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Many individuals get confused with the Difference Between Piles and Hemorrhoids. But the fact is that there is no difference between Piles and Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids is just another term that is used to describe Piles. Piles or Hemorroids are collections of inflamed tissue in the anal canal that causes Extreme pain, irritation and itchiness around the anus.

What are the Causes of Piles(Hemorrhoids)

Piles ( Hemorrhoids)mostly happen because of the extreme strain in the lower rectum. A portion of the purposes behind Piles :

Chronic constipation & Diarrhea.

Lifting heavyweights such as dumbbells etc

Pregnancy is also a major cause of developing Piles

Putting a lot strain while passing stool

When does Piles become Serious:

Bleeding through the anus that can lead to anemia 

 Fistula in Anal

Strangulated hemorrhoid prompting a blood clot or infection.

How normal are hemorrhoids?

Haemorrhoids are very normal & can happen to any individual irrespective of any age. They’re more common in age groups of over 50 to 70.

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What are the types of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids (Piles) can happen inside or outside the rectum. The type of haemorrhoids that you may be suffering from totally depends on where the swollen vein develops. Types include:

  • External: Swollen veins form beneath the skin around the anus. Your anus is the passage from where the stool comes out. External hemorrhoids can be itchy and painful. Occasionally, they bleed & sometimes they are filled with blood that can form  clots. This is not dangerous yet, it can result in pain and swelling.
  • Internal: Enlarged veins are found inside the rectum. Your rectum is the part of the stomach that associates the colon (internal organ) to the anus. Inward hemorrhoids might bleed, however they generally aren’t very complex..
  • Prolapsed: Both external and internal Piles can prolapse, which means they  may stretch or bulge outside of the anus. These hemorrhoids might also bleed or  can cause pain.
Laser treatment for Piles:

During Initial stages of  piles, it can be prevented with some changes in lifestyle & dietary. Yet, once it is assured that you are suffering from a complex stage of piles, the permanent  treatment option for Piles is Laser surgery. Laser treatment eases the recovery process for the patient. You will feel no pain & there will be no visible scars . Due to so many advantages , laser surgery is mostly used to cure Piles. The advantages includes 

Advantages of  laser piles treatment:

  •  Less pain 
  • Surgery without cuts or stitches
  •  No hospitalisation is necessary for the operation. Same day discharge
  • Laser pile treatment  is significantly safer compared to any other surgical methods.
  • causes no bleeding during the procedure
  • No chance of other medical complications 
  • The surgeon’s task is less complicated and risky
  • General anesthesia is not needed for the laser procedure hence the recovery is much faster

No diet restrictions

  • No chances of recurrence.


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