Clitoris Meaning – The clitoris is one of the pivotal structures in females for sexual pleasure. Clitoris is a small female sex organ that becomes swollen or enlarged on sexual arousal.

Where is the clitoris located in the female body? 

The clitoris is located above the vaginal opening. It is highly sensitive as it has numerous nerve endings and is considered a feel-good area in the female body. Clitoris’s major portion is present internally, and just a small part is outside. 

Clitoris Structure and Anatomy

Clitoris is like a small fleshy button with an increasingly sensitive portion of external genitals located inside the pelvic cavity.

Outside the female’s body

The clitoris portion extends from the body to its exterior on top of the vulva. Beneath the clitoris, the urethral opening (the opening meant for urination) and vaginal opening (the door for having sexual intercourse) are present. The perineum, the epithelial space (skin between the two starts) and the anus (to excrete solid waste or poop from the body) are also present beneath the clitoris. Labia majora, or the skin flaps or folds, are on either side of the vaginal opening and the clitoris. The other two skin flaps or the labia minora are the inner vaginal lips surrounded by labia majora. In addition, a skin mount called mons pubis is present above the clitoris that is directed on top of the pubic bone.

The clitoris, present as external genitalia, is also inside the pelvic cavity.

Inside the female’s body

A V-shaped clitoral body inside the pelvic cavity in a female’s body is like a wishbone branching out. It has a body called corpora present behind the glans. The body of the clitoris extends downward and forms a pair branching off as legs called the crura.

Crura are like two branched-off legs extending from the body of the clitoris. The legs are the longest part of the clitoris, forming a “V” shaped wishbone surrounding the urethra and vaginal canal.

Vestibular or the clitoral bulbs: The clitoral bulbs or vestibular bulbs are paired structures present between the crura and the vaginal walls. On females’ sexual arousal, they get swelled due to engorging of blood and get doubled in size.

The root is located at the end where crura meet and have nerves for sensitivity to getting erectile tissue. 

Conditions Affecting the Clitoris 

STIs are a common problem related to infections affecting the clitoris. 

  • 1. Rashes and other skin problems 
  • 2. Medical Conditions like lichen sclerosus 
  • 3. Lichen planus
  • 4. Nerve compression
  • 5. Vulvitis – General inflammation of the vulva and clitoris (the genitals)

What are the external parts of the clitoris?

  • 1. The labia majora (larger/outer lips)
  • 2. The labia minora (smaller/inner lips)

Enlarged clitoris treatment

The size of the clitoris is variable in all women; no particular size is supposed to grow bigger on sexual arousal. However, it becomes a concern when a female is not aroused and there is a huge hormonal imbalance due to any medical condition causing an abnormally enlarged clitoris.


It is a term referred to as the enlarged clitoris. It is also called macroclitoris when its length is measured to be more than 10mm in adults. 

Some surgical techniques to treat clitoromegaly are clitorectomy, corporal-sparing, and reduction clitoroplasty.

Clitorectomy: It is a surgical treatment that involves complete clitoris removal.

Reduction Clitoroplasty:  It is the technique wherein clitoral size is reduced

What are the common treatments for the clitoris? 

Treatment for Infections: Prescribed antibiotics, anti-fungal pills, and creams to treat bacteria or fungal infections.

Treatment of Cancer: Tumor is treated mainly by excising or cutting it out from the area or region where it is present along with the surrounding skin area to get rid of unhealthy tumorigenic tissue.

Causes of an enlarged clitoris

The average size and appearance of the clitoris are known to every woman. Hence, it is evident that enlargement due to sexual arousal differs from that of the disease. 

Certain conditions may cause abnormal enlargement of the clitoris that stays for a very long time. This arises concern because of excess distress, pain, and discomfort. In addition, the symptoms of clitoris enlargement may occur because of certain medical issues or underlying infections.

In case the clitoral enlargement remains for a few days

Temporary clitoris enlargement is because of sexual arousal. Sexual arousal occurs due to hormonal changes causing increased blood circulation, mainly towards the genitals. Swelling up of the labia and clitoris is normal and pleasurable in orgasm. After orgasm, clitoral size decreases and the genitals get to their original form quickly.

Orgasm releases sexual tension in the body, and if the release is not satisfactory, the swelling of the clitoris and other genitals subside slowly. The clitoris may get enlarged quickly on sexual arousal that involves frequent arousal but not the release at the same pace.

Other medical conditions, apart from sexual arousal, causing the clitoris to enlarge along with the vulva and labia, like temporary inflammation.

  • 1. Vulva inflammation (vulvitis)
  • 2. Allergy to chemicals in condoms and creams cause allergic reactions.
  • 3. Microbial infections – occur due to bacteria and fungi like scabies and pubic lice.
  • 4. Dermatitis (skin conditions) or eczema
  • 5. Prolonged penetrative sex or other penetrations
  • 6. Prolonged masturbation

In case the clitoral enlargement remains for a few weeks or more

Clitoromegaly or sustained enlargement is caused by:

  • 1. Hormone disorders may cause sustained clitoral enlargement 
  • 2. Abnormal levels of androgen hormones (for example, the hormone testosterone) may lead to excess clitoral growth. Anabolic steroids like testosterone levels may occur naturally in the woman’s body.
  • 3. Women suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and other disorders that affect hormone levels, like the elevation of androgen hormone, cause an enlarged clitoris that remains enlarged.
  • 4. A congenital defect wherein androgen hormone production is abnormally high is called adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), the genetic disorder that causes unusually large clitoris in infants. 
  • 5. Ovarian tumours

Sertoli-cell and Leydig cells may become cancerous. These types of tumours that are responsible for abnormal cell division cause the production of androgen in excess quantities. Thus the ovarian tumours of these cells (Leydig cells or Sertoli cells) cause the clitoris to get bigger due to tumour growth. 

Symptoms of an enlarged clitoris 

  • 1. Soreness of clitoris 
  • 2. Pain
  • 3. Injury
  • 4. Infection 
  • 5. Lichen sclerosus
  • 6. Clitoral adhesions
  • 7. Vulvar cancer 
  • 8. Itching

When to see your doctor

  • 1. If the clitoris is not returning to the normal size in a day, you should see your doctor.
  • 2. In case the pain is intense and there is a lot of discomforts
  • 3. If the clitoris bleed 

The symptoms must be taken seriously as they are indicative of vaginal infections. In such a situation, you must not delay. Instead, consult a doctor or female gynaecologist at Glamyo health and share your concern with them for the best doctor recommendation. Glamyo health provides free female gynaecologist consultation to resolve your health issues as early as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the clitoris?

The clitoris has variable size. The clitoral part that appears outside the body is almost the size of a pea, the tip of the shaft that extends inside the body. Its size may vary between 3-5 inches in length.

How do you find the clitoris?

The clitoris can be found in a female body under the meeting point labia. It can be felt like a little hood called a clitoral hood.

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