevent kidney stones?

Mineral water consists of bicarbonate and magnesium which leads to a few of the needed changes such as magnesium, urinary pH, and citrate. Thus, prevents the kidneys from forming any more stones. 

Also, it is strongly followed that a sufficient amount of hydrating oneself with at least 3-4 litres of water can do wonders for health. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can kidney stones go away by drinking water?

Drinking water is alright when the amount of water intake is within the recommended limits. Excessive intake of anything ( including water) intake can simply harm the kidneys. 

Also, even if not able to dissolve it completely, water can certainly act as a source of preventing kidney stones as well as speed up the dissolving process. 

For better understanding get in touch with a good doctor through Glamyo Health, consult and follow the instructions they provide. 

Q. What is the best water for kidney stones?

The best recommendation for kidney stones and to maintain healthy kidneys is either minimal water or sparkling water. These two are considered fully healthier options in comparison to soda or other drinking options available. 

Also, Hydrating body is an excellent way to naturally create protection for your kidneys, for this you can simply start by tracking the amount of water you intake in a day or for more clarity talk to your doctor and get your health checkup done. 

Q. What should you not drink with kidney stones?

Phosphate, a very harmful chemical present in some of the drinks can result in kidney stone formation. Thus, drinks containing phosphate chemical substances such as cola drinks need to be immediately eliminated.

Q. What is the fastest way to dissolve a kidney stone?

Bringing dietary changes can help in preventing Kidney stones and help in their fast dissolving. 

A patient with kidney stones is advised to intake raw apple cider vinegar, healthy diuretic foods, juices such as lemon juice, celery juice, basil juice and pomegranate juice, kidney bean broth and most importantly, intake water as prescribed by the doctor.

Q. How long do kidney stones last?

Kidney stones can last differently according to different sizes. For the small sized stones usually takes 1-2 weeks tome to completely dissolve, medium-sized stones can take2-3 weeks to dissolve and larger stones take a month or more to dissolve completely. 

Also, other factors such as each patient’s condition, the amount of care they take, and how regular the person is with following a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. All these too decide the speed of stones dissolving. 

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