Looking for an effective method of getting your teeth aligned but scared that it will cause you a great deal of pain? Worry not! Find a painless way to get that flawless smile and fix your crooked teeth with the best Dental Specialist Surgeon in Bangalore to provide you with a treatment of Clear Aligners. 

Gone are the days when people choose the age-old approach of traditional metal braces to straighten their teeth. Brackets and wires linked to your teeth cause a lot of discomforts until you become accustomed to them. 

However, with the ever-changing technology, numerous breakthroughs have been made in the realm of dentistry. The considerable change in the treatment technique has resulted in a shift in patient perceptions and the way dental procedures are now performed.

You no longer have to endure the lengthy and painful treatment process of traditional braces to straighten your teeth; new technology in the form of dental aligners has now made it possible to attain that ideal set of straight teeth undergoing the least amount of discomfort.

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No need to go to the dentist; you can straighten your teeth without wasting any more time, effort, or money in the comfort of your own home.

What are Clear Aligners?

Teeth aligners are trays composed of a specific material that is clear or nearly transparent. These are braces that look like mouthguards and easily slip over your teeth. These aligners are designed using a digital 3D scanner that maps the structure of your smile and creates a custom-made aligner for you. 

Dental aligners use moderate, consistent force to move mismatched teeth into proper alignment without the agony and pain of traditional braces.

They’re easy to put on, take off, and most importantly, they’re inexpensive. The patient does not have to worry about incurring a hefty medical bill. Aligners are available at an affordable price and anybody can avail of them without burning a hole in their pockets. 

Furthermore, because they are light in weight, they may be carried pillar to post and worn with ease at any moment. While traditional metal braces are required a need for a regular visit to the dentist, clear dental aligners can be applied without relying on a team of orthodontists.

Every day we Enhance Smiles & Transform Lives

From the time you schedule an appointment of the at-home 3D scan, design and delivery of aligners, monitoring the progress pattern until you get the desired outcomes, and even assisting you with free follow-ups, the team of health care experts at glamyo health provide constant assistance.

Here’s a quick rundown of how Glamyo Health’s dental specialists carry out the treatment plan in producing beautiful smiles with at-home service.

Step 1: Schedule a Scan

Looking for a painless technique to correct your crooked grin with a proper teeth-straightening solution? For a free consultation, go to Glamyo Health Dental’s website and contact the health care specialists or dental counsellors to understand why this treatment option is best for you. 

Step 2: Book a Free scan

Our dental professionals will be at your doorstep in no time after you make an appointment for a free scan with us. We will scan the structure of your teeth using the most up-to-date 3D digital scanner technology. During this session, you can ask the experts any questions you have and get all of your doubts answered. To gain a clear picture, you can also have a brief chat regarding your teeth aligning treatment plan. 

Step 3: Customizing the Aligners

Our team of skilled orthodontists has over ten years of expertise in the dentistry profession and will build a 3D smile plan for your smile with great care and precision. They work by analysing the anatomy of your teeth and creating a custom-made aligner that properly fits your set of teeth. They create the aligner with your medical and aesthetic needs in mind.

Step 4: Clear Aligners at your Doorstep

After your individualised treatment plan is created and custom-made aligners are built, they will be sent to your door in an appealing package in no time. With the innovative technology of Clear aligners, you can welcome your new dentist buddy into your house and begin your smile makeover journey.

Step 5: Monitoring of Progress

After you start your teeth straightening treatment with a clear aligner you will be aided by Dental Health Care professionals at every step of the way. They keep a close eye on your development as you move towards a perfect smile.

Step 6: Say Cheese!

Within 10-15 months, you will have the precise teeth alignment you desire. The length of treatment varies from person to person, depending on the complexity of the case and how effectively the patient followed the method. You will notice huge changes not just in your smile but also in your life.

Our Services

Glamyo Health is patient-centric, ensuring that you have a fantastic dental experience. From the beginning of your treatment journey to recovery, health care specialists are there to help you at every step and clear all your doubts. With over 30,000+ satisfied patients, 200+ highly specialised dental experts, cutting-edge equipment, and high-quality teeth alignment treatment, we are consistently spreading beautiful and healthy smiles at your doorstep with clear aligners. You can also find a Dental specialist surgeon in Bangalore to help you achieve that flawless smile. 

Schedule a free scan with our at-home service and begin your smile transformation treatment Now!

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