The FDA-approved state-of-the-art laser vision correction procedure called Contoura LASIK Surgery removes glasses. The Contoura process not only adjusts your eyeglasses’ power but also corrects corneal irregularities and adjusts your visual axis, producing outstanding visual results. Numerous people report improved vision following Contoura vision surgery, oftentimes even without the need for glasses. A lot less glare is also present around the lights.

For detecting minute variations in the curvature of the cornea, the Topolyser provides diagnostic accuracy that is unmatched. Contoura Vision Surgical offers a remarkable measurement of 22,000 points, which is much more than the 200 points that the wavefront-guided LASIK procedure currently offers. The accurate topographical evaluations necessitate highly individualised therapies. As a result, this method is a viable choice for fixing refractive problems. In this manner, you can achieve clear eyesight without continuing to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Procedure for Contouring Lasik

People all throughout the country are increasingly choosing Contoura Eye surgery as a prominent corrective eyewear treatment choice. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes to complete and is a simple, painless same-day procedure that gives you great vision.

Eye Exam Prior to Procedure

To ascertain the patient’s suitability and security for the Contoura LASIK procedure, a thorough preparatory evaluation is carried out, along with a clinical assessment and corneal topography (Pentacam). When doing the evaluation, if any retinal problems (such as thinning, hole, or tear) are found, they are first repaired with a barrage laser, and then Contoura is carried out after one to four weeks.


Throughout the Procedure

The topolyser gathers the patient’s topography data on the day of surgery, which is subsequently transmitted to the patient management station to create the unique treatment profile. Your unique topography profile will direct the laser as it precisely reshapes your cornea, using up to 22,000 topographic points to correct your vision.

After Action

The patient can leave the hospital after 30 minutes have passed. Infection-prevention and wound-healing eye drops are commonly utilised. The day after the procedure, as well as a week and a month afterwards, the patient is assessed.

Benefits of contoura Lasik

The contoura vision was primarily created to improve and get rid of Lasik surgery’s negative effects. The Contoura vision has the following advantages:

  • 1. Attainable at any age
  • 2. Reduced reliance on spectacles or contact lenses
  • 3. Driving is less challenging at night.
  • 4. Reduced sensitivity to light.
  • 5. Easy to do
  • 6. No hospital stay is necessary.
  • 7. A bladeless system
  • 8. A stitchless design
  • 9. There are no injections.
  • 10. Less negative effects

Choosing contoura vision for laser eye surgery is the best decision you can make

Refractive error correction that is tailored to the demands of the person has experienced a dramatic transformation from the 1800s when each patient’s hand-crafted contact lenses and spectacles were made of hand-blown glass.

 Doctors and science have worked together to offer eyesight correction in previously unthinkable dimensions.

Contoura Lasik cost

Pricing will undoubtedly be a major factor in your selection when you consider your corrective eyewear needs and speak with your physician about which operation will deliver the corrective eyewear you require.

The price of Contoura Vision Surgery in India depends on a variety of factors. It includes cutting-edge tools and sophisticated technology utilised in Contoura Laser treatment. The cost of the procedure does, however, include the ophthalmologist’s education and training. Only a small number of eye specialists in India have the education and experience required to administer this therapy. Leading Indian eye care facility Centre for Sight offers Contoura Vision Surgery.

You can find the Centre for Sight locations where you can have the surgery by searching “Contoura Vision Surgical procedure near me.”

A process that is tailored to each patient entails cutting-edge technology and elite medical skill and is performed using these factors is difficult to quantify. However, while providing a far better level of vision correction, Contoura Sight and extractor LASIK surgery is not significantly more expensive, according to an assessment of costs for the procedure in Delhi.

While the expenses for a Contoura Corrective eyewear range from 95,000 to 1,15,000, a bladeless LASIK treatment in Delhi may cost between 75,000 and 90,000 (approx) (approx.). The precise cost will, of course, vary depending on the difficulty of each scenario and the method employed.

Contoura Lasik Results

Almost 30% of patients experience superior visual outcomes with Contoura Vision than with glasses or contact lenses, according to multicenter clinical trials. In fact, Contoura vision outperformed both spectacles and contact lenses when measuring “quality of vision,” which includes visual acuity along with visual symptoms.

At the end of a year following surgery, in US FDA studies, about one-third of the eyes that had had the procedure reported seeing better without the use of glasses or contact lenses than they had before the procedure.

Additionally, these patients reported fewer visual impairments such as glare, halos, trouble driving at night and reading, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Contoura better than LASIK?

Some of the differences between LASIK and Contoura vision surgery include the following: Better outcomes. When it comes to improving visual clarity and correcting refractive error, Contoura surgery performs better than LASIK. More than 6/6 adjustments are felt by some patients.

Is Contoura the same as LASIK?

The same principles apply to Contoura vision surgery and topography-guided LASIK. The method of operation is the same as LASIK surgery. The technology utilised differs from that of standard LASIK surgery.

How long does Contoura LASIK last?

The procedure with Contoura LASIK can take fifteen to twenty minutes, and there is typically no reported discomfort. The majority of patients experience an improvement in their eyesight right away, and it becomes better over time as their eyes heal.

Is Contoura permanent?

The cortical surface tissues are removed permanently from the cornea’s (the front section of the eye) surface during contour vision, ensuring that the effects last a lifetime and are irreversible.

What are the side effects of Contoura vision?

Additionally, Wavelight Contoura can treat eyeballs that have already had Lasik surgery but still have corneal abnormalities that have reduced vision quality and caused adverse effects. Glare, halos, image ghosting, and blurred vision are a few of these adverse consequences.

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