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Looking for the most effective way to get a teeth alignment treatment? Voila! You’re in the right place. Get the most advanced treatment and affordable invisible dental braces cost in Bangalore so you can bring your crooked teeth in the right position and flaunt your smile anytime anywhere. How? Well, the answer is Clear Aligners. These are Invisible, Comfortable, Painless and most of all Affordable. Read on to find out more about Clear Aligners treatment. 

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners are mouth trays or mouth-guard like braces that are manufactured with medical-grade plastic and BPA-free material. These are clear in appearance which makes them look almost invisible when worn. 

Unlike braces, where the metal wires ad brackets can be seen easily, the clear aligners are unnoticeable. You no longer have to feel conscious and cautious about laughing out loud. When wearing in public your friends won’t even notice that you’re undergoing the treatment of teeth straightening with clear aligners.

These are thin and comfortable to wear so they feel seamless while wearing. While metal braces require you to visit the dentist on a regular basis to get the premolars removed, get brackets and wires attached, do teeth cleaning, etc. The treatment of clear braces includes minimal dental visits, and these are easily removable, so you don’t have to worry about consulting a team of dental specialists to the aligners on and off for you. 

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Furthermore, there are no food restrictions with Clear Aligners. Unlike metal braces where you are advised to avoid hard candies, chewy and sticky food like candies, popcorn, caramel, chewing gum, nuts, carrots, etc. You can munch on your favourite snack as clear aligners can be removed and kept in a safe case when having your meal. Always remember to clean your aligners and teeth before putting them on after having food. 

The clear aligners are designed using the advanced technology of 3D digital scanners that take the scan of the structure of your mouth which is then examined by dental experts to check on areas that need to be worked on and to prepare a personalized treatment plan for you. 

The scan is then used to map your smile and create custom-made aligners for your set of teeth, that creates a tight-fitting and can easily slip over your teeth. These aligners gradually bring your teeth to the desired position by applying constant and gentle pressure over time. 

What is the cost of Clear Aligners?

The cost of Invisible Dental Braces Cost in Bangalore or Clear Aligners ranges from Rs. 50,000 for simple cases of teeth alignment to Rs, 70,000 for more complex cases of teeth alignment that require extra care and attention. Seems much? You can get discounts upto Rs. 10,000 if you book a treatment during the free-scan schedule at your home and enjoy the results for a lifetime. 

This cost can vary from one patient’s teeth alignment treatment to another as the clear aligners are designed in a personalised manner keeping in mind your medical and aesthetic requirements. Following are the common factors that affect the cost: 

  • Doctor’s consultation fee
  • The severity of your case
  • Treatment Duration 
  • Underlying Dental Health conditions
  • Extra Services 
  • Discounts or offers Availed 
  • Other

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Choose Our Clear Aligners

Glamyo Health offers you a treatment that is not only advanced but affordable as well. We offer an outstanding team of 400+ highly qualified dental professionals that are skilled in the field of teeth straightening with 10+ years of experience. 

They have performed successful teeth straightening procedures on more than 30,000+ people using the latest technology and techniques to provide a quality clear aligner treatment so you experience a hassle-free dental journey.

Our team of dental care counsellors provide assistance to its patients at every step of the treatment process from contacting the team, getting their queries and confusions solved, discussing the treatment plan, how clear aligners function and why this option is preferred over other teeth straightening treatments, scheduling a free scan with at-home service by trained dental experts, helping you throughout the clear aligner treatment, monitoring every progress until you achieve the desired results. 

It is advised by dental care experts to get treatment of crooked teeth as soon as possible to avoid the development of any dental issues and any other future complications. To maintain healthy dental hygiene you must consider a clear alignment treatment, 

Glamyo Health offers a pain-free and stress-free dental experience to its patients. Schedule a free dental scan at the comfort of your home and get the desired smile makeover.

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