Looking for the difference between umbilical hernia and inguinal hernia in children? Here your search meets an end. The following blog is a quick glance to understand the two separately and the difference between them. 

Well, just before learning about the two most common yet mistakenly confused hernia types. Let’s look at the general term ‘Hernia’. What is it? As it will help in getting a clearer vision about two of the multiple hernia types. 

What is a Hernia? 

In the most simplified words, Hernia is the bulging out of the intestine which may or may not be able to naturally pushed back and often requires surgery to osuh it inside. This occurs as the abdomen wall becomes weak and the surgery assures to strengthen it back with using a mesh at the end of the hernia repair surgery. Further, new born or children may experience two of the very common hernia types as Unguinal hernia and umbilical hermia. 

What causes a Hernia? 

Hernia condition in children can be seen developing at the time when the child was just born because, hernia is caused ad the result of weakness of the muscle in the abdomen.

What are the symptom of Hernia? 

Hernia can develop in the new born, but are generally visible a little later in life. It can take up to weeks or sometimes months to clearly see and feel it’s symptoms. Often people get worried that in children hernia are results of crying or strain but the actual noticeable symptom of hernia is reflected as abdomen being pushing outward and it’s increased pressure. 

Inguinal hernia and Umbilical hernia in children 

The two common hernia named inguinal hernia, develops around the belly area and umbilical hernia, occurs around the groin area, actually develops for slight different reasons. 

What is umbilical hernia? 

  • 1. More commonly found in premature infant 
  • 2. Symptom : It is a lump that grows over weeks or months, feels like round lump, grows around groin or scrotum and can be painless or painful. Also, in some cases it can develop swelling, redness and burning feeling around the affected area.

What is Inguinal Hermia? 

  • Children with same family history of Inguinal hernia. 
  • Symptom Located around the belly button area, can look either like a bulge or swelling and the sweeling may only seem visible as the abdomen is pushing outward whenever the baby cries. 

What is the Diagnosis?

It is very essential to get the condition checked and diagnosed properly by a specialist doctor, no manner what the symptoms call it out. For hernia in children, a specialist doctor can be the right person to check for the symptoms by conducting a physical exam.

Hernia in children are only possibly visible through symptoms as the child pushes out the abdomen while crying, coughing or straining and for this the doctor can examine it precisely.

What is the Treatment? 

Some quick notes to determine the correct treatment and accurate condition of hernia the child is facing includes 

  • 1. To see if the hernia can be pushed back or not. 
  • 2. Medical history of the child. 
  • 3. Look for the type of hernia it is. 
  • 4. General wellness and health of the child. 
  • 5. Child’s personal level of tolerance of medication,

Ttreatment for Inguinal hernia and Umbilical hernia 

Inguinal hernia treatment Inguinal hernia is treated through simple yet effective surgery procedures. The procedure specifically involves repairing the weak spot found around the opening of the muscle wall. There are different treatment options available that are open hernia repair surgery and laparoscopic hernia repair surgery. Selected according to different factors. 

While dealing with inguinal hernia. Waiting for a while for the symptoms to go away naturally is done in some cases whereas, most recommended by surgeons is to have a surgical procedure to get faster relief and avoid strangulation of hernia. 

Umbilical hernia treatment Umbilical hernia is more common in infants and little kids. So, most of the cases naturally get better without any surgical treatment. But, if it does not reduce naturally, it needs to be surgically treated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most harmless hernia? 

Umbilical hernia in most cases are painless, not serious, and risk free hernia that develops. It does not cause any problem and may only require a surgical procedure if it does not get better naturally. 

Can you have an umbilical hernia and Inguinal hernia at the same time? 

Yes, when it comes to developing inguinal hernia as well as umbilical hernia at the very same time, it is possible. In fact, one can develop different hernia types or more than one hernia at the same time. 

What is the difference between inguinal hernia and umbilical hernia? 

The main difference to understand the two of the most common types of hernia are that an umbilical hernia grows around the abdomen area but an inguinal hernia occurs around the groin area. 

What happens if you have two hermias? 

In case of having double hernia, surgery is considered the only possible health solution to repair it. Such hernia cases are found in men, the procedure is to carefully push back both the protruding bulge and strengthen the weak spot with the help of a mesh. 

Is it common to have multiple hernia surgeries?

Yes, it is very common to undergo more than one hernia surgery without any risk or complication. Hernia are known to reoccur in certain cases and may require another surgery for proper repair. 

Is it OK to live with an umbilical hernia? 

It is ok to live with an umbilical hernja until it grows larger or causes discomfort. An umbilical hermia is best cured and permanently treated through surgical procedure as it times it gets uncomfortable to deal.

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