Circumcision makes it easier to maintain hygiene. However, it is important for both circumcised and uncircumcised men to wash their penis to maintain hygiene. 

Let’s know why circumcision is done and its health benefits:- 

Circumcision is a cultural or religious ritual for many Islamic and Jewish families. It is also done for personal hygiene, family tradition, and preventive health care. Here are some health benefits of getting circumcised. 

Reduced risk of UTIs (urinary tract infections) – after circumcision, the risk of UTIs was found to be low in males. However, these infections are found to be very common in uncircumcised males. Chronic infections may cause kidney issues. 

Reduced risk of sexually transmitted infections – it has been seen that circumcised men have lesser risk of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) or diseases involving HIV. 

Prevention from penile problems – it is found that an uncircumcised penis is impossible or difficult to retract or phimosis. This may also lead to inflammation foreskin or tip of the penis. 

Reduced risk of penile cancer – although penile cancer is very rare and unusual in circumcised men. Moreover, cervical cancer is not very common in sexual partners (Female) of circumcised men. 

Hygiene – circumcision helps in maintaining hygiene and becomes easier to wash. Moreover, uncircumcised men also need to wash or clean regularly beneath the foreskin of the penis.  

Risks of Circumcision 

  • 1. Bleeding
  • 2. Infection (temporary or can be treated with medications)
  • 3. Forming of scar tissue 
  • 4. Less or more skin removed than required 

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When is circumcision performed?

You can have a circumcision at any age. Early on, after your kid is born or during the first month of life, is traditionally considered the most popular time to perform it. The procedure is uncomfortable, so a local anaesthetic is applied to numb the area, and the baby is awake throughout the procedure.

What to expect afterwards

Your infant might be cranky and agitated after the circumcision. To avoid applying pressure to their penis, hold them gently. The penis itself may appear red and bloated, and the tip may be painful. The tip may also have a yellow crust on it. This is common and will naturally disappear in a few days. The baby’s penis won’t fully recover for seven to ten days.

When to consult a doctor

In most cases, babies recover after circumcision without any issues or problems. However, you must consult your doctor if you notice the following:- 

  • 1. Your baby doesn’t pee after 12 hours of circumcision.
  • 2. Swelling and redness near the penis worsen. 
  • 3. Infection (such as pus).
  • 4. Cloudy drainage and foul smell from the tip of the penis. 
  • 5. The plastic ring hasn’t fallen out from the tip of the penis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maintain hygiene after circumcision?

Gently clean the penis using warm water. Moreover, it is recommended to use only a sponge bath during the recovery days. 

Does phimosis affect hygiene?

Phimosis may lead to skin swelling, pain, and lack of sensation while having sex. 

Are there benefits to circumcision?

Circumcision has medical benefits, such as it helps in reducing the risk of HIV and also lowers the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. 

What not to do after circumcision?

After circumcision, avoid strenuous activities involving jogging, aerobic exercises, weight lifting, bicycle riding, etc., for atleast 4 weeks after circumcision.

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