COP 27 Summit of UNFCCC this year is taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh of Egypt, from Nov 06 to Nov 18 to combat climate change. Bhupender Yadav, Union Environment Minister, will be leading the Indian delegation. This will be attended by 196 countries & 120 world leaders, But one question triggers readers’ minds, how are climatic changes related to health? Let us explore more about it by reading the whole blog.

U.N. put forward the very delicate and most requisite topic of compensation to the poor countries by the rich countries. Rich and developed countries have always rejected the same for a long time. President Sameh Shoukry has described COP27 as an institutionally stable space for discussing such pressing issues. Many climate combating-based initiatives have been put on the tables and are under discussion.

What do you understand about the Climatic changes?

Climatic changes are unusual changes in temperature and weather conditions. In simple terms, Climatic changes can be seen in the face of the destruction of nature and its elements. Significant effects of Climatic changes include more severe storms, heat waves, increased drought conditions, global warming, increase in the level of oceans, loss of species of plants and animals, global rise in poor nutrition and hunger, more health-related risk, high poverty and displacement cases. The primary causes behind this destruction are industrialisation, excessive use of fuels, deforestation, transportation, increase in population, overgrazing, etc.

Some Climatic-Sensitive Health-Related Risks

Human health depends on social, environmental and public health factors. Climatic changes can directly or indirectly affect human health in many ways like 

  1. 1. Illness
  2. 2. Mortality & injury due to extreme weather conditions
  3. 3. Respiratory issues
  4. 4. Vector-borne illnesses and diseases
  5. 5. Malnutrition 
  6. 6. The destructive impact on mental health 
  7. 7. Waterborne diseases

For developing countries like India, the main focus would be to push developed countries to convenience on global climate finance-based targets. These results would be seen after the end of this summit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the primary purpose of the U.N. Climate Change Conference?

Ans – UNCCC is a global platform where multilateral discussion based on climatic changes takes place to combat future problems.

Q.2 What are the two primary goals of the COP meeting?

Ans – The primary goals are the protection & restoration of the ecosystem.

Q.3 What are the solutions to combat climatic changes?

Ans – Individual efforts and awareness can slow down climatic changes. Climate issues are a global cause of concern. In such conditions, one can follow a few tips as an individual effort to combat it, like saving energy by switching off the lights if not in use, switching to energy-saving LED light bulbs, using public transport & carpool, the 3R formula of reuse, reduce & recycle, etc.

Q.4 How fossil fuel leads to climatic changes?

Ans – Fossil fuels are responsible for releasing high amounts of carbon dioxide; the big problem could be further seen due to this, like, global warming caused due to greenhouse gas emissions.

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