Does lipoma turn into cancer

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Does a Lipoma cause pain? Does lipoma turn into cancer? What is its treatment plan? And the list goes on. Read on to solve all your queries and better understand the skin condition of Lipoma so you can choose the right treatment plan for effective results.

Do you find yourself feeling embarrassed in public, hiding the unwanted lumps on your body and covering them up with extra layers of clothes? Considering cosmetic surgery for this lumpy situation of yours isn’t such a bad idea after all. But before opting for treatment there are a lot of questions that surround the condition of Lipoma.

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What is Lipoma?

If you’ve ever felt a slow-growing rubbery lump under your skin, you have Lipoma. What exactly is a Lipoma you may ask? Well, it’s an overgrown fatty tissue that is situated between your skin and muscle. These are moveable when you touch them and feel rubbery, not hard. Lipomas don’t usually cause pain when you touch them.

All lipomas are made of fat. However, there are many types of lipomas that contain blood vessels or other tissues

How common are Lipomas?

Lipomas most commonly occur in middle age between the ages 40 and 60, but they can develop at any age. Lipomas can be present at the time of birth too. Although this condition can affect both males and females it is more common in women. Some people detect more than one lipoma. The occurrence is fairly common with 1 in 100 people developing it.

Causes of Lipoma?

While the cause of lipoma is not fully understood by healthcare providers, genetic factors are still considered to play a role in their occurrence. Therefore, lipomas are inherited and you are more likely to develop a lipoma if someone in your family has one.

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Does lipoma turn into cancer?

A lipoma is non-cancerous and usually is harmless. However, it is advised to see your health care provider and get the lump checked in order to get evaluated and eliminate any serious condition like Liposacroma that are cancerous tumors of the fat cells.

While most lipomas aren’t painful and do not cause any health issues, some may cause pain and grow in plain sight which can look unpleasant which is why people opt for cosmetic surgery. Also, it is very rare for lipomas to turn into cancerous sarcomas. Thus, it is suggested that you get it checked and treated by a specialized doctor.

Symptoms of Lipoma?

A person dealing with lipoma may notice some symptoms. They can occur anywhere in the body and are usually:

  • 1. Situated under the skin
  • 2. Dome-like lump of tissue that feels doughy to touch
  • 3. Lipomas are commonly small but can grow
  • 4. Lipomas are usually don’t cause any pain, but if they develop and affect nearby nerves, they can become rather painful.

A person dealing with Lipomas may start to notice a round lump of tissue under the skin that feels soft to the touch. Most lipomas don’t cause any pain or other symptoms but they can be uncomfortable if they press against a nerve or organ.

For instance, a lipoma might disturb the bowel, cause blockage and you might become constipated in this situation.

Where do Lipomas Occur?

Lipomas can grow anywhere on the body. Most people with lipoma only have one, but there can also be more than one in many cases. Lipomas usually develop under the skin on the arms, legs, back. neck, chest, forehead, and shoulders.

What is the treatment for Lipoma?

Lipomas are not considered a serious threat to health in the medical field, and these don’t require any treatment. However, if a lipoma is bothering you and you’re concerned about its size or location, you can consider cosmetic surgery to remove the fatty tissue with a procedure that is safe and effective.

For instance, if a lipoma grows on your forehead, it can be pretty visible to you and anybody around. You might become a little conscious of how it looks on you despite the fact that it is harmless.

Lipomas can be removed with an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. As an alternative to lipoma surgery, the plastic surgeon may advise liposuction to remove the lipoma. These lumps are usually treated for aesthetic purposes as they can be annoying and unsightly on the body. You might have a little scarring once the wound is healed. After a lipoma is removed permanently there is no chance of recurrence, however, another one may grow in a different area of your body.

Before getting surgery to remove the lipoma from our skin, you need to understand that millions of people live with lipomas and you don’t have to feel embarrassed about it. Most lipomas don’t need treatment however you can get one and follow the necessary precautions post-surgery to achieve the desired results with minimal scars.

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