Dermatologist mole removal is observed as the patient decides to appear to a skin specialist doctor for the safe and secure removal of the mole that is bothering them. Here, let’s look at the precise role of the dermatologist to help the patient get absolute relief by assuring a hassle-free removal of the mole. 

Dermatologist mole removal – An Overview 

When to see a dermatologist for mole removal 

Mole removal is not always a necessity but has become a common cosmetic procedure, much in demand. The patient books an appointment with the doctor for a consultation. Often the focus of the consultation is any of the following. 

  • 1. Seems unattractive to the patient. 
  • 2. Bothering or continuously irritating the patient. 
  • 3. Suspiciously developing as cancerous. 

How to consult a dermatologist for mole removal 

Upon visiting the dermatologist, the patient puts forward their concern regarding the mole. The doctor examines the mole and discusses the medical history and current medication (if any). 

The procedure of dermatologist mole removal 

The mole removal can be easily performed within the same visit or can be scheduled as per mutual convenience. Further, often a mole removal is performed within a single visit, but in certain cases, the patient may be required for a second visit. Though, this completely depends on the individual patient. 

Benefits of dermatologist mole removal 

The best and safest treatment for mole removal is to get a dermatologist mole removal. A dermatologist possesses the absolute skill, experience, and knowledge to carefully remove the mole from its location with no pain, no discomfort, and minimal scarring. 

Risk factors of dermatologist mole removal

When done correctly and carefully by an experienced dermatologist mole removal, the process is a trusted and safe procedure. The risks are low and do not cause any severe damage. 

Side effects of dermatologist mole removal 

The common side effects after getting a mole removal may include irritation, redness, pus formation, itchiness, blood infection, pain, or discomfort. But, these side effects get minimized when taken into consideration by a professional dermatologist and mole removal surgeon. 

As a cosmetic surgeon, the dermatologist first undergoes a proper examination of the individual patient’s condition of the mole and accordingly provides the correct treatment required. 

Recovery time of dermatologist mole removal 

An average estimated recovery time after dermatologist mole removal when performed safely and professionally is up to 14 days. It may differ for each patient’s condition but this is generally the minimum time for the patient to heal. 

Best dermatologist in India – Dermatologist Mole Removal 

In India, the patient must receive the most trusted and seamless medical experience with utmost safety and professionalism. Glamyo Health provides professional medical healthcare surgeries and treatment. 

For your best experience, Glamyp Health ensures to provide the best cosmetic surgeon for seamless mole removal surgery. Along with it, you will receive assured free consultation, the team will take care of all your paperwork and manage all processes from admission to discharge and plan the surgery at the most affordable deals. 

Cost of dermatologist mole removal 

The general cost of mole removal may range between 3000 Rs to 10000 Rs. Further, the cost of dermatologist mole removal depends on various factors such as dermatologist fees, the type of technique used, the severity of the individual’s case, the location of the mole, and so on. 

Glamyo Health is an excellent medical services provider and for the most affordable prices it is suggested that you must fill out the inquiry form today and get in touch with the medical coordinator for better deals for your treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a dermatologist remove moles?

The outpatient procedure of mole removal surgery is best done safely and professionally by a dermatologist. Your doctor will carefully examine the mole, discuss your condition and under their presence, the surgery will be performed. 

How much does it cost to remove a mole?

The mole removal cost generally ranges between Rs 3000 to Rs 10000 and also on factors such as the method used to perform the mole removal procedure. 

Will a dermatologist remove a mole on the first visit?

Usually, the dermatologist removes the mole in the same visit when the mole is being examined. Also, in case of moles more than one,  it may take 1-2 visits. 

Do moles grow back after removal?

Often, when carefully and completely removed, moles may not return. But, in some cases, it can be possible that the mole reoccurs after the first time being removed. One reason can be that the mole removed was just removed partially. For a detailed understanding visit your doctor. 

Is it painful to have a mole removed?

No matter which surgical procedure is being performed. Mole removal does not cause any pain or discomfort, especially as the surgeon numbs the area before performing the surgery. 

What are the 4 types of moles?

Spitz nevi, congenital moles, 

acquired nevi and dysplastic nevi are the most common types of moles found. Further, a mole is often a brown-coloured spot but it may turn into different colours like red, brown, tan, or pink. 

Is mole removal a good idea?

Yes, most patients decide to remove a mole simply due to cosmetic reasons. Mole removal is a safe anf secure procedure and the removal is done within 10-15 minutes. 

Does mole removal leave a scar?

Mole removal done for a cosmetic or other reason, even after being carefully performed can give a scar. But, the scar is temporary and goes away with post-surgery medications and healing.

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