Looking for a Dental Specialist Clinic in Delhi? Want to find a solution to your crooked teeth? You’re at the right spot. Not everybody is born with a perfect set of teeth, some have crooked teeth and even teeth gaps. This makes people feel conscious about their smiles and some even prefer not to laugh even if they find something really funny. Why? Because they feel embarrassed about how they appear in public. 

Teeth Aligning Solution

Why let uneven teeth make you feel uncomfortable in your own smile? Get a teeth-straightening solution to fix your dental issues now. As much as teeth alignment is crucial for your appearance it also helps to maintain healthy dental hygiene. 

While you can take care of your teeth by following a dental routine like brushing twice a day, using floss string after meals so you can get rid of food particles stitch between teeth, using mouthwash, refreshing toothpaste, going for teeth cleaning appointments, and whatnot. 

But what about teeth alignment? You can’t just fix this problem on your own. There are many teeth alignment treatments available in the dental field that can help you get that perfect smile, Braces and Aligners. 

Now we’ll discuss the treatment option that will best suit your medical and aesthetic requirements. 

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the age-old method of getting teeth aligned. It includes brackets made of stainless steel that are attached to the front of your teeth that add pressure to your teeth for extended periods of time moving them in the desired direction. 

The technological advances and inventions in the dental field have changed the way treatments are performed today. People no longer opt for the painful way of getting their teeth aligned, rather they choose the painless treatment of Clear aligners. 

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are mouth trays made of medical-grade plastic, the material is BPA-free. The aligners are invisible in appearance and cannot be easily noticeable on wearing. These are thin and comfortable, a person can wear and forget about them. Unlike traditional metal braces, clear aligners make small movements at a time and use constant gentle force to bring your teeth in the right position without causing any discomfort to the person. 

The clear aligners are designed using the advanced 3D technology of digital scanners that scans the structure of your mouth. The Dental Specialist clinic in Delhi provides trained orthodontists that create a personalized treatment plan for you depending on your medical and cosmetic requirements. 

The clear aligners are custom-made, which is why they have tight-fitting and can easily slip over your teeth. Unlike metal braces where you require to visit the dentist on a regular basis when undergoing the treatment of clear aligners, there are minimal clinic visits. These are removable i.e. you can be wear and take aligners off on your own without the need of a dental team.

While the procedure is effective with quick results, a person must understand that the treatment time may vary from one person to another depending on the severity of their case and the effectiveness depends on how well the person followed the procedures. Your orthodontist will advise you to wear them for at least 22 hours a day, leaving time for your meals and cleaning your mouth. If not followed properly, this can extend the treatment time, causing complications in the end result.

Cost of Clear Aligners

The cost of clear aligners ranges from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 80,000. This treatment cost may however differ from one person to another because clear aligners are custom-designed according to a person’s smile. The cost is determined by various factors including: 

  • Doctor’s skill and consultation cost
  • The intricacy of your case
  • Treatment Duration
  • Any extra Services
  • Other

Best Clear Aligners

Glamyo health provides you with a team of 200+ highly skilled orthodontists with 10+ years of experience in the field of teeth alignment that works with great precision and care to provide you with a treatment of dental alignment like no other. 

The health care experts discuss the pros and cons and help you understand why this treatment option is best for you. With free counselling, you can get answers to all your queries.  

The dental experts at Glamyo Health assist you at every step of the treatment journey, from booking an appointment to getting the desired alignment results. You are provided with an at-home service of dental scanning and free follow-ups. 

It is advised by dental professionals to fix your crooked teeth to avoid gum infection and to maintain good dental hygiene.

Schedule an appointment with Glamyo Health now to begin your teeth straightening journey towards a beautiful smile.

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