Labiaplasty is the procedure that reduces the size of the labia minora (inner skin folds to protect urethral and vaginal openings). A surgical procedure is majorly performed for aesthetic purposes and enhanced appearance.

The surgery involves trimming the skin tissues that give an unsatisfactory look and consequently reduces the labia size, providing a new “tucked in” look of the inner labia. 

Benefits of Labiaplasty

Increased Confidence

Labiaplasty is a procedure to improve confidence in women and increase their self-esteem, which can be disturbed by oversized protruding labia. Tighter clothing or bikinis becomes agonizing for women because they worry about their looks and have to think twice before wearing such clothes or getting intimate with their partners.

Wardrobe comfort

Labiaplasty help eliminates the worries of the weird look of labia in bikinis, tight legging or fitted pants for comfort. They feel comfortable as no more visible lines of outgrowth or bulges appear from clothing. Eventually, labiaplasty gives comfort in choosing clothes and wearing them.

Enhanced Sexual Pleasure

Sexual pleasures are always compromised if a person is unsatisfied with her appearance or body. Self-consciousness and enhanced embarrassment kill the pleasure and intimacy between partners. Labia skin folds may also create discomfort by getting dragged into or caught up while having sex. Tissue reduction prevents the problem of uncomfortable and excess skin folds coming into the way. Therefore, labiaplasty is a method of improving the enjoyment of sexual life.

Reduce Pain

The reduction of excessive delicate skin tissues that can make sexual intercourse a matter of irritation must be solved. Furthermore, various exercises like jogging, riding bicycles, and other activities might get unpleasant and less enjoyable with the exposed tissues. Therefore, labiaplasty help improvises the Pain and discomfort that arise due to painful biking in the presence of abnormally large skin folds.

Improved Hygiene

Extra labia tissue tends to harbor bacteria and make cleanliness a daunting task. There are more chances of UTIs (urinary tract infections) that are painful health issues.

Mommy Makeover after childbirth

Oversized labia or sagged labia may occur due to childbirth and pregnancy. Some other reproductive organs and body parts might get affected after nine months of pregnancy and childbirth, which may create the necessity to undergo various cosmetic procedures for the entire makeover. Labiaplasty is a part of those cosmetic procedures to enhance the appearance and make women get their perfect bodies after childbirth.

Improved Overall Health

Sexual satisfaction with enhanced mental and physical health are some of the added benefits of labiaplasty. It improves the quality of sleep, intimacy and bonding among the partners. 

Labiaplasty Recovery 

  • 1. No pain during surgery because anesthesia is given before the surgical procedure
  • 2. 24 hours after surgery – discomfort
  • 3. 72 hours post-surgery – Pain, light bleeding, and swelling
  • 4. One week after surgery – walking is allowed, but no strenuous exercises.
  • 5. 3-6 weeks after surgery – allowed to swim and exercise, but abstain from sex
  • 6. Beyond 6 weeks – everyday life with improved sexual satisfaction

How long does it take to heal from labiaplasty?

It takes almost 3-6 weeks for complete healing and returning to normal life activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone get a labiaplasty?

There are a lot of reasons for women to opt for labiaplasty. These include

  • 1. Enhanced physical appearance
  • 2. Medical reasons
  • 3. Hygiene maintenance
  • 4. Emotional reasons
  • 5. Restore youthfulness
  • 6. Improvise symmetry
  • 7. Reduce unevenness of labia
  • 8. Eliminate the bulges and lines
  • 9. Appealing appearance of genitalia
  • 10. Gender-affirmation

What are the cons of labiaplasty?

If a procedure has a lot of benefits, then it is evident that it has its other side

  • 1. Discomfort
  • 2. Painful sexual intercourse
  • 3. Difficulty getting orgasm
  • 4. Altered sexual sensation
  • 5. Change in skin texture
  • 6. Bleeding
  • 7. Hematoma
  • 8. Infection
  • 9. Deformities
  • 10. Asymmetry
  • 11. Unsatisfactory results

Does labiaplasty help with hygiene?

Yes, labiaplasty help with maintaining proper hygiene and reduce the risk of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). 

How do you pee after labiaplasty?

Running water over the area that has undergone surgery while peeing is advisable. Adopting this method prevents discomfort or Pain while urinating.

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